Transgenders in the Military – Why?

Many years ago, I was fortunate enough to stumble into computer programming which, as it turned out, was something for which I had a natural ability. Through several decades of work experience and countless hours of training, I like to believe that I’ve evolved into a fairly competent logical thinker.

That’s why so many of the activities that are transpiring throughout the country trouble me.

There are so many laws, policies, and positions that are blatantly illogical that it boggles the mind that someone, or group of someone’s, believed them to be workable. That leads to the conclusion that they were never designed to accomplish their publicly-stated goals through a logical step-by-step process, but rather via social and political pressure.

Here’s an example, I’m seeing all sorts of negative press about President Trump’s policy to prevent transgender people from serving in the military.

The furor prompts two questions: what are transgendered people and why shouldn’t they be part of our military?

A segment of our society whose proclivities include a preference for same-sex relationships has expanded their associations to include those who aren’t comfortable with their physical genitalia.

So they’ve created a new state of gender, now called a “transgender.” A transgender is someone who was born with the XX or XY chromosome configuration along with the corresponding genitalia, yet believes that they should have been born with the other one, they are said to “self-identify” as that other gender – the one they’re not.

The word confused doesn’t do this concept justice. They not only want to be addressed as but to also dress as, that other gender.

This used to be identified as Gender dysphoria and has been recognized as a genuine psychological disorder. But now, the LGBTQ lobby wants the normal 99.986% of the population to welcome transgender people with open arms as if they were normal. They, who believe that their plumbing is in error, choose to refer to themselves as transgender to explain why they prefer to be addressed as a woman when they were born with the physical attributes of a man (and vice versa).

Let’s face it; when you’re confused about whether you’re a man or a woman, you’ve got significant mental problems and covering them up with a façade of normalcy don’t make the mental problems go away, they’ll persist and exhibit themselves as depression and anxiety.

And that directly relates to the other logical fallacy I mentioned earlier, the military of our United States.

Our military is not a social experiment; it’s not a gender clinic. Our military’s purpose is to protect the United States from those would do us harm and that includes, when necessary, fighting a war.

The military must fight as a cohesive force, executing orders without question and doing whatever it takes to win. The military is no place for an individual who suffers from anxiety and depression or for someone who is relying on hormone therapy, surgical sex change operations (and recovery periods) or politically correct psychological therapy.

We need psychologically fit emotionally sound, highly trained troops to protect our nation from its enemies. Any group that has a 31% suicide rate cannot be considered normal and certainly doesn’t belong in our military.

It’s reasonable to ask why a transgender individual would want to enter the military. Aren’t there lots of other jobs that a transgendered individual could do, Career Planner lists over 12,000 here.

I’m going to offer a couple of possibilities: one, that it would add credibility to making a case for transgendered individuals to be considered “normal.” And two, that the military (taxpayers) would pick up the tab for any subsequent sex change operation deemed necessary.

If one examines all of the reasons for disqualifying an individual from joining the military (extensive list here), it seems obvious that someone who isn’t comfortable with their current body doesn’t qualify as psychologically normal and shouldn’t be accepted in the military.


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  1. What I don’t understand is why the culture is buying this. Queers are such a small % of the population, why? I know I’m old but this blows my mind. And congress just voted to continue funding sex change operations. Due, of course to the culture change and acceptance of this crazy mental illness. Why has the cultrue changed?


  2. Well stated, Garnet. It’s not logical to allow them into our military. I think it’s more about the money for treatments than anything else, even though they get huffy when they hear that. Even the guy, Walt Heyer, that changed to a female and then changed back has stated that he’s against it and supports Trump’s decision. He put the cost at about $130,000.

    Why would we pay for their medical care, which is selective, when we aren’t even taking good care of our normal veterans?


  3. On top of all that, the recovery from surgery takes 2-4 years, and the psycho requires continuing hormone therapy for the rest of their lives (expensive and not available in the combat zone).

    Someone who cannot distinguish between fantasy and reality does not belong in the military.


    • Here’s what the Rand corporation says, “that every transgender soldier who goes through transition will be out an estimated 238 days, So that is 238 days that they’re not going to be deployed overseas, in active duty, and someone else will have to go in their place.”

      They also said that roughly 30 percent of transgendered individuals would likely seek taxpayer-funded transitions – that’s about 4,473. Each of those transitions would cost (average) $132,000, so multiplying it out yields an additional $590,000,000 annual cost to the taxpayers – FOR WHAT?

      To introduce thousands of emotionally disturbed, confused about their sex, individuals who’ll prevent the cohesion that the military demands and they cost more than a fit male – FOR WHAT?

      To satisfy the political agenda of the LGBTQ crowd for all of them to be accepted as “normal.”


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  4. Liberalism is all about feeling powerful, relevant and self-important, and nothing reinforces this more than demanding that people do irrational, self-destructive things……and them watching them do it. That, in a nutshell, is what the Left’s obsession with forcing the military to accept gays and transgenders is all about.


    • I agree, CW, but it’s not all about a proof of strength, it’s also about the LGBTQ forces gaining momentum in pushing whatever issue suits their fancy. They’re flush with power and that perceived power will let them push even more outlandish stuff on the entire country. I wonder what’s next?


  5. I do know that there have been gays in the military for years particularly Lesbians ( I don’t ever recall knowing gay men except for one that people said he was)
    I find it very disturbing that less than one % of our population demand get the treatment that they get and I can’t say anymore cause I’ll really get going


    • If not for the influence of the growing-more-powerful-every-day LGBTQ group (and their intimidated allies) there wouldn’t even be a question about this issue. The problem is those who have been intimidated by the LGBTQ to the point that they’re afraid of being labeled “LGBT-phobic” and thus agree with whatever they’re told is “best” for the country. I’m sick of it.


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