Law-Abiding Citizens Have More Than 600 Million Firearms in America

From:,  by Jenn Jacques,  on Jun 27, 2017

We’ve all seen this meme around the interwebs, right?

“Legal gun owners have over 200 million guns… and 12 trillion rounds of ammo. Seriously, people… if we were a problem, you’d know it!”

I’ve also seen one that claims we have over 400 million guns and 24 trillion rounds of ammunition. The fact is, while there is no definitive way to tally all the firearms in the United States, it is commonly accepted and reported that there are roughly 300 million firearms in the hands of law-abiding Americans.

But has anyone else noticed that number hasn’t moved in years, even in the 8 years Obama sparked an increase in gun sales, the gun run during Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, and after the NICS background checks system set new records for 15 straight months?

So what if that “300 million” estimate is wrong?

According to Weapons Man, it is:

We believe that the correct number is much higher — somewhere between 412 and 660 million.  You may wonder how we came to that number, so buckle up (and cringe, if you’re a math-phobe, although it never gets too theoretical): unlike most of the academics and reporters we linked above, we’re going to use publicly available data, and show our work.

What if we told you that one ATF computer system logged, by serial number, 252,000,000 unique firearms, and represented only those firearms manufactured, imported or sold by a relatively small number of the nation’s tens of thousands of Federal Firearms Licensees?

After explaining the logic behind their equation and showing his work, I’m convinced we have more than 600 million guns in America, more than double what is reported by the media.

So… how do ya like them apples?! Think it’s time for a new meme, patriots.


Just for your information (and to quote to our gun control adversaries): 

Guns are used 2.5 million times a year in self-defense. Law-abiding citizens use guns to defend themselves against criminals as many as 2.5 million times every year — or about 6,850 times a day. Of the 2.5 million times citizens use their guns to defend themselves every year, the overwhelming majority merely brandish their gun or fire a warning shot to scare off their attackers. Less than 8% of the time, a citizen will kill or wound his/her attacker.

 Armed citizens kill more crooks than do the police. Citizens shoot and kill at least twice as many criminals as police do every year (1,527 to 606). A comprehensive national study determined that violent crime fell after states made it legal to carry concealed firearms. Here’s a surprise, professional bad guys don’t want to get shot:  74% of felons polled agreed that “one reason burglars avoid houses when people are at home is that they fear being shot during the crime.”

As many as 200,000 women use a gun every year to defend themselves against sexual abuse. In 1979, the Carter Justice Department found that of more than 32,000 attempted rapes, 32% were actually committed. But when a woman was armed with a gun or knife, only 3% of the attempted rapes were actually successful. It’s a shame that the study doesn’t indicate what happened to the rapist when the armed woman fought back – he’s likely either wounded, DRT, or now has to pee sitting down.

Do firearms carry laws result in chaos? No. Consider the case of Florida. A citizen in the Sunshine State is far more likely to be attacked by an alligator than to be assaulted by a concealed carry holder.  

We rest our case …



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3 replies

  1. Interesting!

    I’m not too surprised. There are a lot of people who collect guns who have dozens or even hundreds. And then of course there are all the guns belonging to the security people who protect Democrats.


  2. Good stuff, Garnet. I wonder if their estimate includes all the antique gun collections and all the unregistered guns. If not, then those numbers are even higher…..and we’re still not the problem.


    • I don’t know, Kathy – they really didn’t go into the mechanics of how the numbers were determined, but I read lots of the comments accompanying the article and the people who had at least half a dozen dramatically outnumbered those who confessed to only having one. Of course, few of us are going to publically admit how many we have – that’s just asking for trouble. And, as you say, even if the 600 million is accurate, we’re still not the problem.


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