Jerry Jones was only voice of opposition at anthem meetings

From:,  by Steve DelVecchio,  on Oct 22, 2017

NFL executives and owners met with players on Tuesday to discuss the issues surrounding national anthem protests, and most of the reports we have heard about the dialogue were positive. However, Jerry Jones has apparently not softened his stance on the subject.

According to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports, Jones was “quite vocal” in expressing his opposition to anthem protests during the meeting. In fact, he was the only owner who went against a lot of the things the players were saying about the demonstrations.

Jones was the only owner to rail against the handful of players who are still regularly kneeling, standing or staying in the locker room during the playing of the anthem, the sources said, pronouncing his disagreement with how the NFL is policing the matter before all 32 teams. On Tuesday, when a select group of owners and league officials met with players and NFLPA leadership, there were no dissenting voices or debate about how the ongoing protests were being handled. But that changed on the second day of the meetings, with Jones expressing his feelings several times in what sources describe as a “firm and forceful” manner, but restrained and not over the top.

More specifically, Jones expressed a desire to have the NFL’s game-day manual changed to outline potential punishments for players who do not stand during “The Star-Spangled Banner.” There were reportedly no other owners who supported his stance.

Most of what we have heard about the meeting indicates the discussions were positive, so it doesn’t sound like Jones created any kind of divide or created a tense environment. Given the public stance he has taken against anthem protests, it is no surprise Jones was the lone voice of opposition.


One thing that must be said about Jerry Jones (owner of the Dallas Cowboys) is that he’s got cojones. Jerry made headlines recently when he became the first NFL owner to declare that he would bench players who are “disrespectful to the flag” during the anthem.

You may have noticed that the article states that he “was the only owner who went against a lot of the things the players were saying about the demonstrations.” I’ve got to tip my hat to Jerry, he was apparently the only owner present at the meeting who didn’t kowtow to the spoiled millionaire players. I’ve had my beefs about Jerry’s decisions before, but I’ve always recognized him as an astute businessman and one who didn’t take any crap from anybody and apparently, he remains that way.

Is he the only owner who can see what these “anthem” protests are doing to drive fans away? Being aware of the scheduled meeting, I thought that there would be more unity among the owners who are being directly impacted by fan’s displeasure – I guess I was wrong. 

Based on Roger Goodell saying that “We care deeply about our players and respect their opinions and concerns about critical social issues. The controversy over the anthem is a barrier to having honest conversations and making real progress on the underlying issues. We need to move past this controversy, and we want to do that together with our players.” If that isn’t a cop-out to the players, I don’t know what is.

I’ve been a lifelong fan of the NFL and since I live in Dallas, the Cowboys have been my favored team. Last year after Kaepernick pulled his stunt, I opted not to watch any NFL games except Cowboy games and I held to that stance through the season. This year, after the team knelt before the anthem and stood with locked arms during the anthem, I cut the Cowboys from my view as well. Now, like millions of other fans, I’ve found other things to do on Sunday (Thursday and Monday nights as well) and while I’m undergoing some withdrawal pain, I’ve stayed true to my word.

Unless Jerry Jones can influence other owners to dump Goodell and implement a “no protest” policy during the NFL games, I’ll stay gone and hopefully, watch the league wither and die.



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  1. Fire Goodell. I could do a better job at a much smaller salary.


  2. Anyone who understands the facts know that the kneeling players are suckers to a PHONY cause. Apparently most NFL owners are cowards who are afraid to anger the black players because they understand they’re dealing with a child’s mentality, and they don’t want to face the tantrums. There’s probably some who didn’t appreciate being told what to do by Trump. I can relate to pushing back on that, but real men and real women follow their hearts and stand up for what they believe. It’s time to pick a side.

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    • They are protesting for the rights of black criminals to ply their trade without police interference and for black thugs to attack cops without getting shot. Period.

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      • Isn’t that the most stupid, asinine thing you’ve ever heard? Yet, that’s exactly what they’ve been demanding. Thankfully, most people realize that when the police ease up, you get a “Ferguson” effect whereby the police let some things go for fear of being chastised for being racist and consequently, crime explodes out of control. The inner city residents will be the first to cry “foul” when the police refuse to show up and crime goes wild.

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    • What other reason can they have, CW, except to placate their “spoiled brat” players? When they side with the players, they are taking a stand against the people who fund their business, the fans. How smart is that?

      They’ve picked a side and it ain’t with us, the fans.


  3. Jerry Jones should acknowledge the protest against Police Company Employee MURDERS OF INNOCENT BLACK PEOPLE Fathers, Mothers, Daughters, and Sons that must be brought to international ATTENTION through nfl football players. Cowboys Team Beings SHOULD NOT PLAY FOOT BALL if FORCED TO Stand while MURDERS OF INNOCENT BLACK PEOPLE Continue with no PUNISHMENT. Sincerely, SUPPORTER for COLIN KAEPERNICK 23 October 2017


    • They are protesting for the rights of black criminals to ply their trade without police interference and for black thugs to attack cops without getting shot. Period.

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    • hlkevents is just spouting the activist’s talking points, constantly referring (in caps) to MURDERS OF INNOCENT BLACK PEOPLE as if they are happening daily and he actually uses the word “innocent.” Those accusations have no more basis in truth than the “hands up, don’t shoot” chant does. They are simply LIES, taught and reinforced over and over until the feeble-brained among the black population actually believe that it’s true. Those who believe that police are “murdering” blacks indiscriminately, even when they’re innocent and have done nothing wrong prove their ignorance by never verifying those statements – they just take it on faith that their racist agitator leaders wouldn’t lie to them. Once again, proving their ignorance.

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    • I guess caps make your statements factual. Nothing else does. Do some research; don’t just listen to the lies that are being told by BLM and the news media. They are not on your side.

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  4. Jones is only interested in the bottom line, and the protests are clearly affecting it. I’m not certain there’s a patriotic impetus in his stance. He tried to kowtow to the players and divide the baby by kneeling before the anthem. That move was roundly criticized on both sides.

    To prevent further damage to the brand, he has taken a hard line, the correct view all along, IMO.

    The liberal squishes in NFL ownership generally are unpatriotic globalists too, so their genuflecting before their overpaid, ignorant thugs is to be expected. That it will cost them each million$ is poetic instant karma.

    The US Armed Forces should vacate their sponsorship agreements for the NFL, and eliminate provision of Color Guards and fly-overs. Then the NFL can eliminate the playing of the anthem entirely and avoid further controversy. Why maintain the pretense??? Goodell would be rightly proud of that achievement. Just blare “Money” over the loudspeakers, and be honest!

    But meanwhile, like Garnet, many people are learning that there are less expensive and more personally rewarding ways to spend blocks of time with friends and family than by routinely tuning into NFL broadcasts and games. Pity the poor scalpers, who are only trying to make a buck off the tickets! LOL!!

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    • Do you mean “Money” by Pink Floyd, or just the word money? Pardon if this should be obvious, but these days, one doesn’t hear many references to music by bands like Floyd. It’s all about the god awful hip hop and slutty popstars.

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    • Good stuff, Curtis and I agree that Jerry’s antics have not been due to an overabundance of patriotism but rather a concern for his cash cow.

      You also make a good point at the end about those “invisible” victims of fan’s staying away from the games. Just think of how many dog and beer vendors will also be hit by a loss of income, just like the scalpers.


      • I’ve worked concessions at NFL, MLB, airshows, balloon festivals, and other events for my unit recreation groups and First Class Associations. Those were the majority of our budgets


  5. There are a lot of snowflake libs that love football because it makes them “feel” strong and tough. I’ve noticed in many comments at various blogs and news sites, that libs usually talk tough through their comments. Even to the point of making threats.

    So what’s that got to go with the NFL? Well for starters I think most bullies are actually libs or vise-versa, that have a seriously lacking or soft self-image, which causes them to act out. One area for them to act out is through violent movies, video games and contact sports. I think they live vicariously through NFL players and there appears to be more of them than us.

    So I think the NFL — notwithstanding Jerry Jones — pandering to that majority of lib fans, decided it’s in their long term self-interest to throw the rest of us from older generations, under the bus.

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    • It does look like he’s made that choice, doesn’t it? I thought that he was smarter than that, but he’s let me down on a couple of occasions relating to this player protest issue. Maybe he’s just had senility exert an influence.


  6. I’m proud of Jerry for sticking to his guns, but I’d be prouder if he hadn’t knelt with his team before the Cardinals game. Like you, we haven’t watched any of the games, but there are still a lot of people who are ignoring the politics and continuing to watch. I guess some things are just more important to some people than they are to others. Or maybe it’s just easier for them to set it aside and continue being entertained, but not so much over here.

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    • Agreed, I was disappointed to see them pull that stunt. I know that Jerry being the ultimate capitalist was trying to do something that would assuage both the players and the fans at the same time – but he was wrong – at least in my opinion (and yours). Jerry is one of the most powerful owners in the league and he thought that he could show leadership and “how it’s done” and the rest of the teams would follow his lead. Now, I find that he may have split his britches again. DT David Irving raised his fist at the end of the anthem before the 49’ers game. So far, Jerry hasn’t done anything about it – wassup Jerry?


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