Black College Student Demands – you won’t believe some of them

I was just preparing to post an excellent piece on blacks demanding separate facilities (it used to be called segregation) by Eileen F. Toplansky and published on the American Thinker site when I stumbled onto another source of black college student demands.

This source is so voluminous that it’s almost too much to be believed, but I’m convinced that it is factual – I did find essentially the same lists on another site as well. One is called, The Demands, and the other is Black Liberation Collective (links are provided for both).

They both detail lists of colleges and the set of demands specific to each college. The Demands site lists 80 colleges and universities whose students have compiled a list of demands. The BLC site listed 86 institutions, and they appear to be very similar.

If you want to see what these student groups are DEMANDING, either is an excellent place to start and I URGE you to at least scan the lists or you won’t believe my accounts of them.

I’ve been posting on this issue for some time now and I had no idea that there were so many institutions of “higher learning” that had already had demand lists presented to them. I’ve noted maybe a dozen or twenty that have been in the news but wasn’t aware of the others that, so far, have remained below the national radar.

If there was a suspicion before, it’s now pretty evident that there is a conspiracy between these black groups to co-opt demands from a central depository – a menu of grievances from which a list author can pick and choose the ones to include in a personalized list of demands tailored to your institution.

I read several colleges’ lists before having to quit or else throw up all over my computer.

Here is one that was particularly nauseating: The group DEMANDS that the college president (named therein) issues a statement of apology to:

students, alumni and former students, faculty, administration, and staff who have been victims of several injustices including but not limited to our institutional legacy of white supremacy, colonialism, anti-black racism, anti-Latina racism, anti-Native American racism, anti-Native/ indigenous racism, anti-Asian racism, anti-Middle Eastern racism, heterosexism, cis-sexism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, ableism, mental health stigma, and classism.”

Did they leave anyone out? Black-Panther racism, or Nation-of-Islam racism or Social-Justice-Warrior anti-white racism maybe?

Amherst specifically states that they will not tolerate the actions of students who posted “All Lives Matter” and “Free Speech” posters as they were racially insensitive to students of color and may be subject to disciplinary action and extensive training for “racial and cultural” competence. That sounds an awful lot like “re-education camps,” doesn’t it?

Isn’t that disturbing? Amhurst believes that only Black lives matter? And Amhurst will not tolerate the free speech guaranteed to all Americans by our First Amendment? Apparently, ALL lives DON’T matter nor does freedom of speech to the Amherst snowflakes.

What a LOAD OF UN-AMERICAN CRAP (and that’s just a sample).

To give you some flavor of what’s included in these student demands, I’ve snipped one or two items from various institution’s lists to illustrate the total and complete racist perspective of those drawing up the lists. So, here are some representative demands:

  • Whoever wrote the demands for Bard College needs to return to the 6th grade for remedial English, spelling, and writing for comprehension help.
  • Brown University demands an increase in the number of color hires and retention, they note that the population of black faculty must exceed 18% and that black faculty must be given raises to make their pay competitive (no mention of raises for whites).
  • California State University, East Bay demands an increase in the funding for CSUEB’s Ethnic Studies Department in order for the department to offer year-round courses to students such as “Hip Hop Nation” taught by Shaida Akbarian.

Wow, that one should be in high demand by employers. Ethnic Studies is bad enough, but “Hip Hop Nation”? Wow, I’ll bet the job posting boards are awash with open positions for this one.

  • The University of California, Irvine demands that each new academic school year, the hire of 2 Black program coordinators from the previous graduating class, two full-time Black professional psychologists, and 4 full-time Black peer counselors, from the previous graduating class, to accommodate the specific mental health needs of the Black graduate and undergraduate community here at UCI.

That’s an additional 8 new staff hires every academic school year from the previous graduating class – a Jobs program for Blacks at UC, Irvine.

  • Eastern Michigan demands that Doctorate and Master’s programs be created for Africology and African American Studies with adequate funding and at least 3 full-time graduate assistantships.

Give me a break, a Ph.D. in Africology? Or African American Studies? Where on earth will those credentials be beneficial except in Black-centric academia or a Black-centric government like Obama’s?

  • Harvard students demand that ALL students should take a general education race, ethnicity, and racism course and that Black studies be built into the curriculum of every major.

Black Studies required in every major. That is absolutely ludicrous. Where are the White Studies to educate Black students about what it’s like to be white?

  • Howard University (a historically black college) states that they do not and will not be intimidated by any threats against the Howard University student body or the community for organizing in this movement. We will protect this black space. We will not have our daily lives influenced by any act of bigotry or racial chaste. This is our university, and it shall remain as such. This fight will be won by the tactical organization, black resistance, black solidarity, and perseverance in the face of adversity.
  • Michigan State students demand an increase in tenure-stream faculty whose research specializes in Black Politics, Black Linguistics, Black Sociology, Black Psychology, African politics, Black Queer Studies, Hip-Hop Studies, African American Literature, African Literature, and Decolonial Theory. All these faculty hires must be approved by a panel of Black student leaders and will be tenured in the Department of African American and African Studies.

