Do you read ‘The Hill’?

It’s an internet news source. Biased. Pro-left.

This is  a cute little item about how they bend the truth:

Here’s the article by The Hill about ozone regs, courts, etc. The photo is not of any city in the US. It’s a photo of the Mexico City sky line.


Below is how The Hill positioned its report about a recent court ruling involving the Trump EPA’s bid to rein in the Obama EPA’s (junk science-fueled) ozone rule.


But guess what? The urban skyline (and air pollution) pictured is not from anywhere in America. It’s a stock Getty image of the Mexico City skyline

This kind of little lie is pretty low but so common now. Most of us don’t see it as deception. But, IT IS!

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  1. A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

    Kind of ironic that the people who use a photo of Mexico city to disgust its readers are THE SAME no-borders crowd who want to bring Mexico here.

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  2. It’s getting so you have to double-check everything you read, including some of the conservative sites. They’re bad to re-post fake stories because they were gullible enough to believe it was the truth, and that just spreads it faster.

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  3. Oh, it’s fake news for sure. The implication is that a major American city is covered with smog and Obama was trying to fix it and the evil troll Trump is wanting to undo Obama’s good works. Wonder why they didn’t use a polluted smog-filled view of an American city? Could it be that they aren’t bad enough – so to hammer the idea home, they just told a little “white lie” by using a picture of Mexico City. After all, truth and real facts don’t mean squat to the left, the only thing that counts are appearances.

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  4. Once upon a time it was one of my go-to sources

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