Islamic Takeover: Why Mass Immigration Signals ‘the End of Britain’

From:,  by Dale Hurd,  on Mar 29, 2017

LONDON – Last week’s terror attack by a British-born Muslim proves again that a radical community exists within Britain. Its goal: create an Islamic nation. And there is a quieter force at work that will likely achieve that desire long before guns, bombs, and violence.

This is not Karachi. It’s London.

Britain’s policy of mass immigration has brought what one expert calls “demographic upheaval” to the United Kingdom that could change almost everything.

“Finis Britanniae” The End of Britain

It’s now a demographic certainty. Someday the white native English will be a minority in their own country, including the native Welsh and the Scots.

It’s just a matter of when.

Professor David Coleman is a supernumerary fellow in human sciences and university professor in demography at Oxford. He’s has written that uncontrolled immigration could lead to “finis Britanniae.”

“Which simply means the end of Britain, and by that, I mean the end of Britain as we know it,” Coleman said.

“The point I was making is the change in the number of people and particularly the change in the origins of people, in their religion, in their cultural background, would make Britain unrecognizable compared with the present time,” he said.

Immigration can strengthen a nation. But several western nations, including the United States, are debating the wisdom of large-scale immigration from the Islamic world. And experts wonder what will happen as Muslim numbers continue to grow in officially Christian Britain.

In the dystopian masterpiece Children of Men, ethnic division and civil war wracks Britain in 2027. Armed Muslim gangs fight a government that is hunting down and deporting immigrants while trying to maintain order.

Britain’s future is not likely to be this violent, but it may not be peaceful either.

When the Christian activist group Britain First took large crosses through Luton’s Bury Park last year, angry Muslims confronted them.

MUSLIM MAN: It’s our country.

WHITE MAN: It’s your country, is it, yeah?

MUSLIM MAN: Yeah mate, it’s our country.

WHITE WOMAN It’s a Christian country.

MUSLIM MAN: It’s not a Christian country.

WHITE WOMAN Yes it is.

MUSLIM MAN: It’s not a Christian country, mate….You’re jealous. You’re jealous that we’re taking over.

MUSLIM WOMAN: The Muslims will take over. Watch.

Urban areas are becoming increasingly Islamic whereas rural area are becoming increasingly English, and there’s a retreat away from these two populations. That’s the future.

Policy analyst George Igler says he does believe it will take 40 or 50 years before the native British are a minority.

“This is a nonsense. It’s going to be much sooner. And more importantly, when you look at places like Luton. When you look at the experience of women in Cologne. We already have a window into what this future will be like. It’s going to violence and sexual violence against non-Muslims. It’s going to be an insistence on Sharia Law,” Igler said.

Drastic Changes on the Horizon

Professor Coleman, who stressed he is not anti-Muslim but is simply looking at statistics, nevertheless said the changes could be drastic.

“There are strong currents in Muslim society which wish to see Muslim approaches to diet, to marriage and would like to see Sharia Law incorporated formally into British Law or in respect to some extremist groups would like to see Sharia Law replace British Law,” he said.

More than a half million non-British citizens immigrated to the United Kingdom in 2016. European Union rules prevented Britain from stopping migration from within Europe, but that brought European migrants.

Coleman says Brexit, Britain’s exit from the E.U., will not necessarily stop the influx of immigrants from non-European Islamic nations.

‘England Is Not Going to be England Anymore’

Great Britain was a factory for Muslim terrorists long before last week’s attack on Westminister Bridge by a British-born Muslim. At least 850 British citizens have left the U.K. to join ISIS.

“Look, we have around 100 Sharia courts in this country. We’re the only western country with a functioning network of Sharia tribunals and councils. They’re dealing with marriages, divorce, even with criminal matters. They’re marrying children,” said Anne Marie Waters, from Sharia Watch.

If demographic trends continue, British schools will change when most of the pupils are from non-British backgrounds, as will British foreign policy and military alliances.

“England is not going to be England anymore,” Igler says.

