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  1. I think that the contrast between real, honest-to-goodness Americans and political hacks couldn’t be more clear than to compare General Kelly’s somber and inspirational statements to those of Frederica Wilson, the insane black democrat who is trying to make political points by attacking both Kelly and Trump over a condolence call to a Gold Star parent.

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    • Doesn’t that woman just make you want to slap her silly? She’s a dolt, a subhuman produced by the Democrat leftist party. She AMBUSHED the president on this phone call. I’m sure these calls just don’t come out of no where. They are planned carefull with the person being called. And this is what happened. #ambush.


  2. Very much the soldier, but sharing the compassion, concern, and dedication that you would want in a Commander.

    The Congresswoman is a low-life Skank!

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  3. That was powerful and very well said. Like Kelly, I was stunned that she listened to that conversation then spread it around just to demean Trump. That was pretty low, even for an ’empty barrel’. Watch her trot out in her cowboy hat with a fake apology as soon as she gets wind of Kelly’s statements.

    Maybe this will put an end to some of the maliciousness, you think?

    Good find – glad you posted that.

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  4. Thanks for sharing this one, Tannngl.

    It really takes a cold, conscience-challenged person to try and twist a president’s words of condolences for a fallen soldier just to score cheap political points. General Kelly’s statement here exposed the shame of it. I hope those involved get the disapproval they so richly deserve.

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