First It Was New Orleans, Now They’re Coming After Houston

Antifa is a group who have dubbed themselves as anti-fascists and assigned themselves the task of “removing the disgusting statues of ALL war criminals and slave owners.” Who they really are is a bunch of radical left-wing thugs who employ violence and intimidation to advance their beliefs. 

Over the past couple of weeks the headlines have been full of stories about the removal of statues in New Orleans, where the lily-livered liberal Mayor Mitch Landrieu caved in to their demands and complied by taking down most all the Civil War statues. He (wrongly) condemned as symbols of white supremacy and racism. 

Antifa’s next mission is to take down the statue of Sam Houston which has stood in Hermann Park in Houston since 1925.

Radicals in Texas have declared war on a nearly 100-year-old statue of Sam Houston, demanding that the statue and “any other landmark that bears the name Sam Houston,” be taken down.

The Antifa group plans to hold a rally on June 10, as its Facebook post claims that “several large groups of Black Lives Matter have also pledged their support for this historic rally against the idols of an oppressive history. Texans agree the disgusting idols of America’s dark days of slavery must be removed to bring internal peace to our country.”

According to Jake Reiner at KPRC 2, the group also called on Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner to support its removal. When reached for comment Texas Antifa said, “We don’t speak with the fascist media.” Houston Black Lives Matter told him they had no affiliation with Texas Antifa and were not planning on attending the rally.

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Houston’s mayor Sylvester Turner, a black man and a democrat, when asked at a Memorial Day event if the controversy over the statue had reached him as of yet, his response was, “It’s not even on my agenda. I haven’t even given it any thought.”

My suggestion would be for the mayor to give it some thought and make a plan, because Texans do NOT agree these statues must come down, and from the comments I saw on their Facebook page, there are a lot of Texans who do agree with me. Our statues stay.

There is already a resistance group making plans to attend their rally and here are a couple of quotes from their page:

The details of the “THIS IS TEXAS” counter rally goes as follows. We will met at Memorial Hermann Park – 1000 hours. We invite all III%ers, Oath Keepers, Militias, Tea Partiers, Liberty Loving Texans, Liberty Loving Americans, Open Carry Organizations, and anyone who loves Texas & wants to protect our sovereign soil & history to join us. Open carry is welcomed & encouraged as well as any armor or ballistic vest. We have contacted Houston PD and given them a heads up of our counter-protest. Emails have been sent to Gov. Abbott & Houston City Hall as well. Bring your flags and fly them high!

Meeting just ended with HPD & we are all smiles! Things are working in our favor. Smile y’all, today has been a good day for the Hermann Park rally & protecting Texas history.

For those that may not know Texas history, Sam Houston served as president of the Republic of Texas, and later as senator and governor after Texas was annexed to the United States. Despite owning 12 slaves, Houston opposed the expansion of slavery into the western territories. He was ousted from the governorship by the Texas legislature for opposing secession and the Confederacy.

This could get ugly and I hate to see that, but it’s time somebody shut these thugs down and I hope Texas is the one to do it.

That motto – Don’t Mess with Texas – we mean it.


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  1. Being from Louisiana and having spent a lot of time in New Orleans (my son and my brother both used to live there), seeing those statues torn down really pisses me off. They were HISTORY, not symbols of racism. The racist black anarchists simply used them as a rallying cry to keep the racial pot boiling. Now, they’re trying the same thing in Houston. I’m too old to help now, but I damn sure would like to be among those protecting Sam Houston’s statue and willing to go postal on anyone trying to bring it down. I hope that hundreds (even thousands) of Texas patriots show up and kick ass (if that’s what it takes) to show these fascists that we won’t stand for that sh*t here.


    • I’m in much the same mindset, Garnet, and I hated to see that happen in New Orleans, because the antifa thugs totally misread the reasons for those statues being there. Then for the mayor to capitulate just made things worse and helped to build their head of steam.

      It has to stop and we can’t continue to sit here like meek little church mice and simply ignore it. Bullies don’t stop until you call their bluff.


  2. Fascism for me, but not for thee.

    It’s always fair to consider whether the statues and symbols that were erected by a past society still reflect the sentiments and values of the current society and if they fairly depict history as it happened. I would object to erecting any silly statues of Barack Hussein Obama that show him as some great uniter or learned statesman, for example (although if someone wants to create a statue where he is leaning in and whispering “Tell Vlad I’ll have more flexibility after the election” to the Russian president, I’m fine with having that kind of permanent reminder of who Obama REALLY was). What’s important to understand is that there’s a proper process for making these decisions that SHOULD involve debate and democracy. The notion that one tiny mob of screechy trouble-makers can bully an entire city into tearing down pieces of its history without a public hearing (in the name of “anti-fascism, LOL) should outrage and alarm those who are still sane enough to get how wrong it is. Unfortunately that number is dwindling.


    • Antifa is dead wrong to think they represent a current attitude of white supremacy or racism. The statues and memorials are a reminder of our history and reflect both our accomplishments and our failures. One of the great things about visiting New Orleans, as well as other historical cities, was seeing the statues and learning abut her history and how it became what it is today.

      It seems to me this all started with the confederate flag and has grown to include statues. If Antifa is allowed to continue this bulldozer approach, then where does it stop? Are the plantations next? People simply cannot tear down everything that offends them.


      • The proper response from the mayor and citizens of Houston/Texas is to demand to know what right these outside groups have to decide what’s right for Houston or for any city? It’s not their decision to make, and if the citizens of Houston have been quiet about it until now, the silent majority speaks for itself.


      • CW, I appreciate your calmness about this and have no doubts that you’re right as to the way it should go, but I’m not at that same level. When somebody like this antifa group comes storming in making demands, it gets my back up, just as it has for some others who lack your cool approach.

        I hope this confrontation goes without harm, but my greater hope is that we put a stop to leftist thugs swooping into towns, and Texas towns in particular, and making unreal and unjustified demands.

        Knowing how blue Houston is and with a Dem mayor this could be another New Orleans. I hope not because that means their mission continues, and that’s bad for every state.


      • I’m gonna have to say that I’ll be damn disappointed in my fellow Texans if there isn’t any major pushback against these Antifa anarchists and I mean MAJOR – and that includes violence if it comes to that.


      • Believe me, Kathy, it gets my back up too. It’s just that groups like Antifa have a much greater chance at success if they can neutralize the power of the silent majority by forcing us into a shouting contest at the foot of this or that monument. That’s why they do it. They put us on defense so it’s easier to wear us down and distract those with the power to let them have their way. We may have to get out there and confront them at the statue of Sam Houston and everywhere else they show up, but we must also keep reminding our mayors, governors and other representatives that this isn’t the way it’s supposed to be done. Those monuments belong to the citizens of the cities and states where they stand, and only those citizens – ALL those citizens – have the right to decide what happens with them. That includes the silent majority who shouldn’t have to spend all their time and risk violent encounters fighting for what’s already ours.


      • Well said, CW, especially the last sentence. We shouldn’t have to defend what’s already ours, but now we do.

        Agreed that we need to continue talking to our government people in charge, but when they make such decisions without consulting the citizenry, that doesn’t leave us much choice. Another problem that compounds this is the antifa people aren’t talking to those in charge either, so again, our only choice is gather around said statue and defend it.

        I just learned that these thugs have gone so far as to partially dig up the remains of Nathan Bedford Forrest, a confederate soldier & slave owner, as well as a memorial next to his grave. They followed that action with threats to return with a backhoe if the city didn’t comply, which of course they did.

        Their purge list also includes Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and even one of the fathers of progressivism, Woodrow Wilson, among many others.

        The vandalism and intimidation has to stop and hopefully Texas will do that.

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      • Excellent link/article, Kathy. It is precisely the kind of thoughtful argument that should be part of the debate when these issues come up, but of course Antifa and other leftists groups want to skip the debate so that they can have their way.

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