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Election Denial is the latest left-wing conspiracy theory.

July 14, 2017                                                            by Daniel Greenfield


The Democrat Party now stands for one thing: accusing President Trump of being a Russian agent.

This bold new agenda has proven so enormously popular that the Democrats have wasted $40 million to lose four special elections. Their base has become a roving mob of angry embittered sloganeers showing up at random political events to scream hate. Some, like James Hodgkinson, actually unleash all that simmering anger.

The Democrats are going into the midterm elections on a conspiracy theory. The theory is backed by their fake news media outlets at the Washington Post, the New York Times and CNN. It just lacks any actual evidence beyond the sort of web of connections usually advanced by conspiracy theorists.

This is the second time that Democrats have embraced a conspiracy theory to escape reality. The Democrats couldn’t cope with the fact that a left-wing extremist murdered JFK. So they built a vast array of conspiracy theories that blamed the CIA, the Cubans and the “climate of right-wing hate” in Dallas. The Communist who killed JFK was just a “patsy” for one of those vast right-wing conspiracies.

But it was left-wing extremism that killed Camelot. It’s left-wing extremism that is killing the Democrats. This time the assassins of the Democrats are on the inside. They pushed the party so far to the left that its base is unviable outside its bicoastal and urban enclaves.

You certainly can’t admit that waging war on nuns, police officers and small businessmen might have alienated a few voters. It’s easier to invent a conspiracy theory so that you never have to address the real problem and shake off the left-wing monkey maliciously riding on their backs.

Left-wing extremism has consequences. Presidents are shot and presidential elections are lost.

The Soviet Union spent generations blaming its economic failures on everything except its left-wing ideology. The Democrats are desperately scrambling to blame everyone and everything except their left-wing ideology for their political destruction.

The left responds to failure in two ways. Either it blames it on an insufficiently hardline approach. And then to avoid a purity spiral and circular firing squad, it blames some outside force.

The Kennedy killing should have been a warning about the threat of the left. Instead the Democrats drifted further from JFK’s anti-Communist positions until they came full circle and blamed the anti-Communists for the murder of an anti-Communist by a Communist.

The 2016 election should have been a warning to the Democrats about the dangers of extremism. Their embrace of radical politics had marginalized them politically. But the Trump-Russia conspiracy fails to answer why the Democrats have been losing election after election around the country, in state races and national ones, long before Trump. The Democrats had become a radical party that was no longer capable of relating to the concerns and values of most of the communities of this country.

The premise that Hillary Clinton, a candidate whom most Americans rated as untrustworthy, could not have lost the election except through a conspiracy is a belief so delusional that it beggars belief. But it’s either that or admit that her embrace of every crazy left-wing idea that had become trendy in the party left her with nothing to run on except her charm and charisma, which can’t be found with an electron microscope.

Now the Democrats are repeating the same disaster all over again. They are pandering to their left-wing base with a Trump-Russia conspiracy theory. Most Americans won’t be voting based on conspiracy theories. And those who will are already a solid left-wing base. The best evidence of the radicalization of the Dems is that they would rather protect their ideology from accountability than resurrect their political fortunes.

Election denial is what happens when you not only deny that you lost the election, but why you lost.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical left and Islamic terrorism.


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3 replies

  1. The Dems didn’t see the 2016 election as a learning experience, and now they are so busy trying to tear down Trump that they haven’t noticed the old establishment democrats are leaving the party because of their extremism. By today’s standards, JFK would a Republican.

    I loved his phrase about Hillary’s charm couldn’t be found with an electron microscope – that’s a good one!


  2. Great post, Curtis. In my experience, conspiracy theories typically arise from motives that have little to do with knowing the truth.

    Mr. Greenfield said: “Most Americans won’t be voting based on conspiracy theories.”

    That’s true, but they will be voting by their perceptions of how their lives have improved or gone down hill under any one Party. Democrats may not get much traction on the conspiracy thing, but if they can prevent Trump from making any real progress on noticeably turning the economy around or if they can bring about some economic crisis around election time, we might have a problem.


  3. Mr. Greenfield makes some good points. It’s a sure thing that the democrats are not (and seldom have been) engaged in any sort of self-examination to learn why they’re losing elections. I believe that deep inside they know why but refuse to face the facts that most of America just plain don’t want their agenda. Admitting that would require that they change that agenda and that would mean publically admitting failure – ain’t gonna happen.


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