Proposed Legislation Would End ‘De Facto Amnesty’ System

By John Binder, 5-30-17, at Breitbart:

Rep Mo Brooks (R-AL)

A new piece of legislation by a Republican lawmaker would tighten current processes which give illegal aliens de facto amnesty under what is meant to be a temporary, protected status.

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL), who is running for U.S. Senate, has introduced legislation that seeks to reform the temporary protected status system, where hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens can have their files renewed repeatedly, sometimes remaining legally in the U.S. for more than a decade.

More than 300,000 illegal aliens are given Temporary Protected Status (TPS), a designation that allows them to stay in the U.S. for up to 18 months. But, according to Brooks, the program is not temporary, as its name implies.

Brooks told that the President “repeatedly renews protected status, effectively providing a free and permanent pass into America – including all the benefits that come with it.”

“My bill, the TPS Reform Act, would ensure that ‘temporary’ means temporary by establishing clear time limitations and creating statutory tests that must be met to grant the TPS designation,” Brooks said. “This legislation provides the needed reform for what has become a long-running amnesty program.”

Already, Brooks’ legislation has gained traction among immigration experts, like the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), NumbersUSA, and the Center for Immigration Studies.

“Past administrations have been abusing this temporary, humanitarian program for 27 years, using it as a de facto amnesty program,” NumbersUSA’s Rosemary Jenks told “This bill would restore critical oversight by Congress.”

Rep. Steve King (R-IA), Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) and Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX) are co-sponsoring the legislation.


The intent of the TPS program was to give short-term protection to foreign nationals so they could stay in the US until conditions improved in their native country, to which they would return. Except that none of them ever left – instead, they continue to renew their ‘free pass’ which comes with a side order of government benefits, also free.

Brooks stated that there are over 300,000 foreign residents on the program, but that’s the same figure used in 2014 and it didn’t include the estimated 9,000 Syrians who became eligible to apply when DHS advanced the date to demonstrate continuous presence in the US. It also does not include the additional 4,000 Sudanese nationals DHS estimated would be eligible for TPS based on the advancement of the designation dates in those two countries.

Haitian refugees, but where are the women and children??

Nor does it include the tens of thousands of Haitians that O extended humanitarian services to a full five years after the horrible earthquake hit them.

A quick search resulted in the additional nationals coming from Syria, Sudan and Haiti. Had I looked deeper there were probably thousands more that were also given protected status by O’s administration.

My point is this – Brooks’ bill would be a good start, but citing the out-of-date number of a mere 300,000 isn’t going to have much of an impact on House members when we’re dealing with millions of people who shouldn’t be in our country. If he truly wanted this bill to pass, he would have put more effort into coming up with real numbers to present to House members. Instead, this bill seems to be a lip service bill being used as a springboard to get him into a Senate seat. It’s so that during his campaign he can say he tried, but once in the Senate he’ll be a huge success.

Like I’ve said before – it’s not about we the people or the country – their primary goal is to stay in the game.


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  1. I’ll give Rep. Brooks credit for doing the right thing. That’s more than can be said of a lot of them.


  2. I don’t know the genesis of the original legislation, but every year that one of the “refugees” remains in the U.S. adds to their reasoning that since they’ve been in the country for 6,8, or 10 years, that they should be allowed to stay – since they have essentially “become” Americans.

    Legislation like this always makes me wonder whether it’s a case of unintended consequences or perhaps the “consequences” were planned from the outset and the legislation was a covert amnesty program from the start.


    • I think it’s a situation of having so many departments & agencies, who work independently of each other instead of working together. We have people handing out these free passes but we have no one monitoring them for expiration dates. It got so big so fast they couldn’t keep up with it so they just let them automatically renew it, instead of sending them back to their country.

      After good ol’ Teddy Kennedy introduced it and it passed, it was under the jurisdiction of the AG, then later transferred to DHS, which we know is bloated and seriously out of control.

      Brooks’ legislation is redundant because it already had time limitations, when what we need is someone actually enforcing it. But it will sound good in his campaign and probably get him some votes.


  3. I’m tired, I’m sick of all of this. We can’t take care of our own, our Veterans. But we keep letting people into this country because of the conditions of their country. These people should be refused entry and sent home let them make the changes in their country screw this crap. It’s nice to be a land of immigrants but we’re not we’re a land of give give give well the citizens foot the bill over and over and the citizens are treated like fifth class people.


    • Same here, bescher. Part of the problem is that once we let those nationals in, there’s nobody keeping track of them or when they should be sent home. We don’t enforce the eviction date, so in that regard Brooks’ legislation would be good.

      But even if it’s enacted, they wouldn’t go back and apply to all the people who are already here. Instead it would only apply to those arriving once it’s a law. Assuming it would pass, of course.


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