Runner Up for Tweet of the Day

Sorry. I’m in a twitter war with a group of libs. This one grabbed my attention.

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  1. Maybe I’m wrong, but like CW, I took Razor’s tweet as being sarcastic??????

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    • Just read my answer to CW and I still didn’t convey my thoughts clearly.
      The twitter war was going on. In passing as I answered the other nasty tweets to me I saw Razor’s tweet, great conservative fellow…or gal. He wasn’t in the twitter war. Too bad you weren’t there for it! I got a few good shots in without profanity nor namecalling.

      Razor’s tweet was indeed on my side.

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  2. That sounds like a slam on Obama, Tannngl. Maybe Razor is on your side!

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    • I was unclear here, CW. I was busy with about 8 liberals attacking my character over a tweet stating I thought the majority of people in the US thought Trump’s tweets were a good thing. While answering them all I found razor’s tweet and it was another #truth. So I had to take time to post it!


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