“Your Worst Nightmare: A Successful Donald Trump Presidency”

From: hotair.com,  taken from theguardian.com,  on July 3, 2017, emphasis Garnet92’s

But politics, after all, is often a battle of perceptions. Niall Ferguson, a British historian and senior fellow at the Hoover Institution in Stanford, California, said in May: “I think one of the things Guardian readers, and their counterparts on the American coasts, don’t want to think about is the possibility that despite his obvious ineptitude, Trump might actually be successful.

“I said last summer to a bunch of liberal friends, ‘Your worst nightmare is not a Trump presidency; it’s a successful Trump presidency.’ The successful Trump presidency scenario is one in which, despite it all, the economy does better thanks to deregulation and tax cuts, foreign policy delivers some big wins on North Korea, the Middle East.

“It doesn’t take an awful lot for a president to start looking good. If the expectations start really low, which they have done, it may be one win, and I definitely don’t rule out a kind of ‘success in spite of himself’ scenario. And then you begin to wonder if a left-of-Clinton Democrat in 2020 would be blown away. We’ll see. The fun thing about doing history is you really can’t tell at this point which way it will go. It could quite easily go Jimmy Carter and he could be a lame duck.”


The following is a comment that accompanied the “Successful Trump Presidency” article. I thought that captured the feeling that many of us have about the Trump presidency so well that it was worth re-posting here:


The Left can’t stand Trump’s lack of dignity. His undignified Twitter rants. His undignified wrestling video with Captain CNN. His undignified remarks about undignified women.

Obama, OTOH, was a monument to dignified. Urbane. Emollient. Obama spent eight years flushing the United States down the toilet, but he flushed with a dignified, white-gloved hand. He sold us out to the Russians on video, but he was the picture of dignity when he did it. Obama spoke with the resonant tones of MLK when he drove a wedge between the races and sparked a killing spree of police officers, but how can you question the dignified manner in which he rained racism on the land? Obama was dignified incarnate. You can’t take that away from him.

F*ck dignified! I’m sick of dignified presidents telling me that “Islam is a religion of peace,” which they live in walled compounds surrounded by bodyguards. I’m fed up with dignified, old-school, prep-schooled stuffed shirts that studied “Salad Fork vs Shrimp Fork” in Ivy League universities and know fourteen ways to tie a necktie, and four hundred ways to spew nonsense in five languages. 

I was never much of a Trump supporter at first. All I knew was he was a billionaire who ran hotels, casinos and golf courses. But after eight dignified years of Barack Hussein Obama, I kept an open mind. Today I am completely on board with Trump’s wrestling video. Hell, I don’t care if he goes duck hunting with Phil Robertson and Sarah Palin, chews tobacco and drinks Budweiser from a can. 

I’m finished with dignified. Let the pearl-clutching pansies on the Left crow about dignified. I want a president with brains and balls. Dignified ain’t going to solve the North Korean problem. Take your dignified and shove it up your ass.

David MacDermott.

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  1. Loved the rant. He was my doppleganger.

    I was for Cruz if you recall. It was actually on election day that I decided to vote for Trump. I disliked him that much.

    Probably wouldn’t have mattered had I not voted for him. This was a ‘God’ thing as far as I was concerned and GOD saved us from Hillary and communist executions. (don’t laugh).

    Right now, I look for what is happening in the economy, foreign trouble points and national health care and taxes, as well as Supreme Court Judges. We are turning this ship around 180 degrees. What do I care about some tweets by Trump? It’s driving the left crazy! And giving them something to talk about. They don’t matter any more, really.

    In PA, Democrats voted for Trump. DEMOCRATS! These same people are watching their stock portfolios and watching the proposals on taxes, health care and foreign relations. These same people plan to vote for him again in 2020 as of now.

    The tweets are fine with me.


  2. While I can’t agree that a man who bowed to Saudi kings and instigated racial division in his own country came off as dignified, aside from that word, I will give kudos to the rest of the man’s rant.

    The libs are scared to death that Trump will succeed and the thing that bugs them most is the fact that he’s not a political figure. He’s an ordinary business man and if he can make it to the top in their field, then any Joe America can do the same thing. That’s not how the politicals want things to work in their world and it’s driving them crazy. Ya gotta love that Trump changed that.


  3. >>” Obama was dignified incarnate. You can’t take that away from him.”

    Actually, I can. I hate to quibble with a fantastic rant but I must take issue with this notion that Barack Obama extolled dignity. In fact, I think Mr. MacDermott makes a superb case for why, all appearance aside, Barack Obama never possessed the dignity that he all too often receives credit for. Dignity goes deeper than appearances.


  4. Mr MacDermott’s comments are spot on!


  5. Absolutely, Garnet!

    Trump is not my beverage of choice, but he is far better than drinking the effluent from the septic tank that is the Dem/MSM constellation.

    Given that binary choice, I’ll take the undignified Mr. Trump!!


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