If You Don’t Believe Islam is a Cancer on Your Freedom…

In this video they tell you in clear English what their intentions are.

Become aware. Make others aware. Otherwise this is our reality.

Click here for the originating article




Arm yourselves and be ready.

Islam is not a religion. It is an Ideology and theocracy. It makes slaves of its people. It is a perversion of religion. It murders, terrorizes, tortures, and invades/conquers whole countries.

We must realize we are at war with Islam. Plain and simple. AND WE MUST WIN.

And the absolute worst graphic. If only it weren’t true…

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  1. As long as men and women can talk rationally there is hope of a better world . Thanks for your input.

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  2. It is best not to turn a site about the westernization of Muslims into a theological debate. Interesting developments are taking place in Turkey and it looks as if the secular state is slowly being dismantled. There are two basic ways secular democracy can slowly dismantled:
    1) The advance of religious fundamentalism as in Turkey at the moment.
    2) The advance of one party rule that we see in Russia with Mr Putin and in China now Hong Kong seeks freedom.
    All systems that restrict human freedom cannot in the end prevail and the freedom that men and women seek is to live in a secular state and obey agreed secular rules democratically decided.

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  3. My apologies I had no idea you were an evangelical , but even some evangelicals are now reconsidering their views on same sex relationships. I realise in America there is a larger number of Christian fundamentalists of all types than here in England . We must be very careful before we judge anyone remembering the Good Samaritan was outside of the Christian flock yet he was the one who showed compassion. Is it not remarkable that Jesus a complete Jew stepped outside of his own religion and became a Universalist.
    It is also,with hindsight, true to say us westerners interfered with Muslim countries thinking they should adopt democracy and trying to force regime change. Our super – confidence in ourselves proved a disaster , even the most farsighted of us only stumble forward.

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    • Judging is necessary. I must judge the difference between right and wrong and choose right the best I can.

      I don’t judge people but I do judge their actions. People are all pretty much the same. We would all rather enjoy our proclivities, those that are sin especially, than try to be overcomers in this world as God tells us to be.

      I always have some pity on the murderer. But I judge his actions are sin and therefore wrong.


  4. Kertsen said:

    “Regarding western democracy it was based on the old testament Christian laws but we have advanced beyond those now even within the brotherhood of the Church. Same sex marriage is accepted women ministers and Bishops are now beginning to appear and many Christians accept the theory of evolution and the latest scientific discoveries. Islam will do the same in time ,rebellion from within is already prevalent fundamental Islam will be replaced with a modern version.”

    I fully agree with most of your last comment.

    However, I will respectfully disagree with your generality about Christian churches. A large number of churches, evangelical, do not accept what you have stated above. Mine is one of the many.

    There is rebellion from within Islam but from my understanding it’s not very strong in that there are very few who espouse the reform of Islam. Most simply leave it. But perhaps I’m not well educated in this subject.


  5. Sharia law is an outdated wicked system that must never be allowed to take charge of any free western democracy. The three million or more Muslims in America don’t practice Sharia they are glad to escape from it. Likewise most of those labelled Christians in America don’t practice ‘ turn the other cheek ‘ they prefer ‘ an eye for an eye ‘ which is a far more sensible and just system.

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    • Kertsen, thanks so much for your reply.

      I fully agree with you concerning Sharia. It’s a tribal legal system that has no place in any Western cultures. Our legal systems are indeed based on the morality contained in the Christian Bible.

      I can’t say we actually know what Muslims in the West really think. Many of them believe they should be allowed to use Sharia for their basis of law shown by the Sharia courts that Britain already has and the push for them to have such a separate legal system in the US.

      Additionally, after all of my reading in the Koran, I truly don’t trust anyone who identifies as the ideology of Islam. They are encouraged to lie to reach the goal of dominance in any non-Muslim culture.

      As a Christian, I turn the other cheek. However, that being said, Jesus’ disciples carried swords on their trips through the bad areas between Nazareth and Jerusalem.


