My friend, Dr. Jack Wheeler, may be on to something here:

Confronting the UniParty and Deep State Swamp using the powers vested in the President to do the will of the American people!

What do you think??


Published July 11, 2017 | By Dr. Jack Wheeler

Yesterday (7/10) at the White House Press Briefing, President Trump’s Director of Legislative Affairs Marc Short stated:

“The Senate is conducting the slowest confirmation process in American history. For the past six months, Senator Schumer has deliberately run an unprecedented campaign of obstruction against the President’s nominees for high-ranking positions in the government.”

This is absolutely true. Yet there are two fundamental problems with what he said.

First, he said “The Senate” is doing this. Republicans control the Senate, yet Marc places the onus wholly on the Dems, leaving the Pubs entirely off the hook:

Second, all Marc did was to complain – he offered no solutions. Schumer’s response will be a smirk and a shrug. This is no way to run a country. We all know the source of the problem in Congress – the UniParty of Dems and Rinos that wants to maintain the status quo, keep the Deep State, and do nothing that might jeopardize lobbyists’ donations to them.

Trump is a threat to all this, which is why the UniParty is in collusion against him.

What’s needed is for the White House to replace whiny complaints with specific measures the President will take to force a do-nothing Congress into confirming his nominees and enacting his agenda. Thus he could announce that President Trump will be taking the following measures effective immediately:

*(Under) Article II Section 3 of the Constitution President Trump will therefore use his Constitutional authority to cancel Congress’ August vacation and keep Congress in session so that his nominees may be confirmed by the Senate, that Obamacare be repealed, and his tax reform legislation may be passed.

It is to be noted that the last President to exercise this authority was Harry Truman in 1948, grcing what he called the “Do Nothing Congress” to cancel their summer vacation.

*The President will make every legal effort to persuade Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to terminate the legislative filibuster. If Democrats want to filibuster a bill, they must now do it for real, sleep on cots and keep speaking 24/7. Once they stop talking, debate is over and a vote taken.

The Majority Leader can also by his decision enforce Rule XIX that no Senator can speak twice on a bill on the same legislative day without his permission. A Senate “legislative day” lasts between adjournments and thus can last weeks or even months.

*The President will publicly encourage Senate Judiciary Chairman Charles Grassley to end blue slips.
“Blue Slips” originated 100 years ago (1917) as a courtesy that a judicial nominee would need the approval of his home-state Senators, tus the Dems are using their blue slips to block confirmation of President Trump’s judicial nominees. Blue slips are a courtesy that the Chairman of the Judiciary may withdraw at any time.

*The President will publicly encourage in every way Majority Leader McConnell to reinstate the Harry Reid 2-hour/8-hour debate rule for presidential nominees.  his allowed President Obama’s expedited processing of dozens of judicial and subcabinet nominations each week. Each week.

Reid’s rule has since expired. All that is necessary to stop Senator Schumer’s obstructionism is for Majority Leader McConnell to reinstate the Reid rule on limiting debate on nominees.

These are some examples of how President Trump can be more pro-active in dealing with Congressional stymieing of his agenda.  The President has a lot of arrows in his quiver. The above, however, are ones he can fire at Mitch McConnell right now.

The Democrats had Harry Truman. We have Donald Trump. We need to call out “Give ‘em Hell, Donald!” Sure enough, when Trump gives the collusive Dems and RINOs of the Do-Nothing Congress the hard cold truth, they’ll think it’s Hell.

And Trump will win.

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3 replies

  1. Dr. Wheeler’s made some good suggestions, Curtis.

    Fire needs to be fought with fire, and if Democrats are going to find ways to be creative with the rules to have their way then we need to do the same. This is war.


  2. McConnell just announced that they’ll work through at least part of the August break, but otherwise, those are good ideas….IF we had the leadership and IF Trump knew how to push their buttons. In one of his incessant tweets, he made mention of it, so maybe that’s at least a start.

    It’s very frustrating to see Congress moving so slow and neither McConnell or Ryan are actually doing anything about it except whine and wring their hands. We need someone to grab the bull by the horns.

    Uniparty….I like that and it’s a fair description of what we have.

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    • Yep, Kathy! The UniParty controls DC, with majorities in both Parties, the Judiciary, and Administrative State. The only one with any power to “crack heads” is the POTUS. Trump has not yet been willing to lock horns other than in unison WITH the UniParty. Sad!


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