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  1. Here’s a clue on how to get the government out of healthcare – don’t let 535 bureaucrats get within a country mile of designing any new health care legislation until it’s time to vote on it.

    Convene a panel of learned consumers, doctors, representatives of hospitals and drug companies and let them hash out guidelines that allow a patient (consumer) to choose from a menu of covered items, sold by national insurers, and covering only catastrophic situations – otherwise, the patient pays the doctor or hospital directly for “ordinary” treatment.

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  2. Good one, tannngl. Then throw in big pharma (is that the correct way to say it?) and it just drives costs even higher, because drug prices are out of control.

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    • Yes, big pharma. One of the biggest hoaxes on Americans ever. Not healthcare. Take a drug for something, develop a host of other problems (which are listed in side effects for original drug). Take 3 more drugs for the side effects. Your doc has a permanent customer who returns every 6 months for refills and drug tests…
      And the costs are nuts. If you don’t pay directly for the drug, you pay through the insurance csots.

      The whole ‘healthcare thing is such a deception. Becoming healthy doesn’t happen with drugs. Drugs, 95% of the time only help symptoms of our unhealth or disease. We need to get back to just what does make us healthy! And it’s not insurance or drugs.


  3. In other words, get the government out of healthcare. That’s the one and only solution to this man-made “crisis.”

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