Normal or Abnormal – Which is it?

I’m sick and tired of being told that what I believe to be abnormal is really normal and that I am the one who is wrong in my beliefs.

The definition of NORMAL:

  1. According to, constituting, or not deviating from a norm, rule, or principle
  2. Conforming to a type, standard, or regular pattern
  3. Occurring naturally

It follows then that whatever is not normal, is abnormal.

We are being conditioned to accept a number of abnormal conditions as if they were normal. The political left is pushing these conditions and they are wrong.

The left is constantly pushing the envelope of what is considered normal. Because they consider themselves to be “enlightened,” normal societal rules don’t apply to them; they are constantly trying new things, eager to be the first to discover something new and different; they aspire to be “trailblazers.”

They are in favor of anything that deviates from what, in previous years, was described as our “American Way of Life.” They maintain that those old mores and customs are obsolete and no longer apply to the enlightened people of the 21st century. So consequently, to highlight the contrast between the old fogies of yesteryear and the brilliance of these new leftists, they’ll promote changes that help to obscure or erase what was reasonable and proper in the past.

And thus we’re bombarded daily with encouragements to diversify, to be more accepting of unmarried women giving birth, to get used to fathers who are little more than sperm donors, to consider homosexual and transgender individuals to be normal, just like us, and while we’re at it, we should welcome more Muslim “refugees” into the country, since they too are just like us.

The truth of the matter is that the left’s position on these issues is NOT normal and natural, they’re demanding that we accept unnatural and perverted behavior as if it were normal.

We’re blasted as being intolerant if we speak out against this agenda, but we don’t have a problem with tolerating these pretenders, we just don’t like being forced to accept them as normal.

I know that the previous statements will be automatically labeled as racist, homophobic, xenophobic, etc., so be it.

Let me further clarify what I mean:

We’re being told that diversity itself is good and we can benefit from being exposed to others unlike ourselves. That’s a fair statement and there is no doubt that one’s horizons would be expanded by seeing how others view the world. Diversifying voluntarily would probably benefit most people, however being forced to diversify may create rebellion and backlash and that’s not good. Voluntary diversity should happen naturally and without undue influence; forced diversity is unnatural and apt to be resented.

Single mothers have contributed little to populating the earth over the previous 200,000 years we humans have been here. It’s only in recent years that unmarried moms have been giving birth to bastard children without any attached stigma. Considering the availability of contraceptives, it’s easy to prevent unwanted births. It’s imprudent and ill-advised to have children before they can be properly cared for and nurtured – that is abnormal. Welcoming a child into a family with a married mom and dad is natural and NORMAL.

A family without a father, while still not commonplace in most societies, is becoming acceptable in some groups, particularly among African-American inner city families. It shows a lack of responsibility on the part of a father who doesn’t care enough about his offspring to be a part of their lives. Kids need a father as much as a mother and having a father in the family is NORMAL. Believing that a single mom (or a single dad) can raise a child as well as a two parent family is a fallacy.

We’re being told that we must accept Muslims into the country and that they should be afforded the same freedoms that we Americans enjoy.

Muslims as followers of Mohammed are imprinted with different concepts and some of those concepts cannot co-exist with the freedoms and equality that is a part of American life. In America, we believe in the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution and Bill of Rights. We believe these to be God-given rights and that is the very definition of NORMAL. Muslims who are true believers and who follow Islamic teachings simply cannot assimilate and would be diametrically opposed to the rights guaranteed by our founding principles.

Gays are coming “out of the closet” all over the country and whether we like it or not, we’re being compelled to accept them as “normal.” They are NOT normal. There is nothing natural about gay sex – our bodies are designed for heterosexual sex in order to continue the species. What is more natural and NORMAL than that? Yet homosexuals continue to maintain that they are “normal.”

Popular “wisdom” usually quotes the percentage of the population who self-identify as homosexual as about 10%, but studies now show the numbers to be closer to half that or between 3.8 and 7% (various studies). In other words, homosexuality is abnormal, heterosexuality is NORMAL. And to add insult to injury, we’re being encouraged (even forced) to accept transgender people as normal.

They’re even more abnormal than ordinary LGBT people, they’re confused and not even sure about which of the two NORMAL genders they are. There should be no confusion; a quick glance down while nude should do the trick.

The human race has continued to populate the earth by the completely NORMAL coupling of a human male and a human female. It’s the ONLY way that we can continue the species. Whether you believe that human procreation was designed by God, Mother Nature, or evolution, we are here today because a male and a female did what is NORMAL and created each and every one of us. It is historically evident that mothers and fathers augment each other in natural strengths and weaknesses and children benefit from learning different things from moms and dads. It is the natural way – and it’s NORMAL.

A pair of gay males can’t procreate and neither can a pair of lesbian females, and that doesn’t even consider the transgender who don’t even register on the procreation scale at all. Add in the proclivity of “progressive” females who embrace abortion as a method of contraception, and we could see decreases in population growth.

In the meantime, don’t let the left convince you that what is unnatural and ABNORMAL is perfectly acceptable when you know, deep inside, what is natural and NORMAL is right.



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2 replies

  1. Good rant, Garnet. I’m sick of it too, as are plenty of other Americans. People aren’t buying it and that may be why the abnormals seem to be stepping up their efforts. It won’t matter though, because in the end, God will still smite them down.


  2. When up is down and down is up the Left shall rule the world.


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