Illegals demand subsidized healthcare, housing from Columbia University

From:,  by Toni Airaksinen,  on May 26, 2017

Illegal immigrants at Columbia University are demanding free health coverage, guaranteed housing, and mandatory “sensitivity training” for professors and staff.

Illegal immigrants at Columbia University are demanding free health coverage along with mandatory “sensitivity training” for professors and staff.

“We refuse to amend or change any of these demands,” the group UndoCU began their 13-point list. “We expect the university to act,” they said, lamenting Columbia’s “lack of intrinsic interest in its [illegal] students.

One of the more audacious demands calls for “full reimbursement of the health insurance fees,” complaining that the university’s International Students and Scholars Office only refunds “portions of these fees.”

Columbia requires all students to be covered by health care while enrolled, which costs roughly $3,000 per year in addition to co-pays and deductibles.

UndoCU also demands “specialized fundraising for undocumented students,” in order to create “undocumented student[-]specific scholarships and grants” for illegal immigrant students at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.

“Need[-]based funding must be available for undocumented students at all Columbia University and affiliate schools,” the ultimatum continues, referring to affiliates such as Barnard College and Union Theological Seminary.

Upset at the use of the term “illegal,” the group also demands “sensitivity training” for professors and staff at Columbia, as well as an ombudsman “who understands the psychological, financial, administrative, and all other dimensions” of the illegal immigrant experience.

“Much like sexual health training, it is imperative that immigration subjects be treated with the proper language and information,” the document insists. “It is unacceptable for students to be called ‘illegal’ in their own classrooms or for professors to tell us to ‘get legal.’”

The group also wants illegal immigrant students to be designated as domestic students, saying their current status as international students could expose their personal information to the Department of Homeland Security, and making a special point of demanding reimbursement for the $70 international student fees they have already paid.

The students also want Columbia to provide them with guaranteed summer housing, which they imply should be at least partially subsidized, along with hiring “counselors trained in trauma” and career advisors trained to help illegal immigrant students.

While they accuse the administration of “inaction” in the face of “national and federal forces,” Columbia has in fact taken numerous step to support illegal immigrant students.

The school devotes an entire page on its website to listing the resources it offers for such students, noting that it has designated a liaison between undocumented students and the administration, arranged pro-bono legal representation, and even provides support from Counseling and Psychological Services.

UndoCU, otherwise known as the Undocumented Students Initiative, was created just prior to Donald Trump’s election, which the group’s supporters did not take well, flooding the page with hyperbolic lamentations on election night and immediately after.

UndoCU did not respond to a request for comment from Campus Reform, and a spokesperson for Columbia declined to speak on the record.

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In case you were wondering when the inmates would gain control of the asylum …

I invite you to read the illegal’s 13-point list of “demands.” Maybe they’re not running it … yet, but acquiescing to the student’s demands will essentially turn over control to them.

I can hardly believe what’s going on in our colleges and universities today. It’s obvious that their administration teams must be composed of the 60’s radicals who tried to disrupt American life back then. Now, they’re older (though obviously not wiser) and are living vicariously through the activist students, who no doubt remind them of themselves, and with whom they sympathize.

It’s bad enough when snot-nosed, wet-behind-the-ears “students” are making demands on higher learning institutions – and made worse when they’re being rewarded by being treated as serious participants in the educational experience – but now we have illegal aliens demanding things. They, who have no legal right to be here, are demanding that the college provides help with paying for tuition, housing, health insurance, and more.

You really MUST see that list of demands that the students vow they will NOT amend or change.

And all of this at Columbia University, an Ivy League research university with an estimated cost of attendance of over $70,000 (without a scholarship). Not cheap, so what the hell are illegal alien students doing there? How many hard working, law-abiding, tax paying CITIZENS can afford to send their children there?

I’ve got a novel idea for Columbia University. If you’re so flush with cash and want to put it to good use, try helping United States CITIZEN students, especially veterans, FIRST. Illegal aliens deserve NO consideration. Period.

This is absolutely sickening – an Ivy League university helping illegal students cover their expenses while ignoring American citizens – isn’t that the very definition of “unAmerican.”



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  1. Wow, that list of demands is absolutely absurd and it’s hypocritical. In one paragraph they don’t want to be designated as international students, yet in the next paragraph they demand counseling that understands their special needs.

    The staff should follow the lead of Wesleyan University’s Dr. Piper. When some of their students tried to make demands, he told them ‘this isn’t a day care, it’s a university.’ His statement put an end to it, but since Columbia has already made special resources available, it’s likely they’ll cave to more of these ridiculous demands.

    Didn’t we just talk about similar demands coming from black students at other universities? It looks like white kids are the only ones willing to play by the rules, so naturally when they get the good jobs, it will be blamed on racism.


    • Agreed, those demands were kind of “second rate” compared to other more sophisticated ones – maybe because of the English-as-second-language problem?

      Yep, Dr. Piper got it right and his proclamation will serve him in good stead at Wesleyan.

      I suspect we’ll see even more obscure groups protesting and making demands as they see the ease with which others have forced the administration to accede to their demands. Don’t be surprised if we see the LHQIA’s protesting soon (Left-Handed, Queer, Illegal Albinos).


  2. The thieves have long understood that the mental disease of liberalism makes university officials easy targets for intimidation and outrageous demands. The election of Trump has exacerbated this dynamic, and who’s to say what the leftists won’t give away while suffering from their obsessive need to defy Trump and Middle America? If you have no conscience about freeloading and subverting the law, it’s worth a shot.


    • I’d be surprised if there aren’t freshman orientation classes educating new students about the susceptibility of the administration to outrageous demands – thus preparing them to bring the battle (whichever one they choose) to the University management. These sessions would no doubt be conducted by the Antifa and BLM advisors. Like I say, I wouldn’t be surprised.



  1. Damn the Enablers – Pesky Truth

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