We’re “All” Guilty. Or Are We?



Ever since the shooting incident in which an unhinged leftist opened fire, terrorist-style, on unarmed Republicans gathered for baseball practice Americans have been deluged with cries from politicians and pundits Left and Right who say that “both sides need to tone down the rhetoric,” as if Republicans and Democrats have been equally guilty of engaging in inappropriately heated and provocative speech.  I can certainly understand why Democrats, who are demonstrably the more vicious and irrational of the two parties, love this misguided narrative of moral equivalency that makes us all equally culpable, but I’m a bit dumbfounded by Republicans who get on this bandwagon.  Do they think throwing everyone under the bus makes them appear more statesman-like?  Are they, like parents settling disputes between children, avoiding the chore of holding the instigators accountable so that they can get on to other things?  Whatever their reasons, it’s a huge mistake to pretend that neither side occupies the moral high ground, because this is what ultimately distinguishes Left from Right.

I don’t recall any public figure on the Right beheading Barack Obama in effigy under the guise of “comedy,” nor do I recall people flocking to theatre productions that depicted the assassination of Barack Obama.  I can’t even begin to imagine the outrage that would have dominated the MSM coverage had Obama been the object of the kind of threatening “speech” routinely aimed at Donald Trump.  This isn’t a matter of civility.   The Left’s veiled threats and violent undertones are signs of their dangerous disdain for our republic, and signify their increasing unwillingness to peacefully share power and be held to the same standards as the rest of us.  It’s critical that we recognize and address this because the leftists are becoming more emboldened, as evidenced by what transpired at that ball park in Virginia.  The “we’re all guilty” mantra is counter-productive to this effort because it undermines accountability.

Having said all that, this is only half the story, and it is the least significant half.  The second and far more consequential half has to do with the construction of this false narrative of moral equivalency with respect to the governing of this nation.   In other words, the Right resisted Barack Obama and the Left is resisting – albeit more violently – Donald Trump, this makes us even or morally equivalent.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Barack Obama came to office with the dark promise of “transforming America,” which those of us paying close attention rightly understood to mean that he was going to use the power of the presidency to undermine the Constitution as given to us by our Founders, an understanding that was vindicated again and again by Obama’s actions as president.  Obama’s promise was to expand the power of the federal government and to use this expanded power to weaken, if not altogether usurp, our rights as Americans, and it was a promise largely fulfilled.  The Constitution belongs to We the People, and as such we had every right and moral reason to oppose Barack Obama and his government of helpful minions in their attempts to circumvent or redefine it.  Even so, we eschewed violence as a means of doing so, opting instead to oppose the Obama administration by simply exposing the truth about who he was and what he was doing.  It was these truths about Obama’s dishonesties and abuses of power that the Left denounced as “uncivil” in order to bully us into voluntary censorship, a tactic which too many Republicans (the same folks who now want “everyone” to tone down their rhetoric) caved in to.

But that was then and this is now.  Or should I say, that was us and this is them.  With the election of a Republican president it is once again okay, courageous even, to be uncivil, even violently so, just as it is any time a Republican is president, in case you didn’t know.  My question to the Left is this:

What, pray tell, is the great threat posed to this nation by Donald Trump that supposedly justifies not only your abandonment of the much ballyhooed “civility” but actions and speech laced with threats of violence?

Trump came to office on the promise of “making America great again,” which he defined as restoring law and order, enforcing U.S. immigration policy, making better deals with other nations, fixing the healthcare mess created by Democrats, appointing judges who will uphold the Constitution, and undoing the lawless tyranny imposed upon us by Barack Obama with his infamous “pen and phone.”  If you have a problem with that, your problem isn’t with Trump, it’s with America and all that it stands for.  What you’re “resisting” is the Constitution, the rule of law, equal justice (not to be confused with “social justice,” which is the opposite of equal justice) and the God-given right of every American to pursue his own self-interest while respecting the rights of others as defined in the Constitution.  Any “rights” that you feel are threatened by Donald Trump – i.e., the “right” to free healthcare, the “right” to be in this country illegally, the “right” to free college and other welfare, the “right” to exclude other Americans from having a say on sweeping climate policies, etc., etc., etc. – are not your rights at all, and your phony “resistance” movement is exposed for what it actually is:  a movement for tyranny.