      • We in Britain have ourselves to blame for allowing Sharia Law , but up until quite recently it was generally believed that multiculturalism was the way forward. Pakistan was formed because Hindus and Muslims could not co exist contrary to Ghandi who nearly died in an attempt to bring them into harmony. Recently Muslims have been murdered for eating beef in India. Different races and creeds can live together only if they agree to abide by the secular law of the country they reside in. The law of the land must take complete presidency over all else; no man can obey two master’s. If I chose to live in Saudi Arabia I must not drink alcohol; it’s my choice.
        Regarding western democracy it was based on the old testament Christian laws but we have advanced beyond those now even within the brotherhood of the Church. Same sex marriage is accepted women ministers and Bishops are now beginning to appear and many Christians accept the theory of evolution and the latest scientific discoveries. Islam will do the same in time ,rebellion from within is already prevalent fundamental Islam will be replaced with a modern version.

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  6. Great post, Tannngl.

    The video was chilling but what I find most telling and most scary is that slip of paper showing how Muslims have been able to infest Britain. I’m guessing there were those who sounded alarm bells, just as conservatives are doing here, and I’m guessing they were ridiculed for being “nationalist hatemongers” by Britain’s leftist enablers, just like the leftist enablers do here. One has to wonder if there are ANY leftist enablers who’ve taken a look around lately and thought, “What have we done?”

    I also wonder if there are ANY leftist enablers here who are paying attention to what’s happening in Britain and elsewhere? I can’t help but think that reason will not sink in with these people until they are on their knees with a knife to their throats.

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    • I chat with a few people from Britain. When we first saw the influx of migrants into Germany, Hungary, etc, I think it was 2015 into 2016, I told them there were no children or women in any of the pictures of the migrants. I was told I needed to realize it was people fleeing war torn lands for safety. Women and children too, that I was too hard.

      I think they’ve begun by now to actually have eyes that see and ears that hear. The crime and terror are a stark wake up call in Europe and Britain although the political leaders in the EU and maybe Britain? still believe in migration and open borders.

      At least I HOPE they have changed their thinking!
      But liberals-I think they’re pretty hopeless as a group. Mostly.

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  7. This is a very dangerous time for the whole world. England is lost as are most European countries that let in muslims. We are already having to make new laws to stop Sharia law and our stupid liberal judges won’t let us ban them from entering the US. They don’t look at what’s happened in Europe and see it as an example.

    Good stuff, tannngl, creepy scary but a good reminder.

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  8. There weren’t actually sitting on their butts and letting it happen, garnet92. It was intentional, political, and of course motivated by self loathing leftists with pure spite.


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    • The article states clearly, Labour caused this Muslim migration just to ‘shove diversity into the faces of the conservatives’. Clearly political and absolutely stupid. The country has almost been totatlly taken over.


    • The very last line of the piece is a doozy of a lie. “The British people can be confident that immigration is under control.”

      That’s not under control any more than their ability to track terrorists. First they reported there was only something like 5,000 terrorists, then oops, it’s really 23,000 and they admitted they can only track 500 of them. That not control – it’s out of control

      Good link, nocultsclub, an eye-opener.

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  9. Good stuff, tannngl and so timely. I especially like the image showing how the British passively sat on their butts and LET the Muslims take over. Britain may very well be lost unless some dramatic steps are taken right away. That’s a preview of what could also happen here if we aren’t prepared to cut it off at the knees.

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    • Thank you, Garnet. Notice how terror attacks are off the front pages so quickly. And we’re on to some new anti-Trump thing.

      We must GET the courageous and the stubborn stance that it is Islam that does all of this. Not just part of Islam. And as we allow political correctness and are afraid of being called Islamophobes and racists, we are losing.

      The graphic noting the state of Islam in the UK states there are only 4 million Muslims there out of 66 million citizens of the UK. Note how Islam is now metastasized into all of Britian. It is creepy and very scary. It has also started here in the US.

      We must realilze we are at war.


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