Interior Department Clueless on How Much Land They Bought for $815 Million

By Ethan Barton, 8-3-17, at the Daily Signal:

Ryan Zinke, new Secretary of the Interior

Interior Department officials have no idea how much land they bought for $815 million, nor if the properties are being used for their intended purpose, a government watchdog reported Wednesday.

The department’s officials couldn’t provide its inspector general with data about land purchase programs, the watchdog’s report said. The inspector general consequently surveyed 108 programs and found that 16 of them awarded 701 grants between 2014 and 2015 to purchase $815 million worth of land.

The Interior Department “does not centrally track information about grants awarded for the purpose of acquiring land,” the inspector general said, adding:

As such, the Interior Department is unable to identify how much grant money has been used to purchase land, how much land has been purchased and whether that land is being used for its intended purpose. Without an adequate process in place to monitor funds used to purchase land, [the department] is potentially exposed to significant risk of wasted funds.

Additionally, less than half of the 278 grant recipients reported their land inventories to the department programs that funded them, which violated federal regulations, according to the report.

With “less than 44 percent of grantees reporting, we are concerned that both the awarding agencies and the grantees are either unaware or noncompliant,” the report said.

The failure to provide inventories, it said, “coupled with the fact that the Interior Department is not tracking the awards centrally, could hamper monitoring efforts to ensure that land is being used properly.”

The inspector general found one case where a bar was built on conservation land and another where “a reservoir designated for breeding fish stock had been completely drained,” the report said.

The inspector general noted the data is likely incomplete, meaning the watchdog’s figures were likely underestimated. The “number of grants and land value could be substantially higher than what we were able to determine through our survey,” the report said.


Let me see if I got this right…they have 108 government programs that give money to people to buy government land. Land that they designated (squatted) was theirs because they said so. Out of those 108 programs, 16 of them gave away $815 million, so the questions are, how much money did the other 92 programs give away?? Why does one department have so many programs? How can they not have records of the ‘awards’ when it takes a ream of paperwork for the rest of us to purchase real estate?

Combine this $815 million with the millions the IRS, Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid loses track of and it’s easy to see why we’re so far in debt. Ryan Zinke, the new Secretary of the Interior is supposedly looking at giving back some of the federal land that O grabbed up. He also needs to get a grip on these grants they’re handing out like Halloween candy. 


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  1. Great find, Kathy. Lots of fraud going on there. Hope there are records of WHOM receved the $$$$! This should be investigated. But don’t you miss $1 on your tax return!


  2. This is just one more example of the incompetence of our federal government. Can anyone identify any government agency that could honestly be described as informed, competent, and frugal with taxpayer money? I doubt it because I’ve seen no evidence that one exists.

    This ought to be held up as an example when some democrat wants to sell us on the concept of single payer health care where our health is placed in the hands of government bureaucrats.


    • They’re all incompetent and wasteful and budgets don’t mean a thing to these people. They’re basically giving away land and paying people to take it, and neither the grantee or the grantor have records of it. No private enterprise could survive doing business this way. And neither can our government.


  3. “[the department] is potentially exposed to significant risk of wasted funds.”

    LOL. I nominate that sentence for understatement of the year.

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