Never Mess with Old People, Especially Veterans

Written by Faye Higbee, 6-23-17 at UncleSamsMisguidedChildren:

Marine Veteran Defended Against Home Invasion #dontmesswithavet

Bayley’s Corner, Mobile County, Alabama –You have heard us say it before: never mess with old people, and especially not veterans. A Marine veteran defended his home against suspects who shot at him … the three suspects lived to regret it when he shot back. Actually, they are lucky to have lived at all.

“Captain Paul Burch of the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office says the homeowner on Thomas Road is an elderly man and war veteran who was shot in the home invasion attempt, but managed to return fire. The individuals may have been known to each other from a previous home invasion attempt this month.”

The three had broken into the veteran’s home previously, and threatened to harm him if he reported them. He reported them. When they returned on Thursday, they fired several rounds through the front door, striking him. He fired back, injuring all three.

Chasatie Dulabhan, Casey Ray Gann & Joseph Heathcock were shot by the homeowner. Two of them escaped in the getaway vehicle and ended up at a Dollar General Store in Dauphin Island Parkway.  The other was found near the home. Their conditions are unknown at this time, but reports say all 3 are in custody in the hospital and will be booked into jail when they are released. The Mobile County Sheriff’s Office already had mugshots on the three suspects:

Police are looking for the 4th suspect, the driver of the getaway vehicle. Information thus far says that the suspect may be a black male. MCSO tweeted that “#wejustwannatalk ” and “#welookn for you” – the suspect is not likely to get away much longer.

But these suspects absolutely lucked out when the 62 year old Marine veteran shot them. Marines are all “riflemen” as the tradition goes, so they could have been dead in an instant.

The veteran’s injuries did not appear to be life-threatening, though he was taken from the residence on a stretcher. Charges won’t be filed until the suspects are released from the hospital.


Now that’s what you call gun control! 

Three punks who thought they could go back and exact revenge learned a hard lesson. They could have been DRT, so they should consider themselves lucky and pursue other (legal) interests when they get out of jail.


(ps: being 62 is not an elderly person, thank you very much!)

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  1. As Kathy said, these young perps are lucky they lived. I guess they thought that they’d “show him.” Instead, the geezer showed them. I wouldn’t want to bet that they’ve learned anything though. One or more of them will probably get caught in another crime after they’ve served their time. There are too many young people today who never seem to learn anything, I’m not sure whether it’s lousy parenting or lousy schooling – or both?


  2. Great story, Kathy. Looks like these three thugs made an old vet’s day.

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  3. Yep, the cops are there to investigate crimes after they’ve been committed. It is nearly impossible for them to prevent them from happening without specific forewarning.

    Thus it is your responsibility to defend yourself, your family, and your property. Get armed, and get trained to do so!!


  4. As Vet myself I have at home and in my car I don’t carry but I’m willing to protect myself


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