Fox Sports’ Shannon Sharpe Says ‘The Hardest Job in America Is Being Black’

From:,  by Trent Baker,  on Jun 1, 2017

For those folks who may not be familiar with Shannon Sharpe, he played pro football in the NFL as a tight end for the Denver Broncos and the Baltimore Ravens.

He was selected in the 1990 NFL draft and spent 14 years playing pro football. He was named All-Pro four times, got eight Pro Bowl nods, and played in three Super Bowls and four AFC championship games. He played in a total of 204 regular season games, scoring 62 TDs. In 2011, he was enshrined into the NFL Hall of Fame.

In total, he was an extraordinary football player.


Thursday, Fox Sports 1 “Undisputed” co-host Shannon Sharpe shared his reaction Thursday to Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James’ Los Angeles home reportedly being vandalized with a racial slur.

According to Sharpe, being black is the hardest job in America.

“I’ve said numerous times the hardest job in America isn’t being a professional athlete,” he said. “It’s not being a bull fighter or a matador or having some job that puts your life at risk. The hardest job in America is being black because it’s the one thing you can’t outrun. Skip, I was born dirt poor but I rose through the rank because God gave me a talent, I cultivated and I rose up through the ranks. But even as I became more famous and more financially secure, guess what I still was? Black.”

Sharpe went on to say later that Colin Kaepernick took a knee during the national anthem to protest incidents like the vandalism at James’ home.

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Poor baby … what about the 17,800,000 white people living in poverty? What about millions of white folks born short, or fat, or handicapped or uncoordinated – they weren’t lucky enough to get paid millions to play a game.

Just being born white is hardly a free pass to financial security or a happy life.

And here we have poor Shannon who has not only fame and fortune but notoriety as a football player. He’s a celebrity who is reportedly worth $12 million, not too shabby for a BLACK man. Yes, he was born black, but as part of that God-given package of a dark skin color, he was given another attribute: superior athletic ability. It’s the whole package, Shannon. On one hand, God made you black, but on the other, he gave you athleticism. 

You should thank God that you weren’t born black AND an uncoordinated, scrawny 120 lb weakling ’cause then you would have had something to whine about.



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  1. I always liked Shannon Sharpe, but he’s doing a phenomenal disservice to everyone but especially young black people when he suggests that being black is such a handicap in life. What a downer.

    I would like to remind Mr. Sharpe that there’s only one reason that being black is a challenge in life, even to those who are otherwise successful, and and it has nothing to do with skin color and everything to do behaviors within the black community that are the basis for stereotyping. As long as a large percent of blacks drop out of school, do drugs, sell drugs, commit crimes, and produce multiple illegitimate children (like Shannon Sharpe), every black person will be tainted by those patterns of behavior.


  2. “But even as I became more famous and more financially secure, guess what I still was? Black.”

    Even getting rich couldn’t make him white. Apparently guys like him feel inferior to whites, and maybe that’s why they seem to resent being black so much. Why else would he see it as a hard job?

    He whines about growing up poor, but I wonder if his kind of poor compares to that of Dr Ben Carson, who went on to do good for others in the world instead of being another hotshot football player.

    He’s also wrong about Kaepernick’s motive and to quote the kneeler himself – “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.” It had nothing to do with vandalism or racial slurs.

    Crawfish is right – stop fanning the flames.


    • Boy, you draw a really distinct comparison between Ben Carson and Shannon Sharpe. They couldn’t be more different. I’d damn sure rather spend time with Dr. Carson than Shannon Sharpe, I’m sure that it would be enjoyable and enlightening, whereas time with Sharpe would be like penance.


  3. This dovetails with my column

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  4. As a white person that grew up so poor and as the oldest of 8 I got hand me downs. Was denied promotion twice because of blacks needed it more under affirmative action. Rather than being promoted on merit. True there is still some racial issues but blacks are just as racist as anyone else. And a rich guy talking about problems? Yeah sure their only in his head

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    • A lot of us grew up without that “privilege” that blacks talk about, yet we survived without protests and riots. Yes, there is still racism, but it’s coming more from blacks today than whites and frankly, I’m not liking it one bit.

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