In its street protests against the Islamization of Britain, the English Defence League used to sing ‘we want our country back.’ If current demographic trends continue, it may be too late for that.


We need to view what’s happening in Europe as a preview of what could happen in the United States if we continue to ignore the threat posed by a large number of Muslims immigrating to the U.S. The naive among us will ignore Britain’s experience and pooh-pooh the idea that Islam presents any danger to our American way of life – they’d be dead wrong.

Professor Coleman states that “There are strong currents in Muslim society which wish to see Muslim approaches to diet, to marriage and would like to see Sharia Law incorporated formally into British Law or in respect to some extremist groups would like to see Sharia Law replace British Law,” and this is with only 5.5% of the population. What will happen when Muslims account for 10% or 20% of Britain’s population. By then, Britain will be lost.

Muslims currently make up only about 1% of the U.S. population. Not enough to influence major changes, but we can expect pressure to support Muslim changes to our American way of life as their numbers increase. Look at England’s 5.5% and how they’re beginning to incorporate Islam dictates into English life.

Forewarned is forearmed.



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  1. Allowing sharia courts may have been the last straw. How long can a country survive when they are living with two sets of laws? Add to that, the citizens are mostly unarmed, so they have no way to defend themselves against muslims who can go by their own rules and are commanded to kill all non-muslims.


    • Yep, I see rocky days ahead for the UK, but they’ve allowed it to happen. They have no one to blame but themselves. Now that it’s happening all over Europe you’d think that there would be more kickback against the Muslim intrusion, but some countries are still welcoming them – color me puzzled?


  2. It’s not only immigration that is leading to Muslim take over of countries. They propogate. We do not.
    And they’re good at using our freedoms against us.

    Crawfish is so right. People need to read the Quran and Hadith, all of it. The evil in it is alarming. People need to wake up to the fact that terror lives among us in all Muslim communities. Terror and cultural overthrow.


    • Agreed. If one knows what the Quran demands of its followers, that should be enough to convince them that Sharia has NO place in the U.S. Our Constitution and Sharia CANNOT co-exist and we are a Constitutional Republic, that ought to preclude any intrusion of Islam and Sharia. If only people would wake up and listen.

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  3. Great post, Garnet.

    As Bescher alluded to, no one should take comfort in what seems like a small fraction of Muslims. To whatever tiny fraction of the population they represent, add to that the scary number of leftist/liberal/progressive enablers (a.k.a. useful idiots) who will actively participate in the destruction of their own culture, and then multiple this by a factor of 3 to account for the apathy among the rest of the population. Oh, and then there is the high birth rate of Muslims to consider. Britain is doomed and if we’re at 1% now it may already be too late.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t think that we’re at a danger state – yet, but we need to be vigilant that more states don’t allow more Sharia Law “courts” to be established (like here in Irving). Until a Constitutional Amendment is put in place, we need for the states to pass legislation (like Gov. Abbott did) that prevents any U.S. courts from relying on Sharia for any part of their constitutional jurisprudence.


  4. Not enough to influence? What are you smoking? Look at what is happening with less than 1% of the population when it comes to LBGT? Look at the liberal courts that undermine everything than of course look at our east and west coasts.

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    • I did say “major” changes. They’re in a fledging stage right now. Yes, they do have some influence, but not yet enough to assure their dominance – yet. We need a Constitutional Amendment that will stop Sharia Law from being used in any fashion in the U.S. and we need Trump’s immigration methods to either vet “refugees” extensively or prevent their entry.


      • Yes but that’s where the courts come in. We have major problems with district and appeals court and we need to get those back. The ludicrous reasons why the 4th and 9th blocked Trumps travel ban shows that


  5. If more people would actually read the quran and hadith in full, we wouldn’t have this problem.

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    • True, too many believe the hype from the left and Muslim sympathizers labeling Islam as a “peaceful” religion. It is neither peaceful nor a religion, it’s a political movement determined to convert every other non-Muslim to Islam or kill them – one or the other.

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