Donald Trump IS the Bogeyman

He is the embodiment of evil, hiding in dark places ready to jump out and GET YOU at a moment’s notice. Be afraid, be very afraid.

He must be a supernatural entity who only assumes the shape of a president so he can blend in with us ordinary humans. You’ll never know where he’ll appear next, but whenever or wherever his presence is known, he must be viciously attacked or he’ll steal your immortal soul and sentence it to spend eternity in a bottomless pit at his lair in Mar-a-Lago.

It’s pretty obvious to those of us who have matured and no longer believe in the bogeyman that our democrat countrymen and many college students haven’t evolved yet to that point, they’re still afraid that the bogeyman (in the guise of Donald Trump) will get them.

Their infantile brains, whether housed in a mature politician or a college student’s body, have bought into the mass hysteria that has resulted in Donald Trump being cast as the bogeyman and somehow responsible for all that is sinister and threatening in the world.

They say that it’s common knowledge that he’s racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, and other “phobics” to be named later (a George Soros think tank has promised several new phobias created especially for Donald Trump).

But how do they “know” these things?

Because they’ve been subjected to a constant drumbeat of lies and unfounded accusations about President Trump, beginning even before he was inaugurated.

We can thank the MAD cabal (Media, Academia, Democrat) for the constant barrage of propaganda. The mainstream media and democrat politicians for “educating” the masses and academic professors for influencing college students. Based on past history, those are some pretty dysfunctional purveyors of the “truth.”

Everyone knows that the media is not trustworthy and surveys show that only 6% of the public trusts the media. And since when does the American public trust politicians? Only 19% trust government politicians. And when our colleges are populated by liberals with a 12 to 1 ratio over conservatives, what can we expect?

These are the “geniuses” who have determined that our 21st Century bogeyman is none other than Donald Trump and they’re trying to use the specter of an evil monster (in somewhat human form) to frighten the public into good behavior. They define good behavior as electing more democrats and giving in to student protest demands.

It was apparent that Trump was going to have a tough time during the presidential campaign. He was a marked man and all three anti-Trump entities threw everything they had at him. He was dumb, he was an idiot, he was superficial and frivolous. His hair was ridiculous, his tweets were ridiculous, his hands were too small, and on and on. He was a walking piñata and they were banging away on him.

But he hadn’t yet risen to the level of a bogeyman.

The stories had already been written; they knew what they were going to say. The academics, the politicians, and the media were all primed to explain how Trump never stood a chance, he just couldn’t compare to Hillary – on any level – he was a lightweight and had no political experience while Hillary was ready to “hit the ground running.” He was no match for the “smartest woman in the world.”

But then the “cartoon character” beat Hillary. And the sh*t hit the fan.

Horror of horrors – they’d been wrong. They were so sure that he had no chance, he’d simply been written off – he had no possibility of winning, but somehow … inexplicably, the voters ignored all of the cabal’s pre-election disinformation and voted for The Donald anyway – and he won.

The Trump win must have reverberated like a magnitude 10 earthquake throughout the entire anti-Trump nation and caused unimaginable consternation among Hillary’s sycophants. They would be ridiculed and taunted, they were wrong in their predictions, wrong in their confidence, and wrong in their assumptions.

So now, they must convince the world that they were still right.  They must, somehow, recover their façade of infallibility and regain their righteous arrogance. They must bury the fact that they were wrong. Everyone knew that the illiterate Neanderthals who voted for Trump were too ignorant to know better, yet somehow, they’d been right and the MAD cabal were wrong. How could this happen? Trump would be made to pay for the humiliation he caused.

It could only be because of those pesky Russians. They must have hacked the election; there was no other logical explanation. It was inconceivable that voters ignored the Hillary hype and consciously made a decision to vote for Trump. That was impossible. It had to have been “fixed.”

So the Russians had made a deal with the devil (Trump) and demolished the plans and aspirations that MAD cabal had for another Clinton administration.

There was only one way to fight back and that was to convince America’s citizens that Trump was a mistake and must be removed, either via resignation or by impeachment. And to do that, he must be disparaged as a crony of Satan himself. A lesser demon, if you will, but evil incarnate nonetheless.

And so we have Donald Trump, the Bogeyman, an evil entity whose task it is to bring down everything that is good and holy in America and it is the task of every democrat, every academic, every media journalist to slam the president at every opportunity; he must be recognized as a failure and be blamed for everything that is wrong in the country.

He cannot be allowed to be successful. If he is successful, that would expose all of those who opposed him as heretics and subject them to even more rejection and ridicule. Their fragile egos couldn’t take that.

So, America, beware of the bogeyman, he’s out to get you and if he does, you’ll be sorry. Trust us, your faithful media, democrats and college professors, we know what’s best for you; listen to us or you’ll be sorry.

And be sure to check under your bed tonight, he just might be waiting to GET YOU too.




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  1. Yeah, he’s scary, alright. In fact, yesterday at Arlington Cemetery, one kid was so afraid of him that he hugged Trump around his legs, right there in broad daylight and in front of hundreds of people.


    • Egad! Voluntarily? Hugged the bogeyman? His mom or dad should be jailed. Everyone knows that the bogeyman Trump could have breathed on him and his skin would have erupted in flames! A brave kid!


    • He was obviously begging the Donald, pleading for his little life, promising to follow the Donald if that would keep him safe, would stop the nightmares and make him unafraid of the dark. Yep, that kid was actually scared to death and had no choice but to make a plea…

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  2. The beauty of being a leftist is that truth doesn’t matter. Democrats who don’t sincerely believe Donald Trump is the bogeyman, which I would suggest is the vast majority, will still ACT as if they do, and that’s all that really matters.


  3. damn…. forgot long leggedy beasties


  4. From ghoulies and ghosties and things that go boomo in the night, may the Good Laird protect us


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