Black Students Out of Control at Evergreen College (Updated)

This is going to be an abbreviated post as I don’t have time to do it justice but wanted to get some of it out for those who may have missed this particular unfortunate, but all too common, theme on our college campuses.

It all started when students planned a “Day of Absence and Day of Presence” demonstration during which white people were “invited” to leave the campus for a day. One professor, Bret Weinstein, expressed his displeasure of the event in an email saying, “that such a day is ‘an act of oppression in and of itself’ and that he would protest the day by being on campus.” A protest began on Wednesday, May 23 when approximately 50 students confronted Weinstein outside his classroom.

Students berated Weinstein and other professors who refused to participate in the Day of Absence. Students’ complaints included having an all-white administration and feeling that the school doesn’t meet the needs of students of color or treat them fairly. After the confrontation, students began to walk to a seminar building to discuss the ordeal when campus Officer Timothy O’Dell arrived and attempted to “push through the crowd of white students protecting the people of color and those with disabilities.” After a bit of discussion, the students headed toward Red Square on campus, where they were allegedly met by state troopers and Olympia police, who, students said, threatened them with mace and arrest.

“The students, fearful for their lives, began retreating towards the library and ultimately ended up in the Trans & Queer Center/Unity Lounge, trying to stay safe. According to the Olympian, students also marched to College President George Bridges’ office, where they “lined the hallways and promised to occupy the building until their demands were met.” Why am I not surprised that Evergreen already has a “Trans & Queer Center/Unity Lounge”?

Here’s the video (7:14) that illustrates the “reasoned and sensitive” [sarcasm] way that the protesters got their points across (be prepared for some foul language):

President Bridges responded to student demands on Friday, May 26, saying, “We are grateful to the courageous students who have voiced their concerns.” Sounds a lot like, “Thank you, sir, may I have another?” With that attitude, he is doomed. The President is apparently going to continue to bend over and take it until he finally resigns.

Bridges acknowledged that the administration has heard from students who experience racism on campus and promised to try to come together with students to learn from their experiences, build solutions and take action.

In response to students’ specific demands, including the firing of Officer O’Dell and the suspension of Weinstein, Bridges said that they will not fire any employees but will continue to investigate instances of discrimination by increasing the college’s Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Officer to full time.

Students other demands included the “immediate disarming of police services and no expansion of police facilities or services at any point in the future” to which Bridges plans to respond with reviewing police response to recent complaints and providing additional training. Got that? Disarm the police and commit to never expanding the college police department. Commonly, only criminals want to disarm or eliminate police departments – why would these “innocent” students want that?

Another demand was that there be “mandatory sensitivity and cultural competency training for faculty and staff.” The college will continue to require training for all staff that includes a review of the college’s non-discrimination policy.

The protesters also demanded that they be exempt from homework while they’re protesting and, as expected, President Bridges gave in and agreed.

I posted only one video, there are several taken by different people and at different times. One thing that they all show is the racist attitude by the black protesters. From their actions and their vocal statements, a number of them need to return to grade school – someone must have helped them get out of high school. The one female reading from a prepared script apparently either couldn’t read or wasn’t familiar with a number of the words that were included in the statement (it was brutal to watch) and some of the statements that we could hear reverted to Ebonics wherein the speaker was no doubt more comfortable instead of college-level English. I will, however, recognize that many of them had a graduate-level command of the “F” word.

If what we saw on that 7-minute video was representative of Evergreen College, it needs to be shut down and converted to a flea market or homeless shelter.


A Wednesday morning UPDATE: A new demand by the protesters: “We demand that the video created for Day of Absence and Day of Presence that was stolen by white supremacists and edited to expose and ridicule the students and staff be taken down by the administration by this Friday,” the students wrote in a list of demands to College President George Bridges.

That should have been part of the original post, it’s really what set me off, but senility set in and I forgot. Anyway, this is so fitting that the snowflakes have apparently realized how ridiculous they look in the video and now have tried to deny what we can plainly see (and hear) by saying that white supremacists stole it and edited it to make them look like ignorant, racist, a**holess. 

Nope, no white supremacists were necessary to make you ignorant, racist, a**holess look like you deserved ridicule. You earned that ridicule all by yourselves – now you own it.



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  1. This is like a bad movie and we’re stuck watching it over and over, with only a few changes in the cast and location. They’re in desperate need of some adults with backbone.

    This seems to be a trend that’s playing out in one college after another. They saw it was successful at College X, so now they’re trying it.

    I’m with bescher – boot them all out until they can behave like young adults.


    • It is becoming a national theme, isn’t it?

      You’d think that these highly educated Ph.D.s in administrative positions would be bright enough to see that giving in to the student’s demands doesn’t result in a peaceful campus, it just guarantees even more demands. They may have academic credentials, but they don’t know SHIT about negotiating with terrorists.


  2. What amazes me is that they want a absence of whites but there’s Whites protesting. How friggin insane can you get. How inept are these administrations giving in to these clowns. I would fine and expell every single one of them


    • Agreed bescher, those white kids have apparently been black-washed into believing the racist crap that they’ve been hearing from their black “brothers and sisters.” They are like those feeding the alligator believing that if they’re nice to it, it’ll eat them last.


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