It troubles me immensely that the protestors, organizers and other loud mouths declaring their “resistance” to the Trump administration are never asked to explain or defend just what it is they are so violently resisting, and why.  We have become so accustomed to opposition solely for the sake of opposition that we mindlessly give it respect it doesn’t necessarily deserve, and we judge it only by the means with which it is manifested, which is akin to saying that people protesting to free a guilty man from prison are as righteous as those protesting to free an innocent man.  It simply isn’t true, and we’re fools to put up with it.

I, as a conservative, have my own quibbles with Trump.  As such I will make use of my congressional representatives to resist whatever I perceive to be not in keeping with the Founder’s Constitution and the proper role of the presidency.  But the leftists and I share no moral high ground whatsoever.  As I survey the landscape from up here they are, in fact, nowhere in sight.



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  1. You are right CW. I hear people saying that Obama was treated the same as Trump. But that is not even close to being true. I think the Trump administration will be under constant investigation and he will not be given a chance to govern. The media will not give him an opportunity. I do not remember any false NY Times or CNN stories about the Obama administration. The only obstruction of justice I see is from the Left and media to stand in the way of the transfer of power. With all the vitriol being spewed I am not surprised there was an attack on conservatives and if it continues there will be more. Pelley says it is the fault of conservatives when in fact it is the fault of the him and his media cohorts.


    • Hey there, Patrick!

      Yes, Scott Pelley is quite the piece of work, isn’t he?

      We’ve become a nation of non-thinkers, never bothering to question whether someone’s harsh rhetoric has merit but just acting on it like one of Pavlov’s dogs. It’s the culmination of the liberal takeover of America’s education system.


  2. Thanks, Garnet, and yes, I’ve noticed.


  3. I fell for it, CW. I fell for the guilt.

    You’ve made me see the truth.


  4. Nobody ever asks why. Excellent point, CW, and one that bugs me about this whole resistance nonsense as well as in reports of other actions. If someone were to ask why, they’d get a jumbled answer akin to Nancy Pelosi responses that are impossible to understand. They don’t know why they’re doing it.

    I wonder if their behavior would be the same if one of the other candidates had won, or is this just a Trump thing? Are they such sore losers that nobody would satisfy them except Hillary?

    As for the guilt, I’ve not seen one Republican act or talk in a manner that needs to be toned down, so those leaders on the bandwagon are being their usual spineless selves. Instead they should be pointing out that we’ve done nothing wrong.

    Good stuff, CW.


    • Thanks, Kathy. Given what Obama had planned for this country, I always thought Republicans were remarkably restrained, and this makes the anti-Trump insanity all the more bizarre. I do believe that we’d be seeing much of the same if Cruz had won, except that the hysterics would be directed at his conservatism and Christianity. I also believe, though, that Trump has given them extra ammunition by being so careless with his tongue. I like to think that Cruz would have shown a bit of verbal restraint.

      As far as their reasons for their irrational hatred of Trump, the made-up reasons (such as Trump is a dictator) won’t hold water, and the saner reasons (don’t like his immigration policy, worried about losing subsidized healthcare) don’t justify wanting him beheaded. This is why the MSM never asks the question.


  5. A most EXCELLENT essay, CW. Spot on as usual and well said. That “moral equivalency” is also a sore spot with me. Have you ever noticed that whichever side is saying that is usually the side that’s been most guilty of the misdeeds – and it’s always “them.” That holds true in the black/white issue, the LGBT vs. normal people issue, the Antifa disrupters vs. the free speech students, etc.

    A very astute and insightful essay.


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