What Does it Mean to Be a Republican?

From: townhall.com,  by Allen West,  on Jul 17, 2017

Lt. Col. Allen West, who was also a representative from Florida’s 22nd District in Congress.

Recently MSNBC host and former US Congressman from Florida Joe Scarborough said on a late night talk show that he was no longer a Republican. Scarborough admitted that he would be registering as an Independent. This is the same Joe Scarborough who came of age in the constitutional conservative ideological legislative revolution of one Newt Gingrich and his “Contract with America”. Of course, these days there are many folks changing their party affiliations to Independent.

Another former member of the crew that came into being with Speaker Gingrich is current Republican Ohio Governor, John Kasich. He was someone that that as Budget Chairman balanced the federal budget. If you don’t believe it, Governor Kasich will certainly tell you, often. Yet, now, Governor Kasich is all about an expansion of Medicaid, a government run healthcare program intended for those Americans at or below the poverty line. Governor Kasich now wants more largesse from the federal government program that is causing the incessant busting of the federal budget. Medicaid is part of the mandatory spending programs – Social Security, Medicare, and net interest on the debt – that comprise nearly 64% of our budget.

The current Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, the keeper of our tax code, is Texas Republican Congressman Kevin Brady, a nice enough fella. However, as part of tax reform, Chairman Brady wants to introduce and create something called the Border Adjustment Tax. This is nothing more than a value added tax (VAT) that will certainly be passed onto the consumer. And if you have paid attention to the VAT in Europe, it has been a massive failure. Why is it that we are seeking to introduce a taxation policy in the United States that has been a complete failure elsewhere?

There is a debate going on in the Republican controlled US Senate reference healthcare reform. But what is rather perplexing is that the latest iteration of the Senate healthcare legislation entails Republicans advocating for maintaining Obamacare taxes on “the rich”. Why are Republicans taking up the progressive socialist mentality of class warfare and wealth redistribution, along with using the tax code as a weapon against a targeted segment of our society? Also, why are there Republican Senators who embrace the idea of Medicaid expansion? In other words, do they truly believe in the expansion of the welfare nanny-state, the dependency society?

Last Thursday, possibly the most disconcerting vote taken in the House of Representatives, was an amendment to the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The amendment of which I speak was offered by Missouri Republican Congresswoman Vicki Hartzler, a strong principled constitutional conservative. Rep. Hartzler’s amendment would have blocked federal funding, American taxpayer funding, to transgender troops for hormonal therapy and gender reassignment surgery. Rep. Hartzler’s amendment failed, due to (24) Republicans voting against it, therefore, (24) Republicans voted to support American taxpayer funded hormonal therapy and gender reassignment surgery for individuals suffering from a mental condition termed gender dysphoria. Twenty-four Republicans embraced a belief that the American taxpayer is now financially responsible for the choices of an individual confused about their gender.

What is even more troubling is that reports have stated, and not been refuted, that the Trump administration Secretary of Defense, James Mattis, actually called Rep. Hartzler and requested she withdraws her amendment. So, the official position of the Trump administration is that taxpayer funding of gender dysphoric individuals hormone therapy and reassignment surgery is a position they support. So, what is next, taxpayer funded cosmetic surgery for troops?

We know who the progressive socialists are and what they stand for. Their ideals are wealth redistribution, nationalization of production, expansion of the welfare state, social egalitarianism, and secular humanism. The real question now is, what does it mean to be a Republican?

Republicans asked for control of the House of Representatives, the US Senate, and then the White House…they have them all. Yet, endeavors to reform our tax code and healthcare are bogged down due to Republicans…not Democrats. Silly me, I thought Republicans stood for limited government, fiscal responsibility, individual sovereignty, free market, and strong national defense. What is seems to the eye that understands the spectrum of political philosophy is that Washington DC is controlled by socialists, progressives, and statists. Sadly, true constitutional conservatives are the minority, denigrated, demeaned, and disparaged all because they believe, as I do, in the fundamental governing principles and values of our Constitutional Republic…a lost ideal.

I do not blame the Pelosi’s, Schumer’s, Warren’s, Sanders’, and Obama’s of the progressive socialist left. They tell us who they are, so I will credit them with the courage of their convictions to fundamentally transform our Nation. What I find abjectly disgusting and reprehensible are those masquerading as “Republicans” but have no compunction to actually be what they profess. And next year, these individuals, and the establishment machine created to support them, keep them in power, will send out requests for contributions and ask for volunteers to walk neighborhoods for them. Something tells me, that will be coming to an end.

