Three Articles: Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz – Black Players Sit Out 1st Game – RINOs Must Go

Now for something completely different – 3 articles from different sources with links to each – and my pesky commentary accompanies each one.


Solving the Debbie Blabbermouth mystery by Frank Friday

Debbie Wasserman Schultz has really got something caught in the wringer. She’s got the top dog democrats wondering if she isn’t becoming a liability. Even though the establishment media arm of the democrat party is doing their best to ignore the story, still it’s becoming an embarrassment to the party.

She seems to be completely obsessed with doubling-down on her defense of Imran Awan and his Capitol Hill crime ring even when publicly available evidence suggests multiple felonies are attributed to her favorite IT guy and the possible collusion between them for fun and fortune.

This is the second article I’ve read already today about Mrs. Wasserman Schultz’s troubles. Yes, they were on conservative sites, but as the scale of misdeeds becomes more widely known, the establishment media won’t be able to bury it forever. And when left-leaning sites like Politico start covering it, that proves that the democrat powers can’t keep it under wraps.

There’s just too much there to ignore. There’s the likelihood that someone is being blackmailed, the possibility that national security secrets were acquired and leaked or sold, equipment was stolen, “ghost” workers were drawing exorbitant salaries and so on. There’s just too much to ignore.

Perhaps DWS was in on the caper with Imran and reaping some profits from the illegal actions, or perhaps he was her lover (gag). For whatever reason, she apparently sang his praises to her cohorts in Congress, so they hired him too and she stood by her man even after he was implicated in evil-doin’s, such loyalty…

She better watch her back, she’s in trouble up to her frizzy hairdo.


Skip Bayless: If Black NFL Players Sat Out Week One To Protest Colin Kaepernick’s Treatment, It Would Really Have An Impact by Allahpundit

Yes, Skip it would have an impact. It would destroy the NFL – at least as the mega-profit-making money machine it is today.

Last season, I conducted my own personal boycott of the NFL after Kaepernick’s disrespect of the flag and anthem. I continued to watch the Dallas Cowboy’s games, but only the Cowboy games, and watched no other games for the remainder of the season. And if Jerry Jones were to lose control of his players and a Cowboy sits out or kneels in protest, I’ll stop watching them too.

The NFL is already on shaky ground, having lost about a million viewers per game (Forbes) in 2016. And if Skip honestly believes that if the black players sat out week one, all of us poor, football-starved fans would return in droves to our weekly favorite pastime, he has contracted CTE brain injury by osmosis.

And that’s not all – it would also exacerbate the already widening gulf between whites and blacks as well.

It hasn’t gone unnoticed by white fans that blacks make up 70% of the players – 70% of those celebrity millionaire players – and yet they only account for 13% of the population. To use one of the black activists favorite terms, that’s “disproportionate.” What if whites united together and protested for a much larger percentage of the teams to be white? That’s what the blacks would do.

Skip Bayless is still as big a dumbass today as he was when he was here in Dallas, he hasn’t learned a thing.


Why RINOs Must Go by Blain Winship

It’s become apparent that although we finally have majorities in both houses of Congress and the presidency, little that matters to conservatives is going to get enacted because of the contest for power going on between a non-politician Republican President and a pure-politician establishment Republican majority Congress.

Bad enough that President Trump has to contend with a democratic party that has publicly stated that they plan to resist him at every turn, he’s even got the establishment Republicans fighting him as well. They perceive that if he succeeds, it will make the professional bureaucrats look bad.

The American people have already taken sides, and for the most part, go along with the president’s agenda. By his agenda, I mean the Border Wall, Tax and Immigration Reform, stopping the illegal alien invasion and slowing the influx of Middle Eastern “refugees” who are likely to be welfare recipients or even terrorists.

One thing that the dems are saying about the Republican majority is true (that must be a first) and that is that they’ve been campaigning on dumping Obamacare for the past seven years and what replacement plan have they developed? None. What the hell have they been doing? Obviously, they’ve not been planning on their agenda for when they return to power, except to get reelected – that’s their only agenda – to get reelected.

Using a football analogy: the RINOs have been saying, “give me the ball, give me the ball,” for seven years. So, we give them the ball and they fumble it. We’ll know who recovered after the 2018 mid-term elections.

