Colon Kaepernick’s woes

Oh silly me, I seem to have misspelled his name…

I’ll make it a point to correct that error when he gets (back) down on both knees and begs forgiveness for showing disrespect for the flag and our Star Spangled Banner.

I’m pretty fed up with these sportscasters and black athletes who are chastising the NFL teams for not signing him. The latest one is ESPN’s Sarah Spain, who ripped the Baltimore Ravens for their decision to gauge fans’ interest in bringing on free agent Colin Kaepernick to fill in for injured quarterback Joe Flacco, calling the move “disgusting” and “repulsive.” Ms. Spain obviously has no understanding how the business of professional sports works.

Team owners are running a business and a business depends on its customers to pay for whatever they’re selling. No customers, no profits, and that eventually leads to… no business.

I doubt that the NFL owners have banded together to “blackball” Kaepernick – it really isn’t necessary – each owner only has to consider the reaction of his paying customers if he hired Kaepernick and act accordingly. If not for his blatant and distinctly unpatriotic public actions and subsequent doubling-down with more activist statements, he’d be on some team’s roster. He’s not a first string quarterback, but his skills would warrant a backup job somewhere. I am one of those who curtailed my NFL viewing habits last season because of Kaepernick’s disrespect for the symbols of our nation that many of us hold dear.

If God forbid, Jerry Jones, owner of my Dallas Cowboys brought Kaepernick on board, the Cowboys would be dead to me and I suspect that a lot of patriots who love America feel the same way about their favorite team.

If nothing else, it makes good business sense for the franchise owners to protect their brand by passing on Kaepernick. By doing so they avoid a fan rebellion that very likely would result in a substantial loss of income. It’s Business 101, and the idiots who are exposing their lack of business sense by continuing to ignore that proverbial 800 lb. gorilla and lobby for someone to give the spoiled millionaire sports player another job might be careful, else fans tire of their incessant wailing and turn them off too.




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  1. He could be a chimney sweep, lol. 😉

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    • Good one, Chris! That he could, with that brush he’d do well!


      • As an aside, Crawfish has been publishing many things you’ve written, for years, and every time, I’ve been impressed with your insight and humor. I had to subscribe to your blog here so I’d get to read you more often. I hope to meet you one day. Thanks for everything.

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      • Thanks for your kind words, Chris, and welcome to Pesky Truth. Crawfish very likely has also helped you to be familiar with the rest of our crew as well. We appreciate Craw for distributing our stuff on Facebook – he’s our Vice President in charge of the Book of the Face.


      • Chris Ring was the statician for the football team my junior snd senior years. If the head coach had listened to him, I would have been all-state both years

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  2. Why are you disrespecting colons like that?

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  3. We don’t have to worry about Jerry Jones hiring him since he told his players to stand for the national anthem if they want to work for him.

    Colon 🙂 is pretty much done in the NFL, and should provably go ahead and look for another line of work.


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