Transgender – the BIG question – why?

We’re all aware of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, the “bible” used by radicals to influence the masses to do their bidding. Alinsky first published Rules for Radicals in 1971 with the intent of providing counsel to young radicals on how to effect social changes. He’s come to be known as the “father of community organizing.”

When I say that “we’re all aware,” I’m referring to those of us who have been paying attention and don’t include the others who are essentially “inert,” never bothering themselves with the political machinations of the country, just riding the bench, at peace in their apathy.

Those of us who do follow politics have witnessed numerous occasions where the influence of Alinsky’s Rules is plainly evident.

Some of Alinsky’s rules jump right out as being recognizable staples of the radicals of today. What struck me was how closely some of our currently active rebellious groups seem to be following his directions.

Let’s take the “transgender” group, for instance. Transgender people are those whose sense of personal identity and gender does not correspond with their birth sex.

We’re seeing our existing institutions being attacked by those promoting the concept that transgendered individuals warrant special consideration and privileges. The fact is that according to a June 2016 study by the Williams Institute, transgendered individuals’ account for about 1.4 million people or 0.6% of adults in the population. It should be noted that the Williams Institute is a pro-transgender advocacy group at the University of California at Los Angeles

That means that 99.4% of the population are not transgender, yet the overwhelming majority (99.4%) are being forced to accept accommodations made for the 0.6 percent. Where is that “fairness” that the left so often rages about (but only when it suits them)?

Publicity surrounding the transgender issue has become a cause célèbre for the left and their influence results in media stories appearing everywhere. If one went simply by the number of references in the media, transgendered people would appear to be far more numerous and wield more power than is the case.

The left is experienced in these tactics since they are the same ones used to establish the LGBT crowd as being “normal.” Similar tactics are also being used by pro-Muslim groups (like CAIR) to gain influence for Islam in America so Islam can be accepted on an equal basis with Christianity.

Remember that Alinsky says, “Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have.” So, they flood the media with stories relating to the issue so that consumers believe that the issue is far more important to a large portion of the population (which results in the perception that the group holds more power) than they really deserve.

That conjures up visions of the favorite word of activist blacks when they’re attacking white institutions: Disproportionality. Anytime that blacks occupy less than their proportional place in society (currently about 13%), the “D” word (Disproportionality) is used as a cudgel. But when blacks have penetrated other areas to a greater degree than their 13% might dictate, magically, the issue disappears from prominence. Where is the issue of disproportionality in the NFL (70% blacks) and the NBA (75% blacks)? And pretty much all of those players are paid millions to play the game.

It would seem that when only 0.6% of Americans identify as transgender, a proportional accommodation would be anything up to 5 percent might be acceptable. But no, what they’re lobbying for is representation in the restroom issue equal to heterosexual (normal) people – that accommodation seems to me to be clearly disproportionate. They want the ability for a man who supposedly identifies as a woman to be able to use the woman’s restroom and vice versa.

What does the public think about this accommodation? Ask the top management at Target Stores, who quickly jumped on the transgender bandwagon. I’ll bet that they have some pretty strong opinions after a public boycott caused them to lose over $15 billion dollars because of that decision.

In several highly-visible public entertainment and sports venue disputes, cities and states are being told that they must make changes to cater to transgender patrons or see the activity relocated to another locale where the trans people are thought to be more welcome. Both North Carolina and Texas are being warned that legislation relating to transgender bathrooms could result in losing sporting events. North Carolina could lose NCAA sporting events and the NFL has warned that sporting events wouldn’t consider Texas if the transgender bathroom bill passes.

Here we have two current cases of financial extortion devoted to influencing state legislation in favor of 0.6% of our population. The threats to withhold sporting events could amount to billions of dollars of lost income. In effect, they’re saying either make changes and treat transgender people as “special” and warranting special consideration or lose billions of dollars – isn’t that extortion?

That same Williams Institute survey (link above) also found that only 22.7% of people polled said that people should be able to change their legal sex by switching their preferred “gender identity.” So it’s not as if the entire population is clamoring for special treatment for those who are apparently confused with their gender identity.

So, that brings us to the big enchilada, the big question. When fewer than one-in-four Americans believe that changing one’s gender identity is reasonable and transgender people only make up 0.6% of our population …

WHO is pushing the agenda?

And WHY?


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  1. Why?

    Because they can. Kathy’s exactly right that Obama turned the transgender bathroom issue into a political fight to divide people and create chaos, but for those who aren’t as focused on the political gamesmanship the reward was in seeing us commoners forced to bend to their will.

    A few years back I wrote a post explaining why I believe the Left picks these fights and I gave the example of the baby in the highchair who learns that every time he drops something on the floor, you’ll stoop down and pick it up. Excited by his newly discovered power over you and his newfound importance, he starts purposely dropping/throwing things on the floor again and again just for the pleasure of making you pick them up. He never tires of the game. The same infantile mentality applies to the Left. Today they’ll make you designate a bathroom for transgenders. Tomorrow they’ll make you tear down a cross. Thursday they’ll force you to bake a cake for a gay wedding and Friday they’ll force a college to cancel a speaker or provide segregated housing for black students. There is no satisfying their hunger for power. As long as we keep picking crap up off the floor, they’ll keep throwing it.

    Great post!


  2. There’s a pretty good explanation of who is pushing the agendas for gays and trans genders here:

    But I don’t believe it’s only the LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ group. There is money and power behind these immoral mosvements and they all back each other. gays protest at pro life rallies, for example. My bet is that George Soros has a huge hand inthis. The reason? He knows that America’s Christian base is the reason for our freedoms and successes. He hates our nation and conservatism and wants to bring this country down.

    But the real power behind this. Ha Satan. It’s pure evil without a doubt.

    My pastor preached a sermon on it and feels strongly that our culture changes first and then government and politicians change. Also, Scott Rasmussen, whom I have chatted with on twitter, has written a book that details this very thing. Government and politicians follow culture. The culture changes first.

    Someone is changing our culture. And it seems to be a concerted but loosely connected group of people and organizations that have the same goals. It’s an amazing thing to watch.


  3. Much of it started last year when the O admin focused on transgender rights and his bathroom mandate. Then the more Americans pushed back, the more the media talked about it. It became top headlines at many sites, so much so that you’d think there were millions and millions of them rather than the small percentage of the population they are.

    So I’d say that O pushed it, just to further divide the country and leave chaos behind, and the media’s focus has only fueled it.

    As to the why – well, that’s just another knife O could twist in our backs that he so enjoyed doing. Like a duck on a junebug the media hasn’t let go of it yet. They’re not through pecking it to pieces.

    This like so many other subjects is one I’d like to see the media drop. Stop with shocking headlines and stop with the Rosie O’Donnell, the Kathy Griffin, the flaming liberal women of The View, and on and on. Stop feeding the narrative because it just keeps the lefties’ negativity in the headlines that much longer, instead of focusing on conservative issues.


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