Trump’s Art of Distraction

By Gregory Winkeleer



Did anyone else notice what happened last week in Washington in just two days? In case you missed it, the following took place in a mere 48 hours…


First, the US House of Representatives passed a bill, H.R.1215, also known as the “Protecting Access to Care Act”. The bill caps medical malpractice lawsuits by restricting plaintiff non-economic damages to $250,000. Juries may not be informed of this limitation. This is expected to dramatically reduce jury awards for “non-economic damages” (aka pain and suffering, punitive damages, and others) which has been seen as the primary factor in dramatic increases in medical malpractice insurance rates in recent years. The bill passed narrowly, with 218 yeas and 210 nays, mostly along party lines.

Then, the US House of Representatives passed a bill, H.R.3003, also known as “No Sanctuary for Criminals Act”, that would strip federal dollars from self-proclaimed “sanctuary” cities that shield residents from federal immigration authorities. The bill passed with a 257-167 vote, also mostly along party lines.

Then, the US House of Representatives passed another bill, H.R.3004, also known as “Kate’s Law”, which would increase the penalties that may be imposed on criminal aliens convicted of illegal re-entering the US after being deported. The bill was a seen as a response to the brutal murder of Kate Steinle, who was shot by alleged shooter Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez – an illegal immigrant who had been deported five times and had seven felony convictions. The bill passed with a vote of 257 to 157, also mostly along party lines.

Lastly, the White House announced they will seek to overturn the Obama administration’s five-year plan forbidding oil and gas exploration in the Arctic and Atlantic oceans and will examine opportunities to drill almost anywhere off the U.S. coast. Vincent DeVito, the Dept. of the Interior’s counselor for energy policy, said a 45-day comment period will start Monday with a request for public comment in the Federal Register. After that time, and further due consideration, a final decision will be made. You may recall that on his way out of office in January, President Barack Obama banned offshore drilling in both ocean areas – this policy change will override that. Most environmentalist groups are up in arms about this.

These are four developments are generally seen as extremely unpopular with most of the left in this country, and extremely popular with most of the right, and would ordinarily generate much outrage in the mainstream media.

You did not hear about this? You missed that outrage? Well, that is understandable since almost all of the news coverage in the next few days was thoroughly dominated by one of President Trump’s tweets (related to the hosts of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski), and the controversy surrounding it. Until his CNN-wrestling tweet grabbed all the attention.

Now, I do not know if Mr. Trump sought to make this tweet as a distraction for these legislative and policy achievements deliberately, or it was just a coincidence – only Mr. Trump knows for sure (and remember what Emma Bull said: “Coincidence is the word we use when we can’t see the levers and pulleys”). But if he did this as part of a larger design, then he is demonstrating a mastery of the adversarial media that we have not seen in a long time.



This article directly addresses my long time contention that Trump’s Twitter actions are deliberately intended to both distract and entertain. While the MSM reacts to his serial thumbs in their eye, his administration goes on about the business of governing with a greatly diluted amount of critical commentary by the partisan media outlets.

On the right, we still hear about it, because we shrug off the distraction or merely enjoy the entertainment, the WWF type wrestling takedown of CNN being a perfect example. But I clearly knew Kate’s Law had passed, I watched Trump’s energy speech, and had read about the other congressional actions. But they were given passing notice by Big Media.

So, YES! Trump is masterfully orchestrating his programs and distracting and neutering his political opposition, drowning out their concerns by entangling them in emotional reaction to his deliberate provocations!

I don’t always like the tone, but: Well done, Sir! Well played!!




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  1. I guess that I’m also slow to come around. Trump is, so far, much better than I anticipated – but then, I anticipated a total idiot and apparently, he’s not a total idiot. I believe that his instincts are good and that he does know how to push people’s buttons, but I’m not prepared to give him props for manipulating the media to the extent that he is in control. I am impressed that he does(apparently) listen to his advisors and because of that, he’s done some good. If he could just control those knee-jerk schoolyard retorts and stop shooting himself in the foot, he could wind up being a really good president.


    • Trump punches back. Not at every insult, that would be childish; his blows are surgical and hilarious. They take next to no effort, while the Left is literally expending all its energy and having no impact.

      He’s using the media’s own tools against it. He’s using social media against them, going over their heads directly to the people instead of thru their filter. He’s using Alinsky tactics against them, and kicking them when they’re down. Tit for tat!

      And the more he fights back, the more the Left rages…and the more the MSM exposes themselves as being utterly corrupt. The Left has become violent, not just a fringe element. This is the historical Left. They are showing their venality openly, and don’t realize that everyday Americans are paying attention.

      As I’ve said, I don’t like the tone quite often, but also know that we needed a fighter, and got one for a change. He’s not as good at it as Reagan, who skewered them with friendly jokes from stage. But the Dems were a more jovial sort in that era as well. They are now a putrid, violent mess.

      We’ll see how it turns out. I’m becoming more encouraged that his business instincts (conservative) are more grounded than his historical political alliances of advantage. He HAD to be a Dem supporter in NY to have access to those who can do favors, so he was. So, we’ll see!

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  2. I’m only basing it on the fact that he used the same tactics to dispatch 15 other candidates in the GOP primary. He sucked all the air out of the MSM room, and everyone else paled by comparison. My man, Cruz, made it the farthest, and may have been savaged the worst. But Trump won it, outright, against all the odds.

    He has altered the technique, but is still distracting attention from the things going on, most importantly with the EPA, Education, & Energy Depts. Every time they announce changes in BHO era rules & regs, Trump deflects the negative firestorm that would otherwise occur.

    I don’t put much stock in the House passing anything, until the Senate acts too. Then the game is on for POTUS. But I don’t expect him to veto much in the first session.

    I used to think he was overly petulant, but am changing that opinion. I do think he’s a creature of the international banks, but all of them are to one degree or other.

    We’ll see!

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  3. You’re a very optimistic man, Curtis! I agree with Kathy, though. Trump isn’t a media genius. He just can’t control himself.


  4. A good piece, Curtis. While I appreciate that the House is finally accomplishing some things, I’m not so sure Trump deserves much of the credit, except for the things his staff has done.

    He’s done some great things in reversing O’s EOs, so part of his actions seem very smart and I love that he continually messes with the big media while giving some of the smaller media guys more time. I’d give him credit for that, but I still think most of the tweets are knee-jerk reactions because he’s so sensitive to criticism plus he loves to taunt. It’s a little side game for him that he’s justified by referring to himself as a modern-day president. Just one person’s opinion…


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