Research by the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva, Switzerland has proven that eating ham and salami while drinking a glass of red wine at each meal reduces the risk of becoming a Moslem terrorist by exactly 100%.

(Note that it must be red wine – the WHO researchers determined that white wine does not have the same deterrent effect as only girly-men drink white wine.)

If it were ONLY this easy . . . !!!

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  1. Ha! That sounds like one of those multi-million dollar government studies, Curtis!

    I can beat that,though, because I know how to cure Muslim terrorism without wasting perfectly good ham, salami or wine. It’s called “execution.”


  2. I don’t see why we shouldn’t begin to play by Islam’s rules – I mean it’s ok, even encouraged for Muslims to lie and deceive us infidels, we should treat them with the same courtesy.

    We should deceive them by infecting/contaminating their halal meat with all varieties of pork – secretly, of course. Once they’ve become suspicious of their halal meats, they’ll stop eating it until, faced with starvation, they may (according to the Quran) consume non-halal (haram) meats, but once they’ve tasted it they’ll forever know deep inside that bacon is too delicious to refuse and change their ways.

    To some, that may appear offensive, but they’ll have to admit that it’s less offensive than blowing up innocent civilians or whacking off their heads.


  3. Now if there was some way to jam it down their throats


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