Facebook’s Fact Checker in Financial Trouble

Credit to Daily Mail: Owner of Snopes with his new Las Vegas wife.

From the Snopes GoFundMe Page

This information is taken from articles here:



and here:

I subscribe to an organization, 2nd Vote, which looks into companies, organizations and rates them on conservative  standards:  2nd Amendment, environment, marriage, life, education, immigration, religious liberty.

2nd Vote rates each organization, company on each of these standards with a 1 to 5, 1 being the lowest and 5 the highest in each conservative standard. If no information can be found for the organization on a particular standard a simple grey check mark is applied for that particular standard’s outcome. Then the organization is rated overall with the average of it’s scores on each of the standards.

In addition to the ratings, 2nd Vote also lists each standard and explains the reasoning behind the rating for the organization, i.e., ‘donates to Planned Parenthood’.

Here’s an example of a 2nd Vote rating for Facebook:

Now, that is just the preliminary for my post. Let’s get on with it.

Snopes has been around at least since the early 2000’s. The site gives the scoop on urban legends and now on political stories that circle the internet. They’ve always been a little left leaning but have become more so, for instance, stating that the Orlando Muslim shooter had no political leanings when he was actually a registered Democrat.

The owner of Snopes is now in a legal battle with other owners who bought into the company at the time of the owner’s divorce. Wifey sold her shares to these other owners. The charges are that the owner has been living lavishly on fraudulently obtained funds from Snopes. He married an escort from Las Vegas and funded his lavish honeymoon with Snopes funds. The result is that possibly Snopes may go belly up.

Credit to Daily Mail

Too bad. Facebook had contracted with Snopes to factcheck Facebook posts for accuracy. And many on Facebook are complaining that their conservative posts are not permitted.

Snopes started a Go Fund Me page in July and has raised over $600k. The owner says he needs it for operations of Snopes.

My opinion:  I hope it goes under. Most liberals end up in fraud, indecency, and crime. Let this be another that can’t survive its own filth.


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  1. I agree that there was a time when Snopes was the go-to place to check out the latest email going around. But as everyone has noted, they slid left to the point that they’re no more honest and factual than the other “fact checking” sites. I seldom go to them for anything – perhaps to verify the author, but never on the facts.

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  2. Snopes, sadly, is not the generally trustworthy institution that it used to be, when Barbara Mikkelson was at the helm. Here’s what happened:


    Snopes has always leaned to the Left, but when Barbara Mikkelson was there they were generally honest. That is no longer the case.

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    • I thought they really turned left at some point. Didn’t notice the bias so much earlier.
      Thanks for the link, Dave! And for your comment.
      They’re such nasty people. I read somewhere that they are now running with only 3 people. That ad money is huge/month! For 3 people? It must be a labor intensive operation so mostly salaries. I think they get $700,000/month. Huge!


  3. There was a day when Snopes was the go-to site for the truth, but then they turned into defensive linemen for the Clintons and the Obamas, and everyone stopped trusting them. Now they’re to a point nobody will use them as a fact-checker, except the likes of Zuckerberg. He can keep them above water for a long time, and so will gullible libs that still think they’re trustworthy. As much as I’d like to see them go under for being liars, I don’t think it’s going to be any time soon.

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  4. Based upon my careful study of human behavior these past many decades, I define a leftist or liberal as someone who bends the truth to his or her viewpoint instead of adjusting his or her viewpoint according to the truth. Given that definition, it’s absurd for any group or individual with leftwing leanings to be in charge of verifying what’s true and what isn’t. When you need a fact checker to keep the fact checker honest, that’s your first clue that something isn’t right. But if Snopes goes down, FB will probably get itself another leftwing fact checker and go right back to having the same problem.

    I also find it highly offensive that FB even has a fact checker, as if they have the moral authority to determine what’s true and police freedom of speech outside of limiting users’ ability to post threats or offensive material as per agreement. It’s time for some serious competition.

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    • Good comments, CW.
      I left FB years ago when I found they were allowing child pornography on their site. They didn’t take this stuff down unless officials got involved – a personal complaint didn’t do it. I find sexual immorality with children is the worst kind of abuse. It sickens me. So, I left.

      Agree, it won’t matter if Snopes goes out of business or not. FB will get another factchecker. They’re each vile in my opinion, although I have a FB account with a fake name just to read some posts that tweeters link. I feel dirtied by it though.


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