And I can speak personally to the sting of those who call themselves “Republicans”. In the history of the State of Florida, there have only been two Black Republican Members of Congress, Josiah T. Walls 1873-1876, and myself 2011-2013. It was a super-majority of Republicans led by State Senator Don Gaetz who developed a congressional redistricting plan, signed by Governor Rick Scott, that redistricted me out of a Congressional District we had won back to the Republican party in 2010. It was a redistricting plan that the Florida Supreme Court later overturned. Even when voter fraud was known, proven, the Governor, Attorney General, and Secretary of State, all Republicans, did nothing, as the electoral results were accepted by the Secretary of State.

What does it mean to be a Republican? Republicans don’t know, they are too busy acquiescing, compromising, and appeasing those who would never do the same for them. They are fundamentally confused as to who they are, and that for which they stand. The greater population of America are conservative, they believe in faith, family, individual liberty, economic freedom, better education opportunities, working hard to care for themselves, and being a strong and secure Nation.

It doesn’t appear that many Republicans actually believe in the principles of unalienable rights such life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness endowed to us by the Creator. They are just a lighter version of progressive socialists….progressives.


To me, the most disturbing thing in Col. West’s article was that the amendment by Rep. Vicki Hartzler (R-MO) that would have blocked federal funding (taxpayer funding), from paying for transgender troops to have hormonal therapy and gender reassignment surgery was voted down.

I had previously wondered why transgender people would have any interest in joining the military. Now I know why. As is so often said, follow the money. They want to join the military, not due to any thought of patriotism or that it might be their duty, it was simply to have the American taxpayer foot the bill to disfigure and mutilate their natural body to satisfy an abnormal and deviant desire.

I suspect that “normalizing” the transgender concept has, at its core, the goal of having it treated as just another health issue so it can be treated at health care facilities and covered by insurance. 

Rep. Hartzler’s amendment failed. It was defeated 214-209, with 24 Republicans joining all 190 Democrats who voted against it. Those Republicans voted to support American taxpayer funded hormonal therapy and gender reassignment surgery for individuals suffering from a mental condition termed gender dysphoria. Here’s a list of those who want us to pay for it.

Here’s a list of those turncoat “Republicans” who want us to pay for it.



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  1. No Texan Republicans voted for that crap


    • That is little consolation, Craw. What the hell are Trump and Mattis thinking? Not only saddling taxpayers with the bill to perform sex change operations on confused mentally incompetent individuals, they’re inviting them to join the military. What will they be fit for there?


  2. From what I understand, Mattis is a hell of an aggressive military tactician. BUT he is very much a political Liberal. His stance on the amendment was that he wanted more time to allow the Army to reform its policies on its own, rather than be forced down a particular path legislatively.


    • Well, General Mattis just dropped several notches on my respect scale if he’s willing to accept “soldiers” who won’t be fit for anything while they’re undergoing their “transformation.” And on top of that to send the bill to the American taxpayer – that is BULLSHIT! And so is Trump for allowing that to go forward.


  3. Again, nobody asks why. I want to know their reasoning, including that of Mattis, if it’s true that he asked Hartzler to withdraw the amendment.

    As I’ve stated before it’s not about us and our country. Their focus is on themselves and longevity in office. That and the lobby money they can pick up for whoring out their vote.


    • I’d love to hear that reasoning myself, Kathy. Can you imagine how valuable a transgendered “soldier” would be when hormonal therapy and surgical procedures would likely keep them unfit for duty? That’s all we need is an army of invalids who aren’t even sure of their gender – damn, even Obama didn’t do anything quite so foolish.


  4. West perfectly described why I, too, left the GOP back in 2008, after almost 40 years as an active member.

    Liked by 1 person

    • While I’m still registered as a Republican, I’d rather not be associated with them. There are only a handful of them who are worthy of representing The People in D.C. The majority of the PSP have proven themselves worthy of that acronym, Perpetually Stupid Party.


  5. Colonel West’s post is so spot-on I don’t even have the words for it. Every word is perfect and I just wish that he, not Trump, was POTUS.

    West said:

    “So, the official position of the Trump administration is that taxpayer funding of gender dysphoric individuals hormone therapy and reassignment surgery is a position they support.”

    People keep trying to tell me Donald Trump is a conservative. No he’s not. No conservative believes taxpayers should have to foot the bill for someone to change his or her gender.

    Col. West:

    “…Washington DC is controlled by socialists, progressives, and statists.”



    • Agreed CW. I was disturbed to see that Mattis tried to talk Rep. Hartzler into withdrawing her amendment. Disturbed that Mattis would take that position and that Trump had to approve of Mattis’ actions for him to do it. Neither should have tried to stop that amendment.


  6. I always like Issa not anymore. I’m thankful that none from my state voted for it. (WI)


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