Jesse Jackson: Chicago Needs ‘Reconstruction,’ Not More Police to Stop Violence

By Pam Key, 7-9-17, at Breitbart:

Sunday on MSNBC’s “PoliticsNation,” Rainbow PUSH Coalition president Jesse Jackson said the Trump administration’s plan to assist Chicago with its gun violence epidemic would not work.

Jackson said, “It’s not just emergency, it’s more than that. This is an international scene of terrorism. Guns have been run in from across state lines, drugs are being trumpeted in from across international lines and jobs are going out to third world countries. So drugs in, guns in, jobs out. It takes more than 20 police to stop that. You cannot police poverty. Nine areas in Chicago where unemployment is 22%, poverty 40%, medium income $10,000 a year. They closed 50 public schools, and around those schools, the housing value went down, the businesses closed. So it’s a disaster zone. We need a plan for reconstruction.”

He added, “You can’t just give this kind of answer 20 police — 20 police cannot stop gun running from downstate Illinois and Kentucky coming across these borders, cannot stop the drug flow coming across the international board borders. This is a scene of international terrorism. This is what terrorism looks like. Children trying to study, afraid to go to school, afraid to go to the park, this is what international terrorism looks like at home.”


Baltimore neighborhood

Riiiiight, Jesse, because reconstruction worked so well in Detroit, Baltimore, etc. They built new government housing and the tenants turned them into shambles, followed by riots in the street and destruction of property over some druggie that died in transport that nobody even knew. Meanwhile, Dem leadership sat back and ‘gave them their space.’

He’s basically asking for a government bailout, but how many times is the government – you know, those mostly old white folks – expected to bail out poor black neighborhoods?? Even if they should try reconstruction, it wouldn’t stop the flow of guns and drugs he complains are coming in. Who’s using those guns and drugs? Yep, it’s the blacks killing more blacks.

It’s not terrorism, since terrorists usually go for a massive effect and not a higher kill rate than the previous weekend, but Mr. Race-baiter would never admit that. Nor would he ever admit that the Dem leadership in these big cities has been the cause for their destruction and it’s been going on since the days of LBJ whose tactics the Dems have followed in order to ‘keep them voting Democratic for the next hundred years’. Instead he resorts to their old stand-by solution of throwing more money at the problem.

The real solution is to get rid of the Democrat leadership and the unions that have been choking Chicago for decades. Then let’s take about two-thirds of those people off of welfare and put them to work snitching on the drug and gun traffickers and have them rebuild their own neighborhoods. Instead of asking for another government handout, how about we put the responsibility where it belongs?


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  1. Jesse is doing what Jesse does – pimp for more money. That’s all he knows and with him gradually receding into the background and not being in the spotlight anymore, I guess he figured that he needed a “reset” to get the Jackson brand front and center again. You can bet that he will be lobbying for a federal bailout with his organization in charge of doling out the funds (for a wee percentage of the funds as his “vig”).


  2. Jesse and the Dems have desolved the black American family. It took some doing. Welfare, making children adults when they had babies, national removal of faith based life and disolution of morals. It took a while but they’ve done it and Chicago is just the beginning.

    Too bad black Americans as a whole can’t see what Dems have done to them.


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