Think the Southwestern US has been hot this July?


You will NEVER hear this from the media:

July 14th used to be a very hot day in the US, but July 14th temperatures have plummeted over the past century.

Credit to Steven Goddard (Tony Heller) for the graphics and graph in this post.

Notice the trend in US temperatures for July 14 from the early 1900’s through today? (% US stations with temps over 100 degrees).

Bet you’d never have guessed! 

Climate change, indeed! Looks like it’s going down, not up.


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  1. Curt, I’m not sure where I saw her book. Twas on my wish list for Christmas and of course I receive just about everything I want since my BD is on Christmas too. 😎
    She had been a liberal and has gone over to the wild side! Libs in the UK now make fun of her.

    I’ve just really gotten started on her book, on page 32 but her research and foot notes are solid and her conclusions are right on.


  2. On Thursday, Rick Mitchell of NBCDFW said that this year has been the warmest on record……because the winter was non-existent. The time since June 1 has been the 37th warmest start to summer ever.

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    • He’s taking his lead from Michael Mann and all the other climate change cheerleaders who, unlike Rick, have money on the line (government grants of $32.5 BILLION! and have been caught with manipulated temperatures.
      How they get away with it boggles my mind.

      There are people out there who will tell you we are headed for another ice age due to sun spot activity decreasing a lot. The last one was the Maunder Minimum (1645-1715) solar flare period when the River Thames froze over.

      Think CO2 causes climate change? They never even figure the sun into this theory! They. Are. Phd. Idiots.


      • No, Mitchell was just reporting the actual facts.

        The overall average temperature at DFW Airport from January 1 to July 13 this year is the warmest ever. The reason for that is a very mild winter we had here. He left that hang for a couple of seconds, but…….

        Since June 1, the DFW average has been only the 37th warmest, with only one 100 degree day. NOT what the Glo-Bull Warming folks wanted to hear.

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      • Oops. Sorry, I read too fast, without comprehension.
        Was there an el nino last year and wouldn’t that cause a warm winter? Maybe it was the year before…


  3. That’s good enough for me, tannngl. I’ll gladly put my faith in your reporting on our temperature fluctuations as being more honest and accurate than what comes from those groups with a vested interest in lying about it.

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    • Thanks, Garnet.
      My sources are good.

      I’m reading a book that I might do a book report on. It’s a slow read but so good!

      The World Turned Upside Down: The Global Battle over God, Truth, and Power Hardcover – April 20, 2010
      by Melanie Phillips (Author)

      This lady from the U.K. Writes beautifully and knows things. Worth the read!

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      • Yep! I’m subscribed to Melanie’s free email newsletter. She writes very well, with and edge of sarcastic wit at times. I agree with her most of the time. I haven’t read her book.

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  4. You could be in big trouble for being a denier, tannngl. I think we’re being watched.

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  5. Ooooh, tannngl, the Al Gorians aren’t going to like that news at all !! 😀

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    • Interesting, no?
      Climate is changing. Always! I think the changes are the adjustments that keep our world in the safest temperatures for life on our planet. But then, what do I know. I’m a Christian who believes in God and His creation.

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