Trump Implores Congress for a “A Plan with Heart”




“I’ve been talking about a plan with heart,” Trump said. “I said, ‘add some money to it!’ A plan with heart.”

That was Donald Trump at a rally in Iowa last night.  He also said:

“If we had even a little democrat support…like a couple of votes, you’d have everything.  And [democrats] could give us a lot of votes and we’d be willing to change it and move it around…”

“Change it and move it around…”  What the heck, we’re flexible.  Wink, wink.

No, Trump didn’t literally wink, but he may as well have because his meaning was abundantly clear, unless you were too busy clapping to pay attention.  The great negotiator is willing to trade a bigger piece of our liberty on the healthcare front if democrats will help him check the “healthcare” box off his agenda.

This “plan with heart” thing is the Trump version of compassionate conservatism.  You remember that, right?  It may shock you to hear this but the government has no business trading in compassion.  Compassion belongs to the individual.  It is my right, not the government’s right, to decide who deserves my compassion and who does not.  Just look at what’s happened as a consequence of socializing compassion.  Half of the country is lined up with their hands out for one form of government “compassion” or another.  Once again I urge you to watch a few episodes of the TV show Judge Judy to see who’s benefitting from your “compassion” as hijacked by your government.  There is an endless stream of scammers and freeloaders benefitting from your “compassion.”  Ask yourself if these are the people you would be helping if the money came directly from your pocket, and take note that the money and the goodwill are dwindling for those who truly need it, particularly in the future, because decisions based upon the “heart” and “compassion” of government bureaucrats has helped to put us 20 trillion dollars in the hole, all while buying democrat votes (although that’s just a coincidence, I’m sure).  Compassion is not a function of the government envisioned by the Founders, who undoubtedly understood the dangers of making it one.

This is precisely the kind of thing that made me hold out against Trump until there was no other choice.  He is the typical populist, trying to win the adoration of the crowd with other people’s money that he has no business making promises with.  This was the danger of forgetting why we’re conservatives, and by the way, it won’t solve the healthcare mess it will only make it worse because it makes us worse as a people.  Only the free, private market can cure what ails healthcare in America.

Is this what you voted for when you chose Donald Trump to be the Republican nominee?  When he promised to repeal and replace Obamacare, did you want him just to check off a box regardless of how this is accomplished?  Will you be silent now so that in twenty years you can wonder how the hell we got where we are?

“I said, ‘add some money to it!’ A plan with heart.”

If Donald Trump is such a generous man, let him throw his own billions and billions into his healthcare plan.  But Donald, don’t play Santa Claus with my money.

Wink, wink.



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  1. It’s too late, CW. He’s spending it almost as fast as Congress has been, even though this contradicts something he said earlier – ‘we’re going to do more with less.’

    Before we begrudgingly voted for him, we here at PT talked about moments like this happening, because he isn’t a conservative. This is one of those moments where the liberal side of him is showing.

    His attempt to get the Dems on board is lame and probably wouldn’t work anyway. They’re too stuck on obstructing him. He’s having a hard enough time getting the Republicans to work with him, let alone the Dems.


    • It’s very telling that Trump is willing to negotiate and “move it around” for Democrats, but is unwilling to move anything around to bring conservative Republicans on board. VERY telling.


  2. Yup. No doubt about it.

    But here’s the thing. He’s still orders of magnitude better than the Hildebeast would have been, and that was the choice we had to make.

    But that sure as hell doesn’t immunize him from any well-earned criticism.


    • >>”…that sure as hell doesn’t immunize him from any well-earned criticism.”

      I’m not so sure about that, Brian. Checking a bunch of conservative sites today I saw no mention of Trump’s “plan with heart,” or his offer to give concessions in exchange for Democrat support. I doubt we’ll be hearing anything from Sean Hannity today (although I’m not going to suffer listening to him to find out). Looks like mums the word.


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