Teen Boys Taunt and Video a Man While He is Drowning

As I was reading a report of how five teen boys watched and taunted a man as he drowned and took video as it happened, I thought what kind of people have we become?

How could any of us watch someone dying and not only not try to save him, or at least try to get help? But far worse, what kind of person makes wisecracks and yells at him, even laughing, as he goes under for the final time?

And then I watched the raw video the boys took – they took video as he drowned.

The story (as usual) doesn’t mention that the boys were black and I could be wrong, but I believe that I identified the speech patterns of black teens while listening to their taunts.

Here’s the video they took:

These teens were displaying the kind of attitude that I’m afraid is flourishing among our black youth, and that is of having little or no compassion or empathy for anyone else, regardless of race. This incident represents the kind of behavior we’re seeing all too often when we hear of groups of young blacks harassing and attacking innocent people, sometimes to rob them, sometimes just to knock them out as part of a “knockout game.”

These young people have apparently grown up without any real discipline or expectation of repercussion for their misdeeds – and without any moral code – in my opinion, most likely due to not having a firm, loving father in the home. It’s yet another bit of evidence of how the demise of black families will have serious consequences for our society, affecting all of us.

That isn’t an indictment of their mothers. I seriously doubt that the moms of these teens would condone their actions, but there’s only so much that a single mom can do. I recognize that I’ve taken liberties in placing blame for the dysfunctional actions of young blacks on the lack of a real mom-and-dad family, but that is what I believe.

I’m old enough to remember a time when black families were strong and moms and dads were married. Back then, they raised their children together, to be honest, law-abiding adults. In 1950, only 17% of black children lived in homes with only one parent, in 2015 that figure had ballooned to 67%.

Now, things have changed. Over 70% of black children grow up in a single parent household, without a resident dad, and many aspects of a child’s character that result from being taught discipline, moral values and knowing right from wrong are limited or missing entirely.

And we’re seeing the result.

Have we lost an entire generation of young blacks to this kind of behavior?

Please note that I would be no less disturbed if the boys watching the man drown had been white. What they did, and the way they reacted, was abhorrent, regardless of race. The only difference is that I wouldn’t feel as confident about placing blame.

I’m very afraid that we’re witnessing a generation of young black men who are devoid of a moral compass, of compassion, and of the social skills that enable us to get along with one another.

Many have been “educated” by associations with drug dealers, pimps, gangs and others who have little interest in what kind of adult will result. They’ve been taught by dysfunctional rap lyrics and the antagonistic attitude of racist blacks, especially against police. How will they turn out?

Frankly, I’m worried about this generation of inner-city black youth and the marks that they’ll leave on history.

I believe that the problems of the “fatherless” black family, rampant promiscuity resulting in 72% of black children being born out of wedlock, and a disdain for education can’t be solved by white people. It’s up to blacks themselves to step up and save the next generation from self-destruction, it’s not too late… yet.


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7 replies

  1. So disturbing, Garnet.

    I was about to compare these “kids” to animals, but even animals don’t behave this way.

    Sadly, there are a lot of sick people in this world, and it’s not limited to one race or even one gender. I hope there’s such a thing as karma.


  2. The lady on the video said ‘if they can watch a man die, imagine what they’re gonna do when they get older.’
    She’s exactly right and these guys will grow up to be monsters – it’s just too bad they can’t do that in prison.


  3. I also think the lack of faith in their lives leaves a gaping hole in their moral anchor.

    These men scare me to death.


    • We should all be scared of these types of people – they obviously have no moral code – no sense of right and wrong. I fear that we can’t reason with these people – we can expect that it will always come to a fight and we should be prepared to put them down, if necessary.


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