Blacks and Tigers and Oppression, Oh My …

Every now and then, I stumble onto an article that slaps me upside the head and demands attention – and this is one … I found it on PJ Media … it screamed at me!

The headline reads, “A Petition to Change LSU’s Tiger Mascot Because of ‘Oppression.’”

It hits home for me because I attended LSU myself, as has most of my family. We still bleed purple and gold. Funny, I never associated “Mike the Tiger” with oppression, he’s just the school’s mascot.

I can remember my parents taking my brother and me to visit Mike when we were kids and we were in awe of such a beautiful and magnificent beast. Of course, through the years there have been many “Mikes” as tigers don’t live forever, but I can’t imagine any animal treated with more dignity and respect than Mike. More than 100,000 folks visited Mike each year.

LSU has been working to have Mike’s tiger habitat accredited as a tiger sanctuary. It’s a nearly $3 million dollar 15,000 square foot enclosure on the LSU campus, and includes grass, trees and a pool, and is on par with tiger habitats at the nation’s top zoos. And since LSU has one of country’s best veterinary schools, Mike also gets the very best medical care.

But that wasn’t enough. Apparently, one of the Social Justice Warriors (SJW) just couldn’t imagine any animal being treated better than him or her, so he/she decided to put a stop to it.

Stop it via a petition started by someone called “LaMallori LSU.” He/she says that the nickname was chosen by “powerful white males” as an homage to the Confederate “Louisiana Tigers” regiment, whose members were known for their propensity for violence on and off the battlefield.

He/she says, “It is incredibly insulting for any African American to have to attend to a school that honors Confederate militantism[sic],” the petition declares. “It is already hard enough to be black at LSU, and these symbols must be changed.”

“It’s also cruel to cage a wild animal for the amusement of privileged white people” who have “never been in a cage!”

What’s that? “Have to”? I can’t imagine that anyone forced this LaMallori person to apply to, and enroll in LSU. There are plenty of other schools where black folks are especially welcome – Southern University, for example. It’s also in Baton Rouge, and its enrollment is predominately black – he/she would be perfectly at home there – and without all of those pesky privileged white people.

Grambling is another predominately black university in Northern Louisiana that might suit LaMallori’s aversion for white people. It should be easy to be black in Southern or Grambling, right?

And he/she mentions those white people who have “never been in a cage”?

Has LaMallori ever been in a cage? Doesn’t he/she believe that black folks have visited Mike and appreciated the magnificence of a live 600 lb. Bengal tiger just like whites? LSU’s mascot has entertained and been loved by thousands of students and fans ever since 1936 when Mike I was first presented.

Is there no end to the things that these militant black activists will identify as causing them pain and suffering? Damn near everything is insulting or threatening to people “of color” on our college campuses.

I wonder if they’re looking for a scapegoat to excuse their academic shortcomings at the college level. Got to blame something – might it be that they are so engrossed in social media and protesting or monitoring an insane petition that their school work suffers?

Many have already benefited from affirmative actions, diversity programs, scholarship programs and grants, but that’s not enough. Next, they’ll want those “privileged” white students taking tests for them.

I had hoped that LSU wouldn’t be infected with the “black plague” that seems to be spreading throughout our universities, but apparently that was not to be.

The majority of young white people can’t afford college, yet unappreciative black activists who do get to attend choose to blame everything that doesn’t go their way on slavery, segregation, and white people in general. They don’t need more “education,” they need to have what they “know” corrected.


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  1. Looking at it from a purely realistic standpoint, changing a longtime mascot would be a financial nightmare, plus there would be someone unhappy with the replacement. Just the sports uniforms alone would be a huge expense and the logo, which is used everywhere would also be expensive to change.

    These whiny butts making the demands on the masses to appease the few is getting ridiculous. The adults should laugh at the lunacy of this and ignore it.

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    • I’m afraid that one thing may make LSU more vulnerable right now – there is no current “Mike.” Mike VI died in 2016 and they’re currently looking for Mike VII. So, LSU is “Mikeless” for now. I hope this crap doesn’t dissuade them from continuing the search.

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  2. Today it’s the LSU tiger, tomorrow it will be something else. That’s the problem with the professional grievance industry. It’s only there to make people feel powerful and therefor can never be satisfied.

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    • Can you imagine the “war room” at Grievance Central? I’ll bet it’s got every university and pro sports teams and every Christian-related business and every non-progressive celebrity pictures and logos up on the wall and on and on and on … They must chortle with glee when they think of how many potential targets there are.


  3. Grambling is another predominately black university in Northern Louisiana that might suit LaMallori’s aversion for white people. It should be easy to be black in Southern or Grambling, right?

    Just like all the other left wing radicals. They have their own places (Than Franthithco, the Oak Lawn-Cedar Springs area of Dallas, etc), but they demand that the vast majority of the country bow to their desires.

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  4. My father in law was a security guard at LSU before Mike got the big habitat. His office was across the hall from Mike’s enclosure.


  5. They need to be treated like young children and have a perfect good slap to their backside and sent to their room ( oh never mind the room that’s their safe space)

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