I’m a White Man and I’m Sorry

Before I get to the myriad reasons that I’m sorry, I’d like to express my displeasure at seeing so many leftist-written articles blaming all of the country’s ills on normal white people.

Whites, especially white men, have become the lowlife-du-jour for leftists of all flavors to attack unmercifully for causing whatever problem happens to be the subject of an article. Who gets blamed depends on the perspective of whoever is writing the article.

Racist blacks blame all of their problems on whites – again, primarily white men.

LGBTQ groups blame their problems on heterosexuals, especially white men who identify as men.

Students (that term used loosely) blame society’s distress on capitalism, white privilege and those of us deplorables in RED country who are patriotic and still believe that free speech is guaranteed by our Bill of Rights. Many of us would have cherished an opportunity for a college education.

Progressives leftists who blame all of the country’s economic, health care, and immigration problems on Republicans in general and conservatives in particular. And, a special level of loathing is reserved for Donald Trump, who though not a conservative, gets lumped in there with us anyway since he dared to beat the left’s champion, Hillary Clinton.

These otherwise disparate groups have learned to collaborate on occasion to attack, en masse, the singular remaining scapegoat for all of their perceived grievances.

White conservative men.

This white conservative man never benefitted from any form of “white privilege.” I worked my ass off for everything I ever got. I worked nights and weekends when that’s what the job called for. I started at the bottom of the employment ladder and through hard work and determination worked my way up to become an owner of a successful company.

I will NOT apologize for my success, it wasn’t given to me, I worked for it and my hard work and persistence finally paid off.

That IS the story of America and it can still be true for anyone willing to work for it today.

I am truly sorry.

I’m sorry for the victim mentality that pervades the black community. It’s too easy to blame every problem on the white man and not look within for the real causes. Blacks need to stop listening to the professional race-baiters (Jackson, Sharpton, et al.) whose purpose is to maintain that victim mentality and recognize the uncomfortable truth, that blacks need to fix themselves.

I’m sorry that blacks are over-represented in our prisons, but it’s not due to racism, it’s because blacks commit violent crimes at 7 to 10 times the rate that whites do. Blacks seemingly accept this as a fact of life – it needn’t be that way and they shouldn’t just accept it as “normal.”

I’m sorry that over 70% of black children are born out of wedlock and the once strong black family is now practically extinct. This is evidence of two contributing problems: rampant promiscuity and lack of responsibility.

I’m sorry that a mentality against education seems to pervade the black community, especially the inner cities. Without at least a high school education, an uneducated person’s future will be likely be limited to one of menial jobs. When teens drop out of high school, they effectively reduce their lifetime earning potential by over $500,000 compared to a high school graduate.

I’m sorry that the LGBTQ folks aren’t treated as equals (i.e., normal). They are only about 4% of the population and their proclivities are distinctly not normal.

I’m sorry that the “normal” people in our population aren’t confused about their gender. They know whether they’re male or female and embrace that reality. They have no need for the myriad of made-up artificial pronouns being promoted by the confused ones.

I’m sorry that those in the LGBTQ community will never know the happiness of a natural childbirth brought about by a mother and father exercising procreation as God (or evolution) intended.

I’m sorry that some of our college students are being taught that it’s acceptable to become irate and out-of-control if they hear a single word of derision or a statement that they disagree with. Microaggressions don’t exist outside of their pampered college experience and they’ll play hell finding “safe spaces” out in the real world where being thin-skinned won’t cut it.

I’m sorry that our college students aren’t being educated as much as being brainwashed into believing that socialism is Utopia and capitalism is the root of all of society’s problems. That misconception exposes their lack of intellectual curiosity. It doesn’t take much research into socialism to find its history of abject failures.

I’m sorry that our college students don’t seem to understand that Patriots fought and died to assure that they have the freedoms that they are exercising when they ignorantly trash America and its military.

I’m sorry that progressives were surprised when they were prevented from crowning Queen Hillary. They were so sure she’d win; they were caught with their pants down and still haven’t recovered – mentally or emotionally.

I’m sorry that progressives seem to be in a downward spiral, not having won major elections since they elected B. Hussein Obama. It’s plain that the voters have finally seen through their lies and fabrications as they now witness Obamacare (Obama’s singular achievement) circling the toilet on its way to where it properly belongs.

I’m sorry that progressives have thrown everything in their arsenal (kitchen sink included) at Donald Trump and nothing seems to stick. They’re even talking impeachment (after 6 months in office) which only shows how much rage is still burning deep in their innards.


So, you can see that this old white dude has much empathy for these misguided people. I wish they didn’t feel as they do, but I can’t control that, it’s up to them to recognize the error of their ways and repent. Will they? Not likely, but we can hope.

When the blacks realize that whites haven’t caused all of their problems, perhaps we can work together to begin to reconstruct the black family and thereby the black community; we’ll all be better off.

When the LGBTQ people admit that their lifestyle is distinctly abnormal and accept that and stop with these new perversions being pushed in our faces daily, maybe we can co-exist. I don’t care what they do behind closed doors, just don’t keep shoving it in my face.

When our college students come to believe that America IS exceptional and they should thank their lucky stars that they were born here and enjoy freedoms unknown by hundreds of millions of other people. Maybe then they’ll apply themselves to education and relegate social activism to a lower level of importance than learning marketable skills.

When the progressives discover that actual results count for more than intentions, maybe they’ll begin to transition to outcome-based concepts rather than relying on feel-good dream-ware. Maybe, just maybe, the light will break through those ever-present clouds of negativity and enlighten them to the values espoused by conservatives; power belongs in the hands of the people, not the government.

Yes, I’m sorry about a lot of things, but I’m happy and content with being a conservative white man, a dad, and a granddad and none of those ne’er do wells is going to change that.



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  1. No Garnet 92, there are three of us, at least on this page. And I suspect 3 million more out there, maybe 30 million if God is not to be mocked. Incredibly stated and well-crafted essay. I only wish I had written it. God’s Blessings on you and yours. Hugh in Texas

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    • Thanks for your kind words, Hugh. Three of-a-kind ain’t bad for a start! Thanks for visiting Pesky Truth and for commenting. I see you’re in the GREAT STATE OF TEXAS as well. Most of our contributing authors are also Texans – we are blessed.


  2. Awesome essay, Garnet.

    The evil that is liberalism can only succeed by first destroying everything good.

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  3. I’m with you my brother from another white mother

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