Kathy Griffin: This is Who The Left Really is



What a contemptible human being Kathy Griffin is.  She feigns holding up Donald Trump’s severed head as “a joke,” and then when you think she can’t get any lower she tries to paint him as the bully and herself as the victim.   Griffin is the epitome of who the Left really are:  mean, corrupt, self-absorbed, shallow, bullies lacking any conscience or self-awareness whatsoever.  Apparently she assumed that Trump would just take her abuse lying down, in keeping with Republicans’ history of taking the high road whenever they are the targets of leftwing depravity.  But Trump is not your typical Republican.

In the video Griffin whines that she said she was sorry.  Unfortunately for her the country can’t unsee what it saw, and sorry doesn’t change the fact that people now understand something about Kathy Griffin that perhaps they didn’t before.  They now know, as a consequence of her own disgusting behavior and decisions, that she is a selfish, depraved human being with a sick sense of humor who has nothing to offer an intelligent audience.  That’s why people are turning on her.  She isn’t funny and frankly she makes no sense.  What, pray tell, was the point of orchestrating this shocking piece of, as Charles Krauthammer brilliantly labeled it, political pornography?  The fact that there was no point, that it was simply meanness for the sake of meanness, told us much more about Kathy Griffin than it ever did about Donald Trump.  Perhaps she just wanted attention.  Well, she got it.

Maybe Griffin and Hillary can get together and have a grand old pity party.  They both should have a lot of free time on their hands.


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  1. Ah, yes. Kathy Griffin.

    The day she put her “apology” on YouTube, I actually bought into it. She looked and sounded sincere. I figured that everyone makes mistakes, and unlike all the rest of her loony leftist ilk, she was actually taking responsibility for her actions, a stunning change from our current norm.

    But then, the rest of the stuff hit the fan, and she started suffering actual penalties, like losing her CNN gig and being ditched by Franken. Suddenly, she’s a “victim”, and it becomes crystal clear that her “apology” was nothing but a big fake job, like a hooker’s orgasm, a bit of theater staged and performed in the hopes of avoiding any real consequences.

    Once that failed, the blame game began. Very much like the Hildebeast’s current Victimhood Tour.

    Those idiots aren’t sorry for having done anything wrong. They’re whining and moaning about being busted for it.


    • I am a big believer in accepting apologies when they are offered with heartfelt sincerity, but I never thought this was the case with Kathy Griffin. I think she was genuinely surprised that her political pornography did not make her the toast of the town like she was expecting, and she only apologized to try and preserve her acceptance within the clique. The absence of any real point to what she did, the meanness just for the sake of meanness, was a big clue as to how black her heart is, and this was decidedly confirmed for me when she chose to blame her victim for her troubles. Like I said to Kathy below, you can’t get much lower than that.


  2. She trades on a “shock” personality. That’s her schtick. She’s always used foul language and ridiculous situations for her “comedy.” I’ve never liked her and wouldn’t waste my time going to see her if it was free. She crossed the line with the beheaded head bit and now she is deservedly paying the price. I do hope that her tasteless stunt costs her her career. The country and comedy will be the better for her absence.


  3. When you throw the first punch, and you immediately get knocked out.


  4. You described her to a T, and she is the epitome of a whiney butt liberal who pulls a stunt like this and then doesn’t understand why everyone else doesn’t see the humor in it. With blinders firmly in place she completely missed that half the country loves the man, yet she chose this path anyway. According to her, now the ‘Trump family is bullying her’ when that’s not the case. – it’s their diehard supporters who are calling, texting, tweeting, and generally driving her nuts. Well deserved, in her case.

    Her behavior was that of a child who feels she’s been ignored too long and is to the point she doesn’t care if the attention she gets is for good behavior or bad. Parents see this from jealous siblings all the time, and the attitude is it’s always the other kid’s fault. Some kids just never grow out of that state, and she and Hillary are a pair of them.

    And speaking of fanning the flames – every media site on both sides can stop reposting that awful picture just any time now.

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    • The people who are the lowest of the low are those who not only do terrible things, but who then try to escape the consequences by blaming others with zero regard for who they hurt. That’s Kathy Griffin.


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