An Illegal Alien or a Dead Person Could Cancel YOUR Vote

What Are the Democrats Afraid Of?

That is, of course, a rhetorical question. They’re afraid that Trump’s Presidential Commission on Election Integrity will find real, bona fide evidence that there could be hundreds of thousands of illegals on the voter rolls, hundreds of thousands of dead people still on the rolls, and probably tens of thousands of voters still registered in multiple voting locations.

Normally, those superfluous names on the voter lists shouldn’t matter since they wouldn’t be voting, but what if some of the illegal aliens voted, or what if some of the “dead” people voted? Wouldn’t those fraudulent votes corrupt our precious voting process and affect our elections? Here’s just one example of fraudulent voting in Virginia:

The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF), an Indiana-based group that litigates to protect election integrity, released a report detailing their findings on Virginia’s voter rolls. The extensive review of voter history files across Virginia’s 133 jurisdictions found that state election officials removed 5,556 noncitizen voters between 2011 and May 2017. Of the 5,556 noncitizens that were quietly removed from the rolls, 1,852 cast ballots. PILF said that a total of 7,474 illegal ballots were cast by the noncitizens.

The only reason I can think of for democrats to refuse to cooperate with the President’s voting integrity initiative is that removing all of those “wild cards” from the rolls would make it more difficult for fraudulent votes to swing an election in favor of democrat candidates.

And, of course, since Trump is behind it, the democrats do anything to prevent a success attributable to President Trump.

The really interesting part of the whole voting fraud issue is that the dems maintain that it happens so infrequently that it is a nonissue.

We often hear about how “every vote counts” and think nothing of it, but it’s literally true. A quick search verified that it’s not that unusual for a small number of votes to decide important elections. Following are a few examples of major elections where “every vote DID count.”

How soon we forget… Remember the presidential election of 2000 when George W. Bush and Al Gore fought each other for each individual vote? Remember those election officials trying to ascertain a voter’s intent by checking each “hanging chad”? That election was eventually won by George W. Bush by 537 votes which won Florida for him and gave him the Electoral College majority needed to win the presidency.

In 2008, Al Franken won the Minnesota Senate race by 312 votes.

In 2010, Bill Brady won the Governor’s race in Illinois by 193 votes

In 2014, Martha McSally won an Arizona House seat by 161 votes.

In 2005, Bob McDonnell won the Attorney General race in Virginia by 323 votes.

In 2013, Mark Herring won the Virginia Attorney General election by 907 votes.

In 2016, Dave Atkins won his seat in the New Mexico House by 2 votes.

In 2004, Christine Gregoire won the Washington Governor race by 133 votes.

In 2008, Mike Kelly won his seat in Alaska’s House by 1 vote.

In 2016, John Brooks won a seat in the New York State Senate by 33 votes.

In 2006, Todd Thomsen won a seat in the Oklahoma House by 2 votes.

There were a lot of others in previous years where the margin of victory was a hundred or fewer votes.

It’s pretty easy to see that your one vote could make a difference in a tight race. Every vote does count and could be the difference between your preferred candidate winning or losing.

So, not only should that realization encourage all of us to vote, it should also prompt our representatives to do everything in their power to assure us that NO fraudulent votes will cancel out our thoughtful and carefully considered vote.

Finally, three questions need to be answered:

How can democrats fight tooth and nail against cleaning up the nation’s voter rolls?

Can you think of any innocent reason for them to be so adamant about NOT cleaning up our voter rolls?

Why don’t they want accurate voter rolls?


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  1. Well done, Garnet.

    >>“In 2008, Al Franken won the Minnesota Senate race by 312 votes.”

    And since Obamacare passed without a vote to spare in the senate, it can be said that Franken cast the deciding vote. That helps put into perspective how consequential even a small number of illegal votes can be, as here we are, 9 years later, unable to overturn this horrendous law.

    The Democrats’ opposition to ensuring the integrity of the vote is pure proof that illegal voters are most likely to be Democrats. They’re natural born cheaters.

    While Republicans control the reigns of Congress they should be stiffening the penalties for voter fraud to make it a VERY risky crime. Each instance should be rewarded by a very long prison stay, which would amount to a life sentence for anyone engaged in a mass voter-fraud scheme. Stiff penalties and rigid enforcement will go a long ways to solving this problem.


    • An excellent point, and one I should have made better.

      That Franken/Minnesota fiasco is one for the story books. It was in-your-face fraud, plain and simple. Each time there was a recount and the dems learned how many votes were needed to overcome Coleman’s lead, they magically “found” enough votes (somehow previously overlooked) to give Franken the victory. It was disgusting.

      You’d think that if “every vote counts” and we keep calling our vote “precious” we’d be more careful on controlling who votes – and we would – if the dems would cooperate.


  2. The left is also losing due to less immigrants entering and ICE removing more of them. They are in trouble and know they need those illegal votes. Remember Obama saying to the Hispanic TV station reporter that yes, the illegals can vote and it will be legal? That was unbelievable in last year’s election!

    I’m always amazed at the Democrats. I would be afraid to try to stop an investigation of the voter rolls or the voting ID laws in states. But they are so in your face evil and criminal! How do they get away with it?


    • Good question. I think it’s because they’ve never been challenged by a president before. It’s always flown under the radar – now Trump is bringing it front and center and it can’t be ignored – at least, I hope that he doesn’t let it die from disinterest.


  3. Although they came close, even cheating and massive voter fraud didn’t help them in 2016. So if we clean up the voter rolls and all votes are legit, they’ll never win another election, anywhere, and they know it. Can’t have Trump (or anyone) exposing all that, no, no, leave it alone.


    • You’re right, Kathy, the democrats would have to sell the voters on their policies and programs instead of depending on fraudulent votes to give them an election. They don’t know how to do that, it’s been so long that they’ve depended on vote stealing, they don’t know any other way. They’ll fight to the bitter end before giving up their “ace in the hole.”

      The thing is, I believe that if the nation’s voters are exposed to 8-10 states finding all sorts of invalid voters and that gets publicized nationally, other state’s voters will have to wonder why the dems are against the program and that will work against the states who refuse to go along and eventually force them to submit.

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  4. Because the article is absolutely right and they don’t want to admit it


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