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  2. If that video was viewed by all voters in the country, Planned Parenthood would be forced out of business and its proponents ridden out of towns on rails.

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  3. Pretty horrific stuff, tannngl. The truth needs to be told so thanks for helping to tell it.

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  4. Heinous, horrendous, atrocious, abominable, etc.. there are just not enough words to describe how awful the things are that PP does, and it makes you feel dirty just watching her talk about it. How the government can continue to fund these murderers in beyond me.

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    • Up is down and right is wrong. The Bible said it prophesying, “Woe to you when up is down…”
      We are in the Woe part of the Word right now. Woe to us.
      It is all those things, Kathy. This culture and the people living in it are in so much trouble. #Pray.


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