I’d dump the majority of them today if I could, but alas, I cannot. I can only stand on the sidelines and watch them fumble the ball away – consistently, over and over. This 115th Congress stinks. They should know what the American people want. They know that, for the most part, those are the issues that are driving Trump as well. Fool that he is, he’s trying to fulfill his campaign promises – a concept completely foreign to Congress.

Yet, they continue to form a circular firing squad and do little more than squander the opportunity that the people have given the Republican Party.

I’d like to see the RINOs all get defeated – preferably by primary losses and have some new Republican blood take their places. But that won’t be easy. We have too many inert, unthinking, uncaring voters who will vote for the familiar name without ever recognizing that they’re voting for the status quo (which they constantly bitch about).




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  1. Re: Debbie Doodoo Curls – They only want her to go away because she got caught, and as of yet, the rest of them haven’t, but I wish she’d go away too.

    Re: Skip Brainless – It hasn’t occurred to him that maybe the other black players don’t support Kaepernick’s stance. Just because they’re black doesn’t mean they automatically agree with him.

    Re: the RINOs – I don’t like Trump’s constant tweeting, but I did snicker at the ones he sent out regarding McConnell and the Senate getting back to work, because he’s absolutely right. In my internet meanderings I’m seeing more and more talk about replacing the RINOs, so maybe some folks are waking up. I just hope there’s enough of them paying attention to make a difference.


    • Re: DWS, of course, you’re right. The dems don’t like it that she is calling attention to their shenanigans by getting caught. Re: His is a ridiculous position anyway. The owners have made a business decision, comparing what good he could do for the team to what negatives will come packaged with him and they decided (so far) that the bad outweighs the good. Re: RINOs, I pray that you are right, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


  2. Media media media. It drives politics. And the horrible thing about it is that it LIES. It’s a huge part of the reason we are where we are today. But for the grace of God…


    • Lying is something that I’ve written about for the last ten years and we’re no better at telling the truth today than we were back then – perhaps even less truthful. There are few people that we can trust to tell the truth, most politicians don’t fall into that category.

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  3. Re: Debbie Blabbermouth

    It’s very unfortunate that all this is coming to light just now after Blabbermouth was so recently re-elected to another term. If the voters can’t hold her accountable it’s unlikely that anyone else will.

    Re: Skip Bayless

    Hmmm. Encouraging black football players to ruin one of the few lucrative businesses where they dominate all for the sake of an immensely disliked, mediocre player with a giant chip on his tattooed shoulder? What a brilliant idea, Skip! While you’re at it maybe you should encourage the janitors at the stadiums to go on strike and risk their jobs and ability to feed their families because Rodrigo was told to cut his ponytail.

    I would love to believe that the team owners in the NFL were taking a purely principled stand by passing on grand-stander Colin Kaepernick, but I suspect that a pain-in-the-rear quarterback who’s lost his mojo is a lot easier to pass up than a pain-in-the-rear quarterback who’s great. Whatever the case, I’m thrilled to see Kaepernick unemployed and I hope it stays that way.

    Liberals love to see themselves as the brave heroes of this world, but only when it never really costs them anything. Soldiers in our military make the ultimate sacrifice on the battlefields with very little individual glory, meanwhile the Left swoons for a guy who gives his middle finger to this nation and they cry like babies when there’s a real consequence to his so-called “bravery.”

    Re: RINOs Must Go

    Fine by me but be careful what you wish for because we’d have to start with Donald Trump. I’m getting weary of resurrecting everything Trump has said with respect to “repealing and replacing” Obamacare, but on this very critical issue – a true test of who’s who, IMO – Trump is as big a RINO as just about anyone else.


    • Well, for what it’s worth, DWS is getting blasted by some democrats now for calling attention to the sleazy activities that she was part of. I doubt that she’ll win another election though. About Kaepernick, he’s a second-stringer, a backup at best and what with the disrespect for the anthem, the cops/pigs socks and some of his statements, the owners are making a business decision that he would cost the team fan support even if he were to be responsible for winning another 2-3 games over whoever he replaces. I can agree that Trump didn’t exhibit any “leadership” on the Obamacare issue, but without the House and Senate’s legislation, there’s not much he can do.


  4. I sent this post to Facebook, then did each article separately with your commentary.

    Skip Bayless was an idiot with the Dallas Times Herald when I threw that paper. He was an imbecile with the Dallas Morning News. He is a moron with ESPN. How he has lasted this long in that business is a testament to the left wing bias of major media, as it cannot be because of his intelligence.

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