KLM Royal Dutch Airlines’ Pro-LGBT Message Backfires

It doesn’t matter who you click with. Happy #PrideAmsterdam

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines released a pro-LGBT meme in celebration of Amsterdam Pride Day last weekend, only to find that its imagery completely undermined the message it was trying to convey.

This is just TOO good to pass up. The airline thought that they’d appeal to the LGBTQ crowd by highlighting rainbow-themed seatbelts and proclaiming that “It doesn’t matter who you click with.” But, hilariously, it does, ’cause there’s only ONE configuration of those belt combinations that will “click” – the one on the bottom. The other two won’t work together and are useless as seatbelts.

Commenter Matt Walsh had a great comment about KLM Royal Dutch Airlines: “don’t fly with them, they apparently don’t know how seatbelts (or people) work.”

I love it!



Categories: Humor & Satire


3 replies

  1. Today’s winner of the Golden Duh! Award


  2. Gee, it’s too bad this didn’t work out so well for KLM. On the bright side, maybe we could use their campaign in schools for sex ed classes.

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  3. LOL! That was kind of a big advertising oops, wasn’t it? 😀

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