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  1. Not sure what I just watched. I thought they were sincerely supporting choice until they got to the terrible twos, college, etc. That has to be satire or sarcasm. Doesn’t it?

    Tomi Lahren lost me when she was on The Five (I think) and said she was pro-choice.

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    • Lahren also said it on The View. I used to watch her a little but she lost me then too. She seemed to be pro-life. But then…

      This is satire. It shows the horror of allowing women to decide if their babies live or die. It shows the stupdidity of a woman’s ‘choice’. It has always been a choice to kill their children.


  2. The right to choose not to be a mother, but never the obligation to choose not to have sex, or even unprotected sex. This is adulthood in the liberal world.

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