Bill Whittle: THE TRUTH vs CNN

From:,  by The Right Scoop’s staff,  on Jul 3, 2017


Bill Whittle talks about the latest revelations about CNN as well as the overall media bias and how it affects presidential elections.


Note that this video was created on Friday, before Trump’s wrestling tweet or before O’keefe released his last video of the morning show producer hammering Trump.

Whittle’s overall point about media bias is accurate, as we all well know. They have been trying to destroy the Trump presidency from day one and they are having a big impact on elections.

What I would say though is that it doesn’t excuse Trump’s juvenile tweets, like the one this weekend and the ones from last week. When we think of a candidate or politician hitting back at a biased media, we expect it to be from an intelligent and reasonable position, like this one from Newt Gingrich in 2012:

NOTE: I couldn’t get the 3:09 video from the Right Scoop to play so I found a YouTube version of it elsewhere and that is what is presented here, the same video, only this one is slightly longer (5:40).

But what Trump does in his war on the media is more name calling and trolling than anything else. Yes he tries to present his side from time to time, but here lately it has devolved into little more than juvenile insults and it’s not productive at all.

I understand that he’s been under siege from this media from day one and will continue to be under siege throughout his presidency. While it is a Trump thing, it’s not just a Trump thing, it’s a Republican thing. The media always works to destroy Republican presidents while letting Democrats get away with nearly everything.

But he’s really not helping himself or his cause lately with these stupid tweets. In fact just this morning he tweeted this:

He’s right that they should be discussing this. But he’s also very wrong because while he tweets this today, he’s also been giving the media plenty to be distracted over with his other non-presidential and insulting tweets during the past week. He’s part of the reason they haven’t been covering the other stuff he wants them to cover.

I feel like we’re in a vicious cycle now of the tail wagging the dog, Trump being the tail and the media being the dog. And all I really want is for Trump to get the heck off Twitter and focus on his job for a change. Then he’ll have much more standing to criticize the media.


Couldn’t agree more.

The media is totally and unapologetically immersed in the full-time bashing of President Trump. No matter if his faux pas is a molehill, they’ll create a mountain out of it just to do everything they can do to demean and diminish him and what he’s doing. And, even worse, they’ve created “news” where there was none – the Fake News that the president tweets about.

The only problem is that he is complicit. Complicit in that his tweets may be accurate and correct, but he reinforces the meme that he is superficial and shallow and like a teenager, relies on his tweets to respond to attacks. In effect, even though he may be winning the “war of the tweets,” he is diminishing his stature as president by responding in a way more appropriate to a schoolyard.

President Trump has and is doing some great things for the country. Already, he has corrected some of the egregious errors made by our previous president and is steadily righting the ship of state to return America to our rightful place in history as the leader of the free world. His presidential activities have been, on the whole, positive and many aspects of our economy are improving, we’re seeing more jobs being created, he’s addressing immigration and is generally doing a good job. He’d be better served by hitting back against the media with more facts and fewer schoolyard taunts.

Newt’s video shows him in top form. He sliced and diced the moderator into unidentifiable bits for asking a “gotcha” question about his marriage. President Trump needs to take lessons from Newt to learn how to respond with truth and facts but in a way that the public sees the obvious intent of the question or statement. Newt is a master at that.

Two good videos from two great minds. It’s hard for me to see how anyone can view them both and not agree with both men.






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  1. Excellent post, Garnet. Bill Whittle is superb, as always, and I enjoyed seeing Newt Gingrich in that powerful moment again. He really did set the example for how the leftwing media should be handled.

    I once read an interview with a young journalist who was asked what drew her to journalism and she said, “I wanted to make a difference.” Therein lies the problem. It is the news itself, not the journalist, that should make a difference to people, good or bad. But liberals are children and everything must always be about them. They are too mentally immature to understand that the unmanipulated truth is what the world needs, and too lacking in good conscience to resist the temptation to bend the facts to suit their own personal agendas.

    On the subject of Trump’s tweets, I very much agree with you and The Right Scoop staff. As Newt demonstrated there is a way to respond to media bias that doesn’t involve either cowing to them or devolving into nasty, childish retorts. Winning is great but the way you win matters as well.

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  2. I agreed with this thinking several weeks ago. I read tweets by many conservative writers, Goldberg, and others who constantly stated with each of Trump’s tweets that his staff needs to take his twitter account off of him; he needs to quit being a bully on twitter.

    Now, I thought, of course these politically learned men know what they’re speaking of.
    But several weeks ago I started seeing the messaging of ordinary every day Joe’s and Jane’s about these Trump tweets. They were retweeted over and over and cheered. I began to think: Trump doesn’t get any reporting out of the MSM on what he actually does for the country. It’s all nasty stuff about his family, all his family, his past mistakes, #RussiaRussiaRussia, obstruction of justice and his violent and childish tweets.

    Do we really think they would stop this if he began tweeting nicely? Or even if he responded like Newt? I don’t think so. The MSM has had a taste of pure communism the past 8 years and is in pure shock that the state has started a wide 180 swing. Sure, other presidents have been badly treated by the press but have you ever seen such bashing and out and out partisanship and anger and hatred from so called journalists? I haven’t.

    I have come to firmly believe that most Americans, even the Democrats who voted for Trump like what he’s tweeting and what he’s dong. Polls? I don’t believe them. They were wrong before the election and they’re wrong now. One more thing. I’ve begun to tweet my agreement with Trump’s tweets and I’ve gotten harassed, attacked and character assassinated! Makes me think my guess here is correct!

    Regardless of who’s right, Trump is getting his messages out to the public on twitter. Let’s see, I had a cartoon somehwere…

    Can’t find it. It pictured a gaggle of reporters in the middle of the pic and Trump way on the left getting ready to throw a football over their heads to a guy sitting on a couch with a big smile on his face. But here’s one I liked a lot too:


    • I don’t have so much a problem with Trump’s tweeting if he were tweeting about his successes and his actions and other positive activities that he knows the media will ignore. For me, it’s some of the teenager-like tweets that aren’t really fitting for a president. I understand that he likes to “punch back” and I’m all for that – Dubya got crucified because he refused to fight back and that was a mistake. It’s not fighting back that I’m against, I just wish he’d do it in a more adult way.

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