Tenured Professors and funding for research into Black Queer Studies and Hip Hop Studies? This is obviously another Jobs program for Blacks; more make-work jobs for Blacks.

  • New York University demands that the question on applications that asks the applicant to disclose their history within the criminal punishment system be abolished. And they want the student government restructured to include a Student House of Representatives parallel to the Student Senate that is comprised of a Black Rep., Latino Rep., Asian Rep., Queer Rep., Women’s Rep., etc.
  • UNC Chapel Hill demands that standardized tests such as the SAT, SAT II, and ACT no longer be considered during the admissions process, as high scores on these tests correlate most closely with higher household income, disproportionately benefiting wealthier, white students. Additionally, we demand the complete disarming of the UNC Department of Public Safety (UNC Police) and UNC Hospital Police.

UNC Chapel Hill says, “we don’ need no stinkin’ tests” and the UNC Police “don’ need no stinkin’ guns.”

  • Occidental College demands the immediate demilitarization of Campus Safety. Includes, but is not limited to: removal of bulletproof vests from uniform, exclusion of military and external police rhetoric from all documents and daily discourse, increased transparency and positive direct connection to the student body and the immediate removal of LAPD’s presence on campus.

What would Occidental students expect to gain by removing bulletproof vests from police use? That’s a rhetorical question for which there is only one answer – it makes police more vulnerable to attack.

You get the picture.

I invite those of you who want to gain some insight into what’s going on in our colleges and universities to read these demands carefully. I just scanned through many of them looking for some that felt particularly egregious.

Almost every one demanded increases in the numbers of POC faculty and staff and increases in their compensation. It’s extremely unlikely that this demand can be met since I saw one analysis that estimated that it would take something like 400 hires to satisfy the demands among all of the colleges for professorial hires. It’s almost impossible that there are that many qualified educators available and thus that demand simply can’t be met.

If these demands for assorted types of “Black Studies” were aimed at educating Whites about Blacks, wouldn’t it be entirely justified for similar studies to be added to educate Blacks (13% of the population) about Whites (86% of the population)? Wouldn’t that seem to be more beneficial? Are we to believe that Blacks understand what it’s like to be White?

Another difficulty presented by many of the lists is that they require that the demands be satisfied by a specific date, some even specifying a time. Although the majority of the lists appeared to have been written during the Fall 2015 term, not all lists include a list date.

No matter, based on the dates assigned for completion, it’s obvious that the authors were reasonably sure that all of the demands wouldn’t be met by the deadline and missing the deadline could be taken as justification for an escalation of protests, e.g., more sit-ins, occupations or riots.

All lists demand “education” on issues of diversity, black this and black that, etc. Many required that student representatives be included as part of the committees that develop and/or conduct the diversity classes. This is one of the many areas that students demand to be included in the overall management of the school (the inmates want a say in running the asylum).

And, if all of that wasn’t enough, the Black Liberation Collective site demands free tuition for Black and Indigenous students.

This is what’s coming down the road, my friends. It’s not directed to equality of opportunity, but in gaining more CONTROL over the operation of our colleges and you can guess to what end that is directed.


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  1. It seems that all modes of authority are being removed. Any authorized rules in colleges and universities, public schools, and others are being challenged. It’s cultural change and depravity. I thin it’s entropy. And it’s happening world wide. Scary that institutes of higher learning are turning out young adults such as this. I can only hope that they are not successful in their lives if these things are their goals.

    Does anyone have any idea why the schools cave to these demands? Are they all that liberal?


  2. So now the universities WE support with our tax dollars and tuition payments (of which I am woefully too familiar) are to become the next welfare mechanism for the black community that seems never to be able to compete in this world without bullying and without trading on the suffering of people from eight generations ago? These people are nothing but your typical gangstas except they steal their loot with a pen and a megaphone instead of a gun or knife. They’re hoods with dorm passes, that’s all.

    This is the fine legacy of Barack and Michelle Obama and their minions, without whose leadership, guidance and emboldening such thuggery would never be possible. Their democrat supporters must feel very proud right now. Chris Matthews leg is tingling.

    Once again I would suggest a simple, one-sentence answer to the laughable list of wants presented by these bully-brats, and it is as follows:

    How does it feel to want?

    BTW, you’ve done great work on this important subject, Garnet. Keep hammering it home until people wake up and see the threat for what it is.


  3. I posted this to FB and they immediately removed it as “spam”


  4. Seeing as white is the combination of all colors, and that black is the absence of color, all of the demands for people “of color” are actually anti-black.

    So much for these “students” being qualified to attend institutions of higher education.


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