Russia and North Korea through the Lens of GDP


One of the ways in which the Trump-Russia Collusion Narrative doesn’t pass the smell test is when you sniff at Russia’s GDP.

This little gem of an article takes a look at nations through the lens of their GDP’s. Totally enlightening!

Russia’s GDP in 2014 was more than $2 trillion with a T. In 2016 it was down to $1.3 trillion, a 40% decrease! Why? Fracking. And Russia’s whole economy depends on oil sales. And the price of a barrel of oil has gone from $100 down to less than $50. So you think Russia is friends with the party of “drill baby drill”?

Also Russia’s per capita GDP is $8700.

US per capita GDP is…TRUMPET SOUND! $53,700!!!!

China’s per capita GDP:  $8100.

Iran’s per capita GDP:  $4900, down 37% from $7800 BF. (before fracking got going!)

Mexico is another state that has dropped in GDP, a 20% drop from $1.3 trillion to $1.05 trillion. A 20% decrease.

How about North Korea? The per capita GDP of is $583 ($1.60/day). In South Korea it is $27,500.

With Russia, Iran, China, North Korea, all threats to the US and their little bit of GDP going on, what gives? How does North Korea keep it’s place in the news with their ‘nukes’? How does Russia stay in the news as conspiring with the Trump campaign? And Iran? And China?

Could it be ‘foreign policy’ and the National Security Council needs something to give it weight?

Read the article linked in the first statement. Interesting perspective…




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  1. Great article, tannngl. I agree, it’s very enlightening!

    The underlying logic of the whole Russian collusion diversion has been ludicrous from the get go. It never made any sense whatsoever that Putin would want Trump to be POTUS, even if he detested Hillary. The biggest fear of the Russians is that the U.S. will have a POTUS that actually looks out for our own interests. And yet here we are chasing the rabbit that the Left is pulling with a string….

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    • So glad you and Kathy actually got it! Many of the comments to the article were critical saying the information presented had nothing to do with anything.

      But the MSM will never release this information so most of the citizens will never understand that Russia Russia Russia never happened.


  2. Now, if we could get the Dems to use a little common sense and look at it from this perspective, maybe we could stop this whole charade.

    Oh wait…Dems…common sense…never mind. This distraction of a witch hunt could continue for many months yet.

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    • I love statistics. These were another eye opener for me.

      So, how does North Korea do it? How do they obtain all they need for their nuclear and missile programs?

      How about Russia? How do they do it?
      How does Iran do it? That $$$$$ Obama sent them is probably gone.

      Guess the answer is they use their people. They are communist, socialist dictatorships. The people have varying levels of freedoms but they aren’t truly free. I think it’s on the backs of their citizens that they have these programs. And the citizens don’t have the economic freedom to PRODUCE! Ergo, low GDP.

      That production strength we have should work somehow to deal with these meneces. Right?
      Someone needs to clue the American people to our supremacy, too!


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