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  1. Crawfish, that’s a great post. Did you post it at the other site? I think I’ve read it before.
    1 thing I would change;
    I would not allow the taxpayer to care for the disabled. This would fall again to religious and community organizations. We did a fine job of it before all the section 8, welfare etc. Govt could encourage the work of the churches and synagogues and (no mosques, btw) and communities (not govt) would oversee the needs and the care. Conservatives are the most gererous people in the world. With the huge lowering of the taxes, money would pour in to these charities!

    I LOVED this one!
    “Glo-Bull Warming: There’s a reason why Algoracle won the Nobel Peace Prize. It is because his fantasies and lies are unworthy of the Nobel Prize in SCIENCE! Most REAL scientists, climatologists, and meteorologists agree that the Gorons and their scripture, The Holy Goran, are full of it. Glo-Bull warming is caused by cyclical action of THE SUN! Hey, our Party is all for conservation and using the earth’s resources wisely. We even want to reduce pollution. We’re just not going to wreck the US economy to do so on behalf of science fiction.”
    You’ve got a way with words, kid. And some very good ideas!

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  2. I checked my Twitter notifications and found more than one of them following me in the past couple of days.


    Thank you for playing our game. We have a nice boot up your ass as a parting gift.

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  3. Congratulations Crawfish! You must be doing something right if Black Lies Matter is taking notice.

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    • Back in the Townhall blog days, I once got notified by a watchdog group that a couple of muslim groups had my blog on their watch list. I took it as a compliment and called them out by name a week later.

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      • I’m sure it was only because they are such strong supporters of free speech.

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      • CW, got it right – you MUST be doin’ something right. A good gun-totin’ friend that I have lunch with often has had the FBI contact him regarding a Muslim group (close by Mosque) that had his name on a list of enemies. They told him to “watch his back.” You’d better watch yours as well, Craw. We’ll watch out for you too – let us know what we can do to help.

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