Maxine Waters Promises to “Take Apart” Dr. Ben Carson – ya think?

This article on is almost too much to take. It’s by Monica Showalter and takes Auntie Maxine to task for daring to complain about Dr. Ben Carson. The title (Maxine Waters, looking puny next to a giant) says it all, but I’ve got a few comments of my own that I’ll intersperse within Ms. Showalter’s excellent piece. Garnet92.

If there’s one person Rep. Maxine Waters shouldn’t bring up so as to avoid unfavorable comparisons, it’s Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson, who is also one of the nation’s most distinguished neurosurgeons. Well, she has.

Rep. Maxine Waters (D., Calif.) went after Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Dr. Ben Carson at a town hall on Saturday.

At the town hall in Gardena, Calif., Waters said that Carson should go back to his former profession of being a surgeon, the Los Angeles Timesreports.

Waters also told the crowd that the next time Carson went before the House Financial Services Committee, she would “take him apart.” Waters is the top Democrat on that committee.

I can’t imagine any subject or issue or argument where Maxine could take Dr. Carson apart. Dr. Carson likely has more brain power in his pinkie toe than Maxine could muster on her best day.

Waters is a crazy demogogue whose specialty is whipping up crowds and has a history of scandals, investigations, and corruption.

Carson is not only one of the nation’s most distinguished neurosurgeons, he’s also excelling in his public service post, with billions in accounting errors rooted out on his watch within just the first few months of office. He’s likable, popular, and given the agency he heads, more than a little capable of working well across the ideological divide.

One of Dr. Carson’s first orders after being confirmed as the Secretary of HUD was a thorough audit of the agency, which has been accused of fraud and over-budgeted projects throughout the entire Obama administration. What did the auditors find? Over $520 billion in budgetary mistakes and clerical errors.

She doesn’t want to bring up someone like that to remind voters or the public of her own absence of any achievement.

Auntie Maxine has introduced only FIVE (5) pieces of legislation that have been enacted into law in her 26 years in Congress (roughly one every five years) and been included in the list of most corrupt members four times. Not a very enviable record.

But let’s take a look at what she is saying. She seems to think that because Carson is one of the nation’s most accomplished neurosurgeons, somehow there’s no place for him in public service.

That’s swamp talk par excellence. They’re comfortable over there in the Washington swamp and they don’t want anyone from the outside, especially not a provably talented person, disturbing their nest.

Seriously, a prominent surgeon has no place setting policy in Washington? According to the Los Angeles Times:

“I was born at home in St. Louis back in the day when it was hard for minorities to get into hospitals,” she said.

To soothe cavities, Waters said her family relied on turpentine and cotton. If it was really bad, the tooth was yanked out using string and a slammed door.

It’s almost as if she resents Carson for being a neurosurgeon on personal grounds as if his being a surgeon is why she was unable to get health care as a child (assuming her story is true) and thus, wants him out of Washington.

Nah, she wants him out because he makes Maxine and other members of the Congressional Black Caucus look pitiful by comparison. A smart, well-spoken, accomplished conservative black man could be viewed as an adversary since the others would suffer when compared to him.

Yet Carson came from an even poorer background than Waters and unlike her, didn’t spend his time making mega-millions since. It was that very poverty that drew him to the medical profession and all the good things he could do to alleviate human suffering.

And Waters? Nothing. Just ranting and raving with an overactive logorrhea problem. She was last in the news demanding that the Democratic Party, her fellow Democrats, apologize to her for cutting off her mike after going beyond, way beyond, her allotted time. She’s focused her entire term in office now on impeaching President Trump and has yelled about the Russians nonstop for the past six months. No legislation, no working with Republicans, no getting anything constructive done. Just four-minute fist-pumping tantrums with the phrase “Stay Woke.”

Maxine is symptomatic of what’s wrong in so many black districts. She continues to be reelected because they’re comfortable with her – nevermind that she has done nothing to improve the quality of life for black families in her district, all she cares about is herself. As we’ve stated before, she doesn’t even live in her own district (South L.A.); she lives miles away in a fashionable area in a $4 million mansion.

It’s never hurt Waters politically. At last count, she’s now being bruited about by Democrats as a successor to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.


Maxine Waters is a joke, a walking, talking joke. If the opportunity ever came up, I’d rather have a jar of peanut butter represent me than Maxine – I’d be better represented. 

Her statement displays for all the world to see, just how her “mind” works; she apparently thinks that she can match wits with Dr. Ben. She simply doesn’t have the cognitive chops to comprehend reality in any meaningful way, and yet, she is serving in our U.S. House of Representatives making decisions that affect some 326 million Americans.

The really disturbing thing is that although she doesn’t represent my district, her votes, her decisions, still affect me just as much as Sam Johnson’s votes do.



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  1. I speak some German and some Russian and can swear in Vietnemese. I have a BA in History, Economics, Political Science, Education, and Psychology, was a member of MENSA with a Stanford-Benet IQ of 149. That said, I could not match wits with Dr Carson. How does this twit think she could?

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    • Nor I, VM, though without your education, I too am a card-carrying member of Mensa and also briefly belonged to Intertel, before it disbanded. I readily admit that I wouldn’t stand a chance with Dr. Ben.


  2. Trying to ‘tear apart’ Ben Carson would be just about the stupidest thing she could try. He could verbally slice her to pieces without even raising his voice and leave her tongue-tied.

    Come to think of it, that might be fun to watch.

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    • Yup, the only thing is that she isn’t smart enough to understand how badly he will have sliced and diced her – someone will have to explain it to her. You’re right, I’d love to see that Debate of Mass Destruction.


  3. If you put a wig and some lipstick on a weathered old log it would be smarter, more likable and more attractive than Maxine Waters. She isn’t fit to lick the soles of Dr. Carson’s shoes.

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