DRT: Baltimore Cop Rolls Up on Robbery in Progress

From Blue Lives Matter & Ginny Reed, 10-17-17:

A Baltimore police officer interrupted an armed robbery-in progress, and fatally shot the suspect, who was carrying a sawed-off shotgun.

Baltimore, MD – A Baltimore police officer who pulled up to an armed robbery in progress fatally shot the suspect as he ran out of the store, carrying a shotgun.

The incident was captured on video (see below.)

The incident occurred on Monday, October 16, about 2:50 AM, at a 7-11 located in the 6000 block of Harford Road near Glenmore Avenue, according to The Baltimore Sun.

Video from surveillance and the officer’s body-cam show the suspect, age 20, pointing a shotgun at the clerk, and grabbing a bag of money from the cash register.

He wore a mask and a hooded shirt, and had a sawed-off shotgun that had white tape around the handle, according to WBALTV .

The suspect only got $26, before turning to run out the front door, still with the shotgun in his hand.

Baltimore Police Media Relations Chief T.J. Smith said, “The gun was raised as he left the store. The suspect had the opportunity inside the store, when he saw the police car with the steady lights showed up right in front of the business in clear view, to drop his weapon and say, ‘I’m busted, you got me.’ The suspect chose to run outside with a gun ready to go.”

The police officer, whose name was not released, had just arrived, and quickly assessed the situation.

He fired multiple shots at the suspect, who fell to the sidewalk outside the store, as the officer called for backup and EMS. The suspect was transported to a local hospital, where he later died.

No one else was injured. Police said that the shotgun was not loaded, and that the serial number had been altered and was unreadable.

Chief Smith said, “If that shotgun was pointed at you, it doesn’t matter if it was loaded, you don’t have time to ask questions.”

Police Commissioner Kevin Davis said that, based upon his review of the video footage, that the officer, who is a 17-year veteran, “did a great, great job.”

“In this particular scenario, there was no time for de-escalation whatsoever.”

He said the officer “showed presence of mind and grace under pressure,” and noted that the officer had immediately activated his body-cam immediately after the shooting.

This decision automatically saved a 30-second loop of footage from before the body-cam was activated, which clearly showed the shooting.

Police said that the incident matched a pattern of over twenty commercial armed robberies in the area, and that the same shotgun appeared to have been used in those robberies.

They are still looking for a person of interest, who is seen on surveillance video scoping out the store before the robbery for about 35 seconds.

The suspect was also not identified, and police said that his name will be released after his family is notified. Officials said that the officer’s name would be released in a few days.


The gun wasn’t loaded, so that will send all the SJWs into a tailspin. The NFL, the BLM and all the others who think blacks are unfairly oppressed will pounce on this like a duck on a june-bug and use it to attack cops. They don’t have the sense to realize that one of the main rules in gun safety is to always assume a gun is loaded, just as the store clerk did. Neither will they recognize that the cop has no way of knowing if the gun is loaded or not.

Since this happened in Baltimore, I’m surprised we haven’t heard stories about riots in the street and destruction of property. Perhaps there were and our media didn’t report it since they’re constantly preoccupied with more important issues like the verbiage used by the president in a phone call to a gold star wife, and what outfit Melania wore today.

Like the chief said, you don’t have time to ask questions. Good job, officer.


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  1. Amazing that the young person who pulled the robbery didn’t load the shotgun. And for $26. What a waste of a life. So sad.


  2. So the gun wasn’t loaded – that makes no difference to anyone threatened by it and shouldn’t have any bearing on the officer who did exactly what he should have done. It only points out the brainpower of these thugs who believe that the way to get funding for whatever habit they may have is to rob a 7-11 with a shotgun. A 20-year-old who apparently didn’t have the smarts to understand the downsides to an armed robbery – in this case, DRT.

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    • When any type of gun is pointed at someone, the assumption is that it’s loaded. What he did was stupid and he obviously never thought about the downside to his decision to rob that store.


  3. I can already hear the Democrats and the Black Lies Matter thugs whining, Kathy. They can whine all they want to as far as I’m concerned. Democrat policies turned this guy into the dangerous thug that he was so if they want someone to blame they should look in the mirror. I’m just glad he won’t hurt or kill anyone, rob anyone or cost the taxpayers any more time and money.

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    • Same here, CW. This guy risked his life over a $26 haul at the age of 20, so his life was only going to get worse, and possibly hurt or kill innocent people. Now it won’t.

      I see what you did there with the Black Lies instead of lives. Like the football players, the reason for everything they’re doing is based on lies.

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