Lawmakers propose defunding Evergreen State amid protests

From:,  by Peter Van Voorhis,  on May 31, 2017


State lawmakers in Washington are fed up with the antics of Evergreen State College and plan to introduce legislation Thursday to privatize the left-leaning institution. 

Led by Republican State Rep. Matt Manweller, the legislators are considering revoking $24 million in state funding, but vow that financial aid will remain available to students. Evergreen State students held a protest recently after a liberal professor questioned plans to ask white students and faculty to leave campus during a day of diversity programming.

As Campus Reform initially reported, hundreds of students marched through campus last week demanding the resignation of Professor Bret Weinstein, who had questioned the school’s decision to ask white people to leave campus for a day of diversity programming in an all-staff email.

In previous years, non-white students and faculty members voluntarily left campus to attend diversity workshops while their white counterparts conducted their own programming on-campus, but this year the format was flipped in response to complaints that non-white students feel unwelcome on campus in the wake of Donald Trump’s election.

Despite the protesters’ profanity-laced denunciations of him, school President George Bridges praised their “passion and courage” while capitulating to demands that they be excused from homework assignments for the duration of their demonstration.

The bill, spearheaded by Republican State Representative Matt Manweller, will be introduced alongside a letter to the state Human Rights Commission requesting an investigation into potential civil rights violations on campus surrounding the incident.

Manweller and his colleagues are also discussing the possibility of revoking $24,000,000 in annual funding to Evergreen State College, but pledge that all students on campus will remain eligible for full financial aid from the state, should the bill become law.

“These students and their administration are trying to undo the Civil Rights Movement. They are trying to re-institute a Jim Crow approach to education that Americans rejected over 50 years ago,” Manweller said in an exclusive interview with Campus Reform. “We must never go back to a segregated society—whether it be drinking fountains, buses, or school buildings.”

Manweller made clear that he places the blame for Evergreen’s current situation squarely on the shoulders of administrators, arguing that they created the conditions for controversy through their unquestioning embrace of social justice and failure to condemn the excesses of student protesters.

“It is incredibly frightening that the administration at Evergreen would tacitly support Brownshirt tactics we have not seen since 1930s Germany. That they would allow students to threaten professors and other students based on their race is simply horrifying,” Manweller continued. “The administration bears direct responsibility for this situation. They hired the professors who have elevated the pseudo-science of ‘social justice’ to a religious movement. Now all dissent is crushed by threats of violence or actual violence.”

Manweller told Campus Reform that he is optimistic about the bill’s prospects, asserting that the internal contradictions of the leftist movement on campus will be its eventual undoing.

“Like all radical movements in history, this movement is also starting to turn on itself and eat its own,” he said. “Professor Weinstein is a liberal professor who teaches liberal values. Now those students have turned on him like they have on so many other professors around the country.”


This is much too little, and way too late. This gesture by a Republican lawmaker has little chance of passage. The liberal democrats in the state legislature very likely identify with the snowflakes who are wreaking havoc on the college’s campus. As the article notes, the liberal administration hires liberal professors who teach liberal values to liberal snowflakes and then are surprised when liberal measures are taken against them – who coulda seen that coming?

It is reassuring though that finally, someone has taken notice of the disruptive antics that are becoming commonplace on our college campuses and is at least mentioning the “D” word (Defunding).

It’ll take more than one representative in liberal Washington to get national attention for the college administrations who are meekly giving in to whatever the students demand. Let’s just hope that this is the first shot across the bow of the USS Snowflake and its crew of enabling anarchists.




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  1. What perplexes me is how a degree from Evergreen State College can be of any value to anyone. We should attack this cancer from every angle possible, including the withholding of state funds AND the refusal of student loans, but business owners should get involved as well by declining to hire anyone who graduates from a school with such mixed up values. I can’t imagine that the alumni are very bright. Surely there are better candidates from better schools who should get first dibs on jobs.


    • As a graduate of TESC (1989) my BA was of value in obtaining employment. It got me into 2 diffident state agencies that required a BA just to be interviewed. However, there was concern about my “stability” until they also discovered that I had done 21 years in the Navy. Where the most value was, was in integrating my studies here and there on active duty into major in Education, Economics, Political Science, Psychology and History.


      • I’m guessing that things have changed a great deal since 1989, VM. Looking at the state of things today it’s hard to believe that the students there now could be getting the quality of education that you had. I’m guessing that’s true for a lot of schools.


    • In my reading about Evergreen, it seemed like they operate very differently than most other universities (from my understanding) and things are very “free form” there. Perhaps that was the reason for the issue of your stability VM?


  2. The school from which I graduated in 1989 should be totally defunded, ALL (except 3) teachers fired, and reooened with a new name. New staff and new mission.


    • Was it screwed up back in 1089? Knowing you, you just don’t seem to be the kind of person who apparently populates the student body now – it must have been very different then?


      • In 1989 it was royally up-gescrod. I had my car keyed and security told me “what can you expect with that baby killer sticker?” they were talking about my military base access pass.


  3. It could pass.
    Dems are a 1 seat minority in the WA Senate, and a 1 seat majority in the WA House.


    • Yeah, I saw that too, Craw, but I’m guessing that even the “Republicans” out there are more left-leaning than what we’re used to here in Texas. You’re right it COULD pass, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. I hope I’m wrong. I’d rather be wrong and see them do the right thing than have it fail and be right.


  4. Too bad it won’t pass, because getting in their pocket is the best way to stop this nonsense. They should withhold funds from the students too, who are supposed to be there to learn, not act like terrorists.

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    • Agreed Kathy, that’s the only sure to rein in this out-of-control attempt to seize the control of our higher education facilities and turn them into anti-white anarchy centers. That certainly seems to be the prevailing direction of the protesters.

      If they want everything to be equal, they had better find more black funding ’cause I’d be all for reducing white funding down to an equal level as well. Maybe they’d be happier if black students didn’t have to rely on whitey to fund them. That would be a fair idea that I’d go for. White funding for white students, black funding for blacks – that should make them happy (not).

      Yes, I know that idea is ludicrous. Actually, those black racists want ONLY our funding, they want no white authority over their lives, they just want our money. That’s pretty plain, isn’t it?


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