Scientific Consensus And Mass Delusion – 150 Years Of Scientific Insanity

Did you know Nikola Tesla, the guy the Tesla car is named after talked to men from Mars in 1901?

This is fitting. It’s about the time ‘science’ began worrying about global warming!…

On Mars!!!!

7 minutes of interesting entertaining history and science.



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  1. That was really interesting and there were several things that I learned. It ought to prove, once and for all, that most of “consensus” is just follow the leader and wanting to be a part of the crowd.

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    • I follow this guy on twitter and he sometimes writes for the blog, “Watts Up With That?”

      They post so much stuff on climate it’s hard to keep up. Guess that’s why my emphasis has been on this fraudulent ‘science’.

      I’ll find something else to write about soon. LOL


  2. I LOVED this! I’ve got that book in my library, and know it to be true from being a student of the markets for decades. I hadn’t heard the Tesla/Martians story, and that makes me lose a little bit of respect for him. How much of the rest of his legend is fabricated??


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    • Markets! I am a student of the markets too! I follow them tooooo closely but keep graphs. LOL

      Well, humans wouldn’t be anywhere if we didn’t make theories, would we? Tesla did this but it seems his imagination just ran wild! And he never proved his thesis nor did he repeat it with the same results.
      Crazy man.

      I wonder… how much of his legend is true? How much of any history is true? It gets slanted depending on who writes it.
      We humans are so defective. Sad.


  3. That was an awesome video, Tannngl! Wish we could force them to play it in schools.

    People tend to believe what they want to believe. When I live in California I went walking with a friend one time in a neighborhood where the house backed up to an undeveloped hilly area. We came upon a creature about 70 feet away or so, and were having trouble figuring out what it was. It was a bit bigger than a house cat and had a bushy tail and some strange markings. We kept trying to get a little closer but it kept moving away. After she went home she called me and said she was talking with her son and husband and now she knew what it was. “What was it?” I asked, very curious. She said, “It was a mountain lion.” It was so absurd I almost hung up on her. How could we see a mountain lion from a relatively short distance and wonder to each other if it was a house cat? It was crazy but she was very excited at the prospect of seeing a mountain lion so she allowed herself to be convinced.

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    • Thanks for the applause! I liked it so much I didn’t mind the 7 minutes!

      Great story. It really must be human nature as Kathy said, to expound and believe things without much evidence. Scary thought about our fellow humans! And us!

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  4. When I was a teenager there was a game we used to play at church social functions called the Gossip Game. Everyone sat in a large circle, and the first person would whisper a sentence to the next person, who would then whisper to next person, and so on, until it got all the way around the circle back to the person who started it. What she or he heard was so completely different what was originally said that it made it hilarious when we all learned what they said at the beginning.

    The story in the video reminded me of that game. Someone believed the original, who was a nutjob, and expanded it from there, and to make matters worse, they did it for decades and they’re still doing it!! Except for all the wasted money, who knew science was so funny??

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