Damn the Enablers

moore with sign

No, Michael, we’re not.


Some of you may remember seeing the news headlines when, in 1997, a mother of six was brutally murdered in the presence of her two-year-old quadruplets at her home in Sarasota, Florida.  Sheila Bellush was ambushed by a paid killer sent by her former husband and father of her two oldest daughters.  Bellush and her second husband, father of the quadruplets, had moved the family from Texas to Florida to escape the stalking and threatening behavior of the ex-husband, who they wisely feared.  The two oldest girls had been warned not to give the family’s new address to their father, but in a phone conversation with the younger one (12 at the time), the ex-husband persuaded the young girl to give him the address, and the sharing of this secret information paved the way for a horrendous crime that tragically altered the lives of Sheila Bellush and all those who loved her.  Such is the power of those who, wittingly or unwittingly, enable people with bad intentions.

Evil people, or those hell bent on taking advantage of others, will always exist.  It is our curse in life that we must continually defend ourselves against them, but the task is made that much harder, if not impossible, by The Enablers.  You know who they are.

  • They are leftwing judges like Monica Herranz who allowed an illegal alien, under arraignment for DUI, to slip out the back door to her judge’s chambers to avoid being deported by waiting ICE agents, even though the judge is employed by the citizens of Multnomah County. And it is the liberals who defend Herranz rather than stand up for citizens who might have been hurt or killed if the escapee had another drunk-driving incident while ICE was tracking him down.
  • They are leftists like Michael Moore and others who ignorantly ridiculed protestors fighting to prevent the erection of a giant mosque near the site of 9-11, and who characterize common sense concerns about the spread of Islam in the U.S. as “Islamophobia” in an attempt to shame us into cultural suicide akin to what we’re seeing across Europe, where they are suffering the consequences of their own enablers for all the world to observe.
  • They are California Assemblyman Rob Bonta (D-Alameda) and other California democrats who pushed aside more important issues to spend their time passing a bill that prevents the state from firing members of the Communist Party. Communism has only killed an estimated 94 million people, so let’s make sure we undo any boring old laws that would unfairly prevent its tentacles from reaching into California’s government, right?
  • They are Barack Obama and his minions who strangely made it their top priority to empty out Guantanamo Bay and to empower terror-loving Iran in a deal aptly described by Charles Krauthammer as “… the worst deal since the Munich deal of 1938.”
  • They are the politicians who cower to the racist hate group, Black Lives Matter, and who refuse to stand up for all lives, no matter the race.
  • They are legislators in the state of Minnesota who joined Washington state’s challenge to Trump’s temporary travel ban just as Minnesota’s state health commissioner “…sounded an alert on more frequent and costly threats to the public health, referencing measles, tuberculosis, and even the Zika virus and syphilis…” largely attributable to an influx of foreign born carriers.
  • They are the reporters, journalists and no-border activists who insist on trading in the word “illegal” for the new and improved (i.e. politically correct) term “undocumented” in order to reprogram our minds of any pesky, negative associations we might have been taught with respect to the crime of trespassing.

And there’s so many more that I’m sure to be forgetting.  Please feel free to add your favorite Enabler to the list.

A recent post by Pesky Truth resident blogger, Kathy, is a testament to the depths to which the ever-helpful Enablers have forced us to sink.  “Illegals demand subsidized healthcare, housing from Columbia University,” as reported in campusreform.org, includes a link to a list of galling demands by a group of students who don’t even have the legal right to be here, much less make demands upon their fellow human beings for free this and that.  In a sane world – i.e., a world without The Enablers – this would be laughed off and dismissed followed by the unceremonious dragging away of the undocumented snowflakes (CW’s note:  it is okay to use the term “undocumented” ONLY when it is followed by an appropriately insulting term such as “snowflake”) by ICE.  But thanks to The Enablers and the precedent they’ve helped set for legitimizing every clown who pounds his puny fist on the table, it isn’t funny.  Instead it represents yet another threat to our disappearing freedom to just say, “No.”

Getting back to the tragic story of Sheila Bellush, a 12-year old child can be, and should be, forgiven for lacking the maturity to comprehend the danger that her actions would bring and for the selfishness, typical of children, to put her own desires ahead of the safety of her family.  But what excuse is there for the Monica Herranz’s, the Michael Moore’s and the Barack Obama’s of this world?  Indeed, what excuse is there for the hundreds of millions, if not billions, of Enablers who, year after year, decade after decade, ignore the lessons of history and the pleas of their fellow citizens and become The Enablers to those intent on tearing down or taking over everything we’ve built?

There is no excuse.  Damn the Enablers.



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  1. I went to Heritage.org to find out how many federal judges Obama appointed – and found this:

    “Obama has gotten 329 federal judges confirmed to lifetime appointments, representing almost 40 percent of the entire federal judiciary. When he took office, only one federal appellate court had more judges appointed by Democrat presidents than Republican presidents (two were tied). Today, Obama appointees have shifted control of the appeals courts to nine of the 13 circuits, increasing the likelihood, as The New York Times said back in 2014 that cases would ‘end up before more ideologically sympathetic judges.’”

    I see this is another example of how the dems embrace a long-term strategery, while Republicans can hardly organize a rock-paper-scissors game. I think that we can put the seeding of teachers in our schools and academia in general as another example of the indirect enabling of their philosophy.


  2. Boo-yow, CW, a superb piece and an excellent list of examples. ‘The Enablers’ sounds like it could be the title of a new Stephen King book, but unfortunately, it’s not science fiction – it’s real life.

    I’d have to say that O is the undisputed record-holder for the most enabling, but the Dems get credit for much of it by launching him into the White House, while knowing next to nothing about the man, his beliefs or his capabilities.

    Next would be Hillary for enabling the collapse of the Libyan government because she thought she was smart enough to control entire countries and divert weapons to her chosen recipients. Her actions served to further enable terrorists to kill four Americans and send some poor innocent film maker to the dungeon and into anonymity.

    Are we seeing a pattern here? With the possible exception of the ex-husband in the Bellush case, they all seem to be democrats.


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