It’s been a busy morning on twitter. #CNNblackmail

In case you didn’t hear it last night, CNN searched for and found the* reddit member who produced the video of Trump body slamming the man with the CNN head. Of course, then our president found and retweeted this video in a tweet.

CNN’s actions ( threatening the kid with DOXING-revealing the kids identity, address, etc.) has spurred an apocalyptic storm of tweets against CNN. Many show worse memes and the tweet: DOX me, CNN!



You really must click on this url for the full 2 minute vid of Alisyn’s mean mommy interview. The congressman tells her that CNN has been ‘played’!



This url shows the hashtag results for #CNNblackmail. It was updating by 300 tweets every 2 minutes.



The twitter world has erupted! With the hashtag, #CNNblackmail, there are almost 300 tweets every 2 minutes. And they’re ALL anti-CNN.

It’s #WAR. And CNN is the target. 

I’ve never seen twitter erupt so much. 

We live in a new age. #SocialMedia.

And cable TV is no match.



*Update, 2:03 PM:

CNN disputes the meme maker was a 15 year old. So I removed that wording.

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  1. Good stuff, tannngl. According to Ted Cruz, CNN may have committed a crime…wouldn’t it be just too bad if they got into some big trouble….aww gee…

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  2. Thank you!
    This post wasn’t difficult. The tweets and links were coming in a flood this morning! CNN is sadistic. They must like the pain.🙄

    We do disagree on Trump’s tweeting. I’ll agree our president is a street fighter, a crude and egocentric man. And I’ll still criticize him if he doesn’t come through on his promises. But I thank the good Lord every day that Hillary isn’t president. And I now fail to see that his tweets are a problem. He gives us information and previews of what’s coming. He uses them to bite back at CNN and other media companies and I think he’s been successful. Besides, I enjoy seeing journalists acting like the Democrat liberals they are with their out of control behavior and ‘reporting’. I’d say they have become unhinged.

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  3. Excellent post, Tannngl!

    It’s good to see that CNN is taking so much heat for its bullying. Talk about a company that has all its priorities upside down!

    Don’t you love the logic by the CNN reporter? They justify devoting all of their news time to criticizing Trump’s tweeting because the majority of Trump’s tweets are shots at the media. I liked Rep. Taylor’s answer to her: “Next time include a chart showing how much negative coverage CNN directs at Trump.” (paraphrasing) Maybe that would provide a clue as to why Trump is so hyper-focused on marginalizing outlets like CNN. It’s a chicken and egg thing.

    I have to say, though, while I like seeing CNN take its lumps, I don’t want to go too far out on a limb sticking up for Trump. He’s far too obsessed with his personal fight with the media and it concerns me that his answer to ANY criticism, fair or unfair, is to go on the